Monday, April 11, 2016

Day 21, and the pond joins the reptiles in deploring a faux class war, when a real class war is so much better ... with the reptiles showing how it's done ...

(Above: old news but the full size pdf is here. What a pity they didn't do one for Ted Cruz so the pond would have a matching pair).

So many reptiles, so little time, but the pond does appreciate the reptile sightings reported by intrepid souls brave enough to sit down with Geraldine Doogue and Anne Henderson.

You can iView this sort of stuff, or you can just tear out your offending eyes, the pond doesn't mind ...

But hey ho, hey nonny no, today is a new day, and on we go, and it's off to the mines with the seven dwarves, and the pond was charmed by serious reptile Phillip Hudson's attempt to redeem Malware this day ...

Yes, the Messiah, the chosen one, has found his people, and his people have found him ...

But while there was much joy and dancing in the streets, there was still a rat in the ranks, a Judas in the party room, though MAMIL lycra seemed more to the point than a few measly bits of silver...

There, that line, that remarkably perceptive line - "tensions clearly remain between the two men" - explains why the pond is a devotee of the reptiles.

So sharp, so astute, so aware of what's happening in the real world. Frankly the pond would never have noticed any hint of tension without this kind of remarkable insight.

Now the pond understands why Hudson has scanned the runes and audited the chicken liver data (so many methods of divination, so little time). 

Malware needs all the help he can get, and buoying the eastern suburbs toff is now an essential part of the reptile strategy.

After all, who else can help keep paws off banks and multinationals?

But what of the real leader of the opposition and his loyal supporters?

Well the Bolter was at it again yesterday.

Paranoia and a persecution complex, much?

Why the Bolter and the Black Knight could beat Bill Shorten limbless ...

Inter alia, the pond should mention the Bolter's outrage at comedians on parade in Melbourne ... tackling the soft targets ...

Yes, indeed, indeed, because apparently Auntie launched a reverse take over of the Ten network ...

Paid for by taxpayers of course ...

Such a stupid man, and so bitter to boot, and such a ponce. Clearly, distracted by his operas and his beguiling reds, he never actually watched the network which once hosted him, and now he's too busy preparing to charm his waiting 12,000 or so viewers behind the paywall to notice who hosts what, and who's been hosting what for yonks ...

But while the real leader of the opposition, the wall puncher, and his valiant minions like the Bolter, go about their business of disruption and dissent, why do the reptiles cling so lovingly to Malware?

Well the answer lies in today's reptile editorial ...

You see, the way forward is to avoid a faux class war. Because there's a real class war to win, with great benefits for the chairman.

And the way to do this is to support the hegemony of the big four banks - because they behave ever so well, and are strictly supervised - and to eliminate pesky, difficult unions, and such like, and to keep on avoiding tax.

And that's how to conduct a class war while saying you don't need a class war ...

Oh indeed, indeed, Coles and Woollies need their cheap, enslaved drivers, and the banks are too big to touch, and damn you, pesky unions, damn you to oblivion ...

Why the buggers are even inside the house, jumping up and down in a pathetic and feeble way, and even have a national house committee full of pdfing comrades ...

But let's go on with the IPA, sorry, the reptile agenda ...

Free the banks and let the foreign multinationals run wild and free!

Indeed, indeed, let's get the attention back where it belongs, away from shallow, populist campaigns dominated by class warfare rhetoric...

There's an urgent need to destroy the unions, let the banks and News Corp run wild and free, and squeeze the family, pension, health and education pips until they shriek from the righteous pain ...

Forward, forward with Chairman Rupert, and he will set you free ...

Oh and David Rowe will be sent to a gulag, a frozen gulag, the pond can promise you that, for his vicious campaign to traduce noble bankers ... or is he being defamatory about the pigs?

Some days it's hard to tell which is which ... but you can find more Rowe here ...


  1. Did you catch Timmeh Blairs repulsive piece? attempting to make jokes about domestic violence at the expense of the ABC and even posting a 'comedy' sketch about children and women being hit. The man's a disgrace.

    1. Not to mention that his own employer appears in the process of introducing similar entitlements, according to the Grudian:-
      >The Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance had family violence agreements in its log of claims for News Corp Australia employees in the last bargaining round and it has just been endorsed by News Corp members for the newround>>

      TO quote DP's words on the Bolter - "Such a stupid man".

    2. They can't change: that type of man. It's just freedom of speech and being free from the social conventions that ordinary people take note of for arseholes like Blair.
      Cheap humour that reveals some nasty personality traits and or stupidity.
      How funny was the "things that batter" comment from what's his name?

  2. Someone should tell Brown that crescendos aren't "reached"; they ARE the journey.

    1. It's good to read this blog, I learn something new nearly every day. But I guess it's fairly common, especially amongst the Knownoscentis, to name the destination after the journey ... and then disremember and disregard the journey. (And that's something else I learned today: there is no antonym for cognoscenti ... unless one uses the web lingo, 'bolter' ).

    2. Glad you've learned something, GB, but it is not such an obscure piece of knowledge. Anyone with a basic musical education would know the meaning of the word 'crescendo'.

    3. I knew something was missing from my life. Thanks for the tip, Anon, I'll have to look into this music thing, forthwith.

      But I did have a musical education, of course: one year in 'Form 2' (as we called Year 8 then) with a music teacher who was much more interested in sniping "communism" (whatever it may have been she meant by that) than in transferring whatever musical knowledge she may have had to us 'eager learners'.

      And then again, when popular music (viz rock 'n' roll) is frequently performed at the tail end of crescendo rather than along the way, it's no surprise that misconceptions flourish. But thank you, after 60 years have passed, for dispelling mine.

  3. Geez, it doesn't take much to get the Bolter excited if he hails the umpteenth regurgitation of the "we're not allowed to express our views anymore!" whinge as the work of "one of our finest columnists". "Our" presumably refers to RWNJs.

    Neil Brown - dud politician, now a dud writer.

    1. Speaking of dud writers, Philip Hudson describes a recent poll result as 'much different'.

  4. Dutton - "Don't believe anything you read in the Guardian. They have been totally discredited." Which of course coming from 'Mr Transparency' is all the more reason to do so.

  5. I can only assume, from what Bolter reports, that the conservatives think they have silenced their opponents when they ridicule their beliefs.

  6. Thanks be to The Bolter and The Pond for proving Neil Brown is still alive after all this time. Albeit, the quote suggests his mind might have slipped this mortal coil.

    The Party was indeed a fairly Broad Church, but that was long ago and well before the Howard-Peacock leadership wars of the 80s and then Howard's ultimate vanquishing of the old Victorian Patrician Liberals in the 90s.

    The oddest thing is that Brown was nurtured in that tradition and that his contemporary federal and state leaders were Fraser and Hamer. There's no way they would have condoned the Wall Puncher's actions as Opposition Leader and as PM. Nor of his attention-grabbing stunts since being deposed.

    1. You know how it is GD, when you slip off to the leather chairs in the club, and a certain rigidity sets in, and next thing you know you're amongst the angry old men shouting at the clouds in The Spectator.

      What to do, but set the hounds loose?


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