Monday, April 11, 2016

Day 21, and the pond celebrates the delusional yet again ...

The pond is a proud supporter of the delusional. Where would the pond be without them?

At this very moment, the pond is standing by, eagerly awaiting the next missive from Moorice himself, aware that his appearance on the ABC was a temporary aberration, and soon he will return to his true home, the lizard Oz, to prophesy the imminent return of the real Messiah ... or perhaps  a new ice age. Whatever, the pond will pay heed ...

In the meantime, the pond must make do with the lesser Dolts, such as little Timmeh.

Now Timmie never attracts quite the same attention as the Bolter, but on these very pages a fierce controversy has erupted as to whether he's earned the moniker little Timmie or Timmeh ...

The pond is catholic in such matters, and is aware that little Timmeh himself loves such disputes, because he's nothing if not an attention-seeking troll, always wanting to appear in the Graudian to outraged howls... as he managed most recently in News Corp columnist Tim Blair accused of making light of domestic violence.

You can take the man away from the Truth, but you can't take the Truth out of the man ...

Ah those were the days, when journalism was journalism ...

But where were we?

That's right. With sandwich in hand, ready to wander off into the world of the delusional ...

Indeed, and many were the crazed nutters of the Black Knight kind strutting the land, eager to assert the right for Talibanish fundamentalism to continue, as is the right of fundamentalists everywhere.

Truth to tell, nothing pleases the pond so much as a bold affirmation of the right to continue to be delusional ...

Of course little Timmie is writing for the Daily Terror, and so he must spell out in a very simple-minded way his simple thoughts, with very large photos of the demonic force threatening to ruin Australia... (let's face it, you can say things ten times to your average Terrorist reader and you'll be lucky if it sticks, unless you're talking about knock ons in the bunker ...)

Yes, patient Terror readers, little Timmeh will now explain what his very own stablemate coined and promoted in the Terror. The concept of the delusional conservative. A badge of pride. 

LittleTimmie summons up all his energy and insight for a final defiant, and for Terrorist pieces, quite lengthy exegesis:

This is the sort of stuff the pond can't get enough of ...

Delcon Central ...

From a scribbler who proudly embraces the concept of being a rigid conservative.

rig·id (rĭj′ĭd) adj. 
1. Not flexible or pliant; stiff: a rigid material.  
2. Not moving or flexing: rigid muscles. 
3. Not changing or adjusting to different conditions or problems: a rigid thinker; a rigid hierarchy. 
4. Scrupulously or severely maintained or performed; rigorous or harsh: rigid discipline. 
5. Being an airship with a external frame made of rigid parts.

It's hard to pick or choose. The concept of little Timmie as a rigid dirigible is almost irresistible, but we should play fair, because if anyone's a blimp at the Terror, it surely must be Akker Dakker.

Akker Dakker is another delusional, with the flexibility of a member of Daesh ... and he too has to repeat things several times to make them stick ...

There's a lot more, but Akker Dakker reached a kind of frothing, foaming frenzy right at the end ...

Gripping stuff.

Which leaves the pond in the remarkable situation of tracking what will become known to later generations as the reptile wars ... in which certain reptiles revolted against their colleagues.

Instead of Colbert's Friday night fights, the pond now has little Timmeh and Akker Dakker in a tag team match against Miranda the Devine and Niki Savva, with the Bolter as a kind of Brock Lesnar of the delusionals ... or should that be CM Punk?

The pond gets routinely confused, especially as wrestling and the delusionals have absolutely nothing to do with the real world.

But what fun to see them tear up the seating and get stuck into each other. How soon before they introduce jelly and mud wrestling to the delight of all?

Speaking of wrestling, some wretch made a change to this celebration of the delusional prince ...

And how's this for a mud wrestle?

Hmm, the pond will drink to that ...


  1. There was another delicious bite of goodness form the cream-centered Oreo today. "Cash can't beat genetics in class." Seems the poor and the blacks will not never make it 'cos they're genetically disadvantaged.

    Remember the Hans Esyneck controversy anyone? Genetics determines intelligence, thus black people score lower in standard IQ tests. It also goes back a lot further, at least to George Cuvier's racial classifications.
    Cuvier categorized these divisions he identified into 'races' according to his perception of the beauty or ugliness of their skulls and the quality of their civilizations. He placed the Caucasians at the top with the skull shape he considered the most beautiful, and the Ethiopians at the bottom.
    "The white race, with oval face, straight hair and nose, to which the civilised people of Europe belong and which appear to us the most beautiful of all, is also superior to others by its genius, courage, and activity.[45]

    Ethiopians, at the bottom of the scale. " are marked by black complexion, crisped of woolly hair, compressed cranium, and a flat nose. The projection of the lower parts of the face, and the thick lips, evidently approximate it to the monkey tribe: the hordes of which it consists have always remained in the most complete state of barbarism.'

