Thursday, April 14, 2016

Day 24, and the pond takes a walk amongst the tribal bigots ...

(Above: somebody had to draw it, and it was Moir that drew the short copper straw, and more Moir here).

The pond generally avoids the real world for the thought bubble world of white privilege in which the reptile commentariat dwells.

Miranda the Devine the dis-invited, cold shouldered, moaning about not getting dinner dates with her hard core chums?

A classic tale of suffering and woe ...

There is a real world out there beyond the insulated and the insular, the vicious and the parochial ... as can be read in Deaths in custody: Indigenous children 24 times more likely to be locked up ...(with forced video).

But it's the pond's duty to walk in the path of the ratbag and the casual bigot.

Now with Niki Savva happily having swallowed the kool aid this day ...

Sap confidence? As opposed to being fucked over by a bank sapping confidence?

... but with the kool aid strong, and the muttering and the fretting and the worrying, the pond took the unusual step of looking at a Bolter column.

Well if the pond can do Mark Latham and double down with the Devine, surely the pond can romp through the standard dire bigotry of a Bolter without too much harm ...

Of course there were warning signs even in the Terror splash, recycled from the HUN humbugger.

The very notion that the pond would ever be united with the bigoted Bolter is dangerously stupid.

But in for a penny, in for a bigoted pound and this day it was the Chinese who copped the charge of treason, treachery and disloyalty ...

Now is there any difference between the Bolter and the woman finally, eventually jailed for the 'chink' racist attack on Sydney train and bus? (Nicole Boyle jailed for at least three months for racist tirade across western Sydney).

Well yes, because the Bolter is facilitated by a major newspaper organisation, and so has no need to take to public transport, and he's also a little more nuanced in the way he makes it clear that the Chinese are a dangerous threat to the stability of life down under ...

You see, these Australian Chinese show signs of being dangerous lickspittles, and frankly, if it comes to it, we might have to adopt the solution embraced by Roosevelt in relation to Japanese-American internment.

Now here, since the pond always needs a little light relief and humour, we should pause to marvel at the Bolter deploring the matter of tribalism.

It's almost as if he wanted to confirm the stereotype of the Dutch as prissy, fussy, and utterly lacking in humour (yes, the pond has watched a Dutch sitcom with Dutch folk and marvelled at the phenomenon).

But at least we know which tribe he attaches himself to ... you see, it's four legs pottery and sunflowers good, two legs Sung dynasty pottery bad ... (the pond sticks its flowers in an imitation Sung dynasty vase, and by golly, it's not so bad as a rip, better than a Stairways to Heaven rip proving that the intellectual property rights world is completely fucked).

Back to the spreading of the saucy doubts and racist fears, and the mystery of how a snap of Jon Stanhope got into the story can be solved ...

Note the subtle wording.

"Forming a critical mass" "Doubled" "Some suburbs now resemble colonies."

Put it another way ...

Yes, it's that old, a virulent strain in the country's psyche.

And then, amazingly, just after we've just seen the rascal drooling over Gouda and Delft and sunflowers of the van Gogh kind, comes that idle chat about maintaining culture and links to old homelands.

Followed by the pretence that the Bolter, beating the gong about colonies with divided loyalties, isn't contributing to the explicit racism designed to make some Chinese feel not quite at home ...

But where are the blacks, you ask? Whenever the Bolter gets going with his bigotry, there should surely be blacks ...

What about the Islamics? Surely the Islamics can't be far behind?

Yep, it's a natural progression to move from the Chinese to the Islamic threat ...

Now it takes a particularly spectacular kind of bigot to bemoan bilingual announcements on trams as exemplifying fears of colonisation.

The pond is routinely grateful when travelling abroad for countries that obligingly present public notices, signs and announcements in a variety of languages, including English.

Only the most rabid, ratbag racist bigot would see this as a form of colonisation, even if, it has to be said, the British have been the best at colonisation since the ancient Romans ... why, even the Dutch at the height of their colonial achievements, couldn't match up (though let's give credit to Colonial atrocities explode myth of Dutch tolerance).

But enough of the obligatory Islamic bashing, you say, where are the blacks? There ought to be blacks ...

