Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Day 15, and the pond takes some time out to share fairy floss thinking and toffee apple wit with the Caterists ...

There, the pond wanted any stray reader to get in the right, fluffy, sugary mind set ... 

After all, soon enough a Caterist is likely to hover into view, and any notion of intelligence perforce must be flung into the fairy floss machine ...

(Note: only an artist's impression of the Caterist mind at work).

Now it was probably only a coincidence that the bouffant one got caught up in the sugar hit candy machine this day ...

But the Caterist had no excuse ... because he was back on his favourite hobby horse ...

Now the pond gets it. The pond's as libertarian as the next taxpayer-subsidised loon ...

There's no such notion as community or public health in Caterist land. There's probably no such thing as community or public, just "I'm all right Jack and Jacqueline and youse can just get fucked."

Better to be fat, ugly and stupid and a class A dimwit rorter like Michael Costa than try to retain some semblance of health.

But we take on notice the issue that the problem isn't that governments invariably do things badly, but that they do stuff at all ...

No doubt because the private sector does things so much better, such as flogging cigarettes, booze, sugar and high fructose syrup, and frankly if you're an addict, why don't you just crawl away and die, preferably not at the taxpayers' expense and by clogging up the public hospital and health system, but if you must do that, clog away, so that the rich can whine and moan about the rising cost of health care ...

Of course we've heard all this before, in the matter of cigarette consumption, alcohol advertising and all the rest of it. The denial of any connection, the right of people to flog poison and the right of people to consume it, and where's the harm ...

It's as if the plague of obesity - try walking down Peel street in Tamworth any given day - could just be walked off with a little bit of parental guidance ...

Any gesture in any other direction - suggestions, help, carrot or stick, is just a waste of time as it interferes with Coca Cola Amatil's plan to rule the world. You don't have to look far for the connections ...

Here, have one of these. Go on, you can afford it ...

And so on and so forth. But back to the Caterists ...

Nobody believes?

By golly that Nobody is a worry ...

But the trouble with Nobody is that nobody hasn't got much of a statistical argument, at least when all that's offered is a sample of verbal diarrhoea of the "ridiculous", "alarmanomics", "cherry picking", "big scary number" kind ...

Followed by the monstrous stupidity of suggesting everyone's better off fat, in much the same way that we'd all be better off on a soma diet because it'd keep us all quiet ...

Now the pond understands this was a Caterist attempt at humour.

In much the same way as some find an elephant's fart funny.

It's a wonderful distraction and it avoids any necessity for the Caterists to have at hand some actual data to confound and refute the report mentioned ...

(see here).

It would have been nice to have seen that data and those arguments, rather than being forced to mop up some Caterist dribble, perhaps a sign of eating a stick too many of fairy floss before sitting down