Thursday, April 07, 2016

Day 17, and the pond moves amongst the sandgropers while groping with the bromancer ...

The pond rarely moves amongst the sandgropers of the west - the tyranny of racist distance or history or whatever Blainey you will - but when it does, it wonders what they drink ...

They're worried about the Xians?

Now they're worried about the Xians?

Is there a creationist in the house?

Never mind, the pond reluctantly has to turn to the recent behaviour of the treacherous turncoat traitor, the bromancer himself ...

Now please, before we start, note the header ...

Surely it doesn't get richer than this. 

"It is widely accepted now that gay couples have children."

Because only last year me and the wall puncher found it hard to accept?

With these observational skills, the pond can't wait until the bromancer gets on to climate science and the CSIRO shake-up.

And of course it's equally wondrous at the way the argument must devolve into a Helen Lovejoy 'won't someone think of the children' sideshow - as if adults without children are somehow a lesser tribe providing an insufficient reason for action.

That's how deep the ponzi scheme of getting the children early runs within the Catholic psyche.

But okay, the pond will accept that Sheridan has undergone a transformation, a heightened understanding ... and it's all thanks to Tony Abbott deciding to hold a plebiscite ...

And if you believe that sort of logic, why the pond has got a holy ghost and a tooth fairy to sell you ...

Of course back in the day, before the dawning, the pair were unreconstructed and grumpy ...

(the rest here).

You know, because it's okay to determine how gays are treated, but bloody outrageous when the upstarts try to make a point about it.

But now the bromancer has seen the light, so let's see how he dances at length on the head of the pin ...

And it's an opportunity for others to fashion as good as life as they might ...

Knowing that they're going to roast in hellfire for all eternity for their filthy, vile perversions ...

Why, even in a moment of clarity, must Sheridan serve it up with the cold dish condescension about "the others."

"You people".

You distant, exotic, alien people, outside the fold of stapled minds ...

Never mind, the fact that Sheridan could take comfort from Joseph being cuckolded by a spirit - sort of a variant on what Barbara Hershey experienced in Sidney J. Furie's creepy The Entity - has made the pond's day ...

Along with the rest of the mumbo jumbo that the bromancer felt the need to lard into the piece in a brave bid to keep himself on side with the rest of the flock ...

The question now is what will happen when the wall-puncher learns that the bromancer has felt the earth move ... will the picture get any clearer?

Or is it still the bloody remote?


  1. Isn't it edifying when the journos start attacking each other on social media? The dog fucker is having a twitter spat with Elizabeth Farrelly over her piece in the SMH about the insidious influence of the IPA. Insults and monkey poo being hurled left right and centre.

  2. Oh dear, where to begin ?

    Ok, 1: "Joseph is not the biological father of Jesus". You mean just because Jesus never actually existed, or do you mean just because Jesus doesn't have a biological father ? Do "spiritual" entities such as God Parts 1 & 2 have semen and DNA ? And if not, do Archangels ? Are Archangels then 'biological' just like Joseph ?

    2: "I find the example of Joseph a profound inspiration ...". Well maybe, but what about Miriam (aka Maryam aka Maria aka Mary) ? There she is with a legitimate husband and still a virgin - so an unconsummated marriage ! Is that allowed in the Catholic Church ?

    3: "The legal and religious institutions of marriage should part company". Oh, goodo, and can we also request that the legal and religious institutions of taxation part company and that churches (and all other religious corporations) should do their required 'render unto Caesar' bit ?

    1. Maybe Joe had no pee-pee.

    2. Yeah, appropriated by Gabriel ... or was that God Part 1 ? I never get these recondite theological points right.

  3. Hey Dorothy,how much if I buy a dozen holy ghosts? They have obviously worked for Bromancer and I've got a mob of Sheridans down here that are in need of direction and enlightenment.

    1. Anon - try Mossack Fonseca. I hear they are good at Companies of Ghosts, and support the myth of British Virgins.

  4. A smaller, more pure Church not for you? Drop in for a chat about pews on pews!

  5. Up to Xtians voluntarily to propound their own legal arrangements beyond the state, and beyond society's acceptance of no-fault divorce and same-sex marriage, 'ey?

  6. DP - can we have an award for the least self-aware loon? This week it must surely go to Michaela Cash, who so wants to be effluent she is unaware that she already is.

  7. Moorice was on Lateline last night. Are they really that desperate?

    1. I saw that and switched off. He was way too 'gropey' - hands almost reaching out for Tony Jones' neck. It was dire.

  8. Sometimes the Daily Mail has a reason for it's existence.

    Samantha Maiden arrested, cuffed and charged after late night drinking binge with the dog-fucker and Slomo.

  9. An unfortunate choice of words from Jon Faine about little Timmeh. " “We bend over backwards to make sure there are all sorts of voices heard. We were putting some time into Tim Wilson being a fill-in host, so to say that we don’t do those things is demonstrably not true."

    Obviously he'd forgotten the first rule of the University of Woolloomooloo.
    'No poofters.'

  10. Mr Phuc has been endorsed as Prime Minster of Vietnam. Almost as good as when Mr Kan was PM of Japan. (Ask a Tok Pisin speaker)

    Winner of the week's Snigger Stakes.


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