Monday, April 18, 2016

Day 28, and the pond is suddenly in receipt of far too much information ...

In most quarters it would pass as common, sordid, gossip of the meanest and basest kind, of absolutely no interest to an intelligent adult - or even an inquiring child - anywhere in the land.

But the pond's beat is the herpetarium and anything that happens to the reptiles within must be faithfully reported, be it cute or ugly.

Far, far, way way too much useless information for the brain to process.

But wait, there's more ...

Cue an entirely useless photograph of Catriona Rowntree.

In a further bizarre twist, the entire story was whipped up by one Samantha Maiden ...

Is this what it was like at the end of the Roman empire? Is this further proof of the disturbances signifying the arrival of the end times, as the prophets predicted?

Or is this simply another cute example of the reptiles devouring their own?


  1. Hi Dorothy,

    It appears that the only time Liberal Party members ever meet up with each other, it is at either fundraisers, dinner parties or self congratulatory piss-ups.

    This may go someway to explaining why LNP policy is such a shambolic mess. Instead of carefully crafted legislation designed to strengthen a clear concise economic and political model, they instead appear to have got paralytic and jotted down a wish list of right wing fantasies on the back of a beer mat.


  2. In recognition of all the fine ladies on this page, including the one on whom they so earnestly model themselves, right down to the 'do, I suggest a memorial tapestry for the Great Hall. This is the cartoon. ('Cartoon' in the classical mode.) There would be no need for a Picasso to do the job, they have abstracted themselves from real life. Although, the "warrior" tag fits in well. Please raise a cheer for Frank Franco.

  3. "Is this what it was like at the end of the Roman empire?"

    Christian Arians vs. Roman Orthodox, and the resident Pagans can only watch on and report how they see it? -

    1. Err, kinda, Anony. The Western Roman Empire was basically unraveling as the centre of empire shifted east to Byzantium later Constantinople.

      It really faded away under the 'reign' of the Arian Ostrogoth, Theodoric the Great (aka Dietrich in German) who ruled Italy from 493 to 526.

      Constantine the Great ruled as the 57th Roman Emperor from 306 to 337 (roughly) and made Christianity the official Roman Empire religion IIRC. So the Western Roman Empire was on the way out long before Alaric.

      But I expect you already knew all of this.

  4. Sorry. That binary two step is old hat. Try giving us a quantum.


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