Well the pond is mortified. There simply isn't enough bigotry about the blacks, simplistic, simple-minded, pitiful jingoism being all the go ...

This might leave people wondering what Australian culture we should be proud of. What should we be taking pride in?

Why, it's simple, you doofus. It's Delft and Gouda pottery, and that fine genus, the Helianthus, and never you mind, that the species comes from North and South America ...

But just to round things out, let's see how the tribal Bolter goes about dealing with the pesky, tricky, criminal blacks ...

You see, that's how to play the tribal card.

Always be aware of the other tribes, such as the Irish-Australian ... and talk of the race industry and besmirch and besmear talkers of truth about what's happening in the real world, removed from the world of sunflowers, and Delft and Gouda pottery.

And then make sublimely offensive follow-up remarks ...

Now it so happens that the pond listened this week to Damien Carrick's Law Report, Shameful statistics: black deaths in custody.

What a dismal, depressing listen it was, compounded by reading the casual, dismissive, bigoted remarks of the Bolter ... who is, it should be noted again, facilitated by News Corp, a notorious tax evader and company reluctant to embrace its obligations to the community in which it makes its money ...

Well at that point, the pond was truly in need of a little light relief, and what better way than a Rowe cartoon - more Rowe here - marvelling at the endeavours of a true child of Joh Bjelke-Petersen and the Queensland LNP ...

Now if the reptiles had their way, Palmer's rise would be blamed on the ABC, but truth to tell, he was LNP all the way, until he got the sulks and stormed off to arrange the sinking of the Titanic all over again ...


  1. "When I woke up this mornin' I heard a disturbin' sound ..." It was Barnaby trying to make sentences. Disturbing.
    Anyway, in support of the abolition of the RSRT, I see columns of monster B-doubles converging on Canberra. I see Abbott leading the convoy. I see 130kg, superbly fit owner-drivers with their "extremely attractive" partners, I see large snarling dogs, I see flags & guns. I see banners flying ... hang on, what's written on them? Words that Abbott, BBishop & Sophie would be proud to stand before? ...
    Dozing over, I'm wide awake to ScoMo blathering. Quite refreshing, Chris Bowen would agree. Can anyone throw ScoMo a lifesaver? Josh F ...? Say again, Josh, is it possible Peabody Coal could close Oz mines? "That's not what they told me", says Josh. That's a relief, then.

  2. I have it on good authority that Kiwis in Australia also barrack more for the underdog - sorry, the New Zealand side - than they do for Australia.

    Ungrateful knobs.

    1. More Chinese reside in NZ now than Maoris, and that's rapidly increasing.

      Who are they barracking for?

    2. Sharia Law?

    3. Due NZ process to put them beyond the reach of Chinese anti-corruption law?

  3. Hmmm. The Bolter reports this as coming from Trevor Phillips: "... that Europe's Muslims would become like previous waves of migrants ...".

    What "waves" would that be ? I can't recall any "waves" of immigrants to Europe since the "Cro-Magnons" (so-called) took over from the Neanderthals. Unless maybe he's speaking of the 'waves' of Angles, Saxons and Jutes and later Vikings and even later Normans which 'discovered and settled' Britain ?

    1. Monguls from "Rus" attacked as far overland as Spain.

      There are the Finns, Basques, the Hungarians, and others who've descended on Europe and blended in that "diverse identity landscape".

      Various "celts" before the above... and that other intriguing group of non-celts from the steppes some going by a route north of the alps, leaving descendants there, and their kin by another route across Egypt and North Africa to reside in the west of Ireland and to later invade northern Scotland and then take up a big royal invitation to live in Sweden. Haemochromatosis genetics, and a number of middle eastern memes travelled with them. (BTW is Scandinavia proper Europe? If not there's the Viking migrations followed by remarkable blending.)

      Moors rolled in and rolled out. The Romany rolling over the place are rolled on. Jews internally migrated to Poland, others externally to EU wannabe Turkey. West Indians and others previously colonised migrated to the UK.

    2. Well ys, the 'Rus' Mongols attacked Poland three times, but they were military actions, not immigration, and they all went back home again when it was time to select the next Khan.

      There was also a bunch of Huns under tAttila, but again that was an invasion, not an immigration, and they faded away again after Attila died.