    Nice company you keep Oreo, "the acclaimed political scientist." By the way, has anyone found any evidence of her experience and 'acclaimed work?'

    1. And more recently than Eysenck of course, was 'The Bell Curve'.

      But then came the Flynn Effect
      ( ). Oh my.

      Actually, a couple of Eysenck's books, namely Know Your Own IQ and Test Your IQ, were quite useful. By working through a few tests (at least three), not as tests but as learning experiences making sure you checked and understood every answer, you could improve your IQ score by 30 points or more (well I did, anyway). Much more than a Flynn increase.

      But then, you can always read that fine old temporary phrenologist, Alfred Binet, to find out what it is that an IQ test actually measures.

    2. Not to mention eugenics, which Bolt seems all in favour of (take the black kids away from their parents, and civilize 'em in white towns!)

      Powerful BBC doco on this here. (not sure it's been shown in Oz)

    3. I think it is only the "half-castes", those white aborigines, that Bolter and co want raised white.
      The "full-bloods" have those stupid genes that mean they could not do civilization but add some white genes and bobs your uncle, they get smarter. Smart enough to take all the grant money meant for the real aborigines, the black ones and that really annoys Bolter who is all for fairness and freedom.
      I've always wondered if Bess Price understands the assumptions about her 'race' that conservatives accept as truth.
      And since east Asians consistently score higher than Westeners on IQ tests, they must be smarter than us and we should all breed with them to get smarter kids.

    4. Reminds me when I worked in the CES in the 90s. An employment officer (as we called them) up Townsville way had recorded personal details about a job seeker, including the fact that he was 1/4 blood. The notes even cited how this was calculated - what proportion his parents were, etc.

      Useful stuff when you're looking for a job, I'd imagine.

    5. No,no, the "half caste" ones were regarded as the trouble makers by the Bolts of northern Australia,insisting on being treated as human beings. I believe Mr Bolt may have gotten into some strife over related matters a few years back...

    6. The Bolter in strife? You know he's a brave warrior for freedom of speech who is persecuted for his principled stance against.....? I find it difficult to be clear about what he is against. There are a lot of things he is agin but he doesn't have a coherent narrative about what the problem is now that the lying slapper is no longer available to blame. Lol his diatribes are a bit sad these dsys.
      And climate change just keeps happening despite all those denialist science papers being published lately. Can't wait for his next revelation about how corrupt or stupid climate scientists are.

    7. Well, Anony, maybe we should breed with east Asians, or even Jewish people at a pinch (who also test smarter than we 'Caucasians' as The Bell Curve revealed. But not quite as smart as the east Asians).

      But why would they want to breed with us and have stupider kids ... unless it's only the stupider ones that would breed with us and therefore we'd get no IQ boost (well, not much of a one). You know the story, don't you: about the Chinaman who migrated from China to Australia and raised the average IQ of both places.

    8. I think that joke was originally applied to Kiwis leaving NZ, GB.

    9. It's known as the Will Rogers phenomenon. (Unsurprisingly, Rogers was an Oklahoma native.)

      On the subject of racial differences: let's not forget Murray and Herrnstein's pal the late, not-so-great J. Philippe Rushton and his assertion that "it's a tradeoff - more brain or more penis".

    10. And apart from whether or not Will Rogers came first chronologically, (thanks JohnI), I first heard it about 30 years ago in respect of Irish migrating to Aus. However, in these later times, Chinese coming to Australia are beginning to outnumber EnZedders and long ago outnumbered Irish.

      But anyway, a nearly universal idea, it seems.

  2. Surely Grahame Morris meant to say "ponce" rather than "Prince"?

    1. Grahame Morris is just stupid. But Samantha Maiden is dangerous.

      Didn't she get done DUI recently down Goulburn way?

    2. Plus she abused and swore at a cop and refused a breath test. Probably facing gaol I hear. And not her first offence. She was coming home from drinky-poos with Morrison, having drive the dog fucker there. Presumably he stayed longer to practice speaking in tongues.

    3. Saw the dogfucker and his cousin in a café this morning.

      The café was called Taste. The cousins weren't.

  3. ".... the reptile wars ... in which certain reptiles revolted against their colleagues."

    Wars? More like some geriatrics who've been married for far too long getting querulous in their dotage.

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  5. It's "Value Capture". Idiots! Not another thought bubble, No, No, nothing like that. May sound like magic, but it's a real thing.


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