Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Day 22, and the reptiles brilliantly offer paper shuffling as a way to solve intergenerational unfairness ...

The pond is truly appreciative of those who bring reports on the musings of the Oreo, which requires a long trip to the outer rings of Oreo loonacy, further than the rings of Saturn ...

But the pond is also prone to sacrifices. This day it has given up on the Caterists ...

... because there's not a single useful joke to be discovered within the standard Caterist rant.

However, while considering matters Caterist, arising from last week's column, the pond would like to place on record Ian Leslie's piece in The Graudian, The sugar conspiracy ...

It's an interesting read, and the pond regrets not being able to mention it in the context of the Caterist piece.

On the other hand, mentioning suggests that Caterists offer reasonable and rational arguments which might be discussed and refuted, as opposed to the standard set of ideological postures to be expected from the head of an organisation which lives on the subsidy of assorted private interest groups, the Liberal party and the federal government's system of grants for bludgers ...

Instead of joining the Caterists in a bit of union bashing, the pond was instead drawn to two important missives from the reptile editorial bunker ...

The first concerns a VFT. The reptiles have been much excited about the prospect of a VFT and have featured it these last few days on the front page ... but it seems that's only so the reptiles can pour cold water on the idea ...

Sheesh, another agile, innovative thingie bites the dust. It seems the pond can die safe in the knowledge that its only encounters with VFT technology will have been in China, Japan, Germany, France, Belgium and Holland ...

Which is perhaps just as well because who knows how well a VFT using Victorian copper and multi-node technology would work ...

But that leaves the future a little under-done. Stagnation, misery and suffering.

The reptiles, seizing on that story by David Uren, knew the solution ... cut, slash and burn while showed their enormous capacity to cite the same lines over and over again by rote ...

Remarkably there was not a single word on how foreign-owned, international companies plying their trade - strangely News Corp came immediately to mind - might contribute to the solution by paying actual taxes ... a flea bite perhaps, but as the pond's grandmother used to say, every bit helps.

The rest at the AFR here, but at least it gave the pond an idea for the way to improve the economy going forward.

Forget VFT technology and that whole agile, innovative vision thingie.

What we need is a paper shuffle-led recovery.

Think of the employment opportunities ... all those people gainfully employed by meaningless subsidiaries, and deeply engaged in the fine art of paper shuffling ... and as Clive proves, it offers perfect deniability - well at least if you're perfectly deluded - and real productivity for a real future, and an end to all the reptiles' concerns about debt ... 

Paper shuffling to prosperity ...

Now don't thank the pond. Many have thought of it before ... as they shuffle off to Cayman or other positively spiffing places ...


  1. I have a problem DP. If women dress in a certain way in some cultures then you are asking for trouble. Don't bare your arms in Indonesia, and dare not bare your breasts in PNG or Indonesia.

    So what's the problem? You want to go around offending ancient religions and cultures?

    I think democracy will see you barred.

    Try walking in to a godspell meetings of Hillsong bare-breasted.

    Fucking hypocrites.


  2. Well 60 Minutes seems to have at last paid the price for cheque-book journalism and basic ignorance of a story and a country.

    Serve the buggers right.

  3. the brutes now all
    wear fancy suits
    they strut about
    deep in cahoots
    with all the
    A list gentry
    they’re born to rule
    they’re no-one’s fool
    that much seems
    you know their sort
    at least you ought
    their hands are in
    your pockets deep
    what’s yours is theirs
    for them to keep
    and so they should
    we hear them say
    for your own good
    they steal your
    very lives away
    you must do more
    and more for less
    and do it without
    it’s all about economy
    which doesn’t include
    you and me
    to them we’re little
    more than cattle
    fit to be milked
    and die in battle
    fodder in the
    rich man’s war
    like every other
    time before
    and still we take
    them at their word
    our protests banned
    unmarked, unheard
    and this is how
    it’s always been
    does not this strike
    you as obscene?
    but we are many
    they are few
    if we unite
    what could we do?

    I saw this yesterday posted in comments by someone below a Graudian story about Malware and Screech's latest agile thought bubble: do some union bashing and attack the RSRT on behalf of an IPA front operation posing as tiny struggling mum and pop businesses that own and drive a truck.

    Apparently it's by Ted Markstein. More there at his Graudian profile. Googling the first couple of lines found him, and also found the poem posted as comment on a Tasmanian Mercury cartoon posted by Christopher Downes on his Facebook page.

    1. Moreof Christopher Downes cartoons here:


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