      Otherwise, did Mongols really reach Spain ? I know Vandals did (hence Andalusia) but that was long before the Mongols, and anyway the Vandals were Scandinavian.

      Moors invaded Spain and were tossed out again a long time afterwards - again, not exactly a 'wave of immigration'. But if we don't count Scandinavia as part of Europe, then the Goths and Vandals certainly had a major European diaspora - but personally, I do consider, so that's just 'intra-Europe Scandinavia part of Europe, as I'm fairly sure Phillips would also, so that's basically 'intra-Europe migration.

      So I'm still having difficulty grasping what Phillips might have actually meant by "waves of m igrants".

      The nearest I can think of was the "wave" of Turkish 'guest' workers into Germany who then stayed on - but of course that was a Muslim migration too.

  4. When Rupert was cosying up to the COMMUNIST Chinese government in the hope of a TV licence, the bolter, for some reason, was silent about the Han hordes.

  5. You're spot on about the reptiles blaming the rise of Clive on the ABC. The Dog Botherer and La Devine sent a storm going on Twitter to that effect. It conveniently overlooks that the ABC probably played a bigger role (other than Clive himself) in Clive's fall than all the investigative efforts of dear old Hedley.

    Never mind, but it did give me pause to wonder what role the reptiles had played in championing Cathy Jackson and if they still stood by their working class hero.

    Your point is more important, though. Clive is a product of Joh's politics right down to the maverick tendencies (anyone, apart from John Howard, remember the Joh for PM push in 87?). Demagogue politics seems to capture the imagination up there and Hanson and Katter have had their moments in the sun before Clive burst on the scene.

    1. Makes you wonder, GD, will there be a RWNJ hero/heroine running in this year's election?

    2. Julie Bishop ?

    3. Bishop's just not hysterical enough. I'm thinking someone along the lines of Hanson, Katter, Palmer, Bjelke-Petersen.

      It obviously has to be a Queenslander. Maybe CanDo can make a comeback for the feds?

    4. In fact Joh was largely a product of his media adviser Clive. The minister for everything, Russ Hinze, and other cabinet crony crooks were the ones smoothing the way to riches for themselves and Clive and his fellow fellow 'white shoe brigade'.

  6. Oh nothing could ever be grander
    Than to gaze on a blazing Miranda
    Tied fast to the stake
    By her cheering ex-mates
    Who fan the flames from their veranda

    The Bolt claims he speaks for the masses
    But his brain is as thick as molasses
    For the old days he pines
    So he whinges and whines
    And he’s just as dumb as his ass is!

    A tight-fisted palmer named Clive
    Decided to give himself five
    But he’s pulled his last tug
    Cos it fell on the rug
    And the ants hauled it back to their hive

  7. Indeed, Andy's mob poietically expresses the same shamelessly unabashed sentiments tomorrow, after the Australianish Question's final resolution began, time and again.

  8. Saw the excremental Bolt appearing with mucus coated charm on ABC Pickering show. The slimy condescension and glib prejudice as seen in the extracts above were in abeyance for a time. The struggle with his inner atavistic id kept the appearance short. He was seen running naked into the Ultimo night flagellating his most sensitive parts.

  9. When to pixellate and when not pixellate? The Guardian and other sources seem to be a bit schizophrenic about this. Early reports of Sally Faulkner and her kids (the Beirut kidnapping) show them clearly, but now it's all pixellation.

    What's the rule on this? And why the prevarication?

  10. They're watching us. Cover up your computer's little camera!

    Microsoft, in a move that could broaden the debate over the balance between customer privacy and law enforcement needs, is going on the offense.

    The software giant is suing the Justice Department, challenging its frequent use of secrecy orders that prevent Microsoft from telling people when the government obtains a warrant to read their emails.

    In its suit, filed Thursday morning in Federal District Court in Seattle, Microsoft’s home turf, the company asserts that the gag order statute in the Electronic Communications Privacy Act of 1986 — as employed today by federal prosecutors and the courts — is unconstitutional.

    The statute, according to Microsoft, violates the Fourth Amendment right of its customers to know if the government searches or seizes their property, and it breaches the company’s First Amendment right to speak to its customers.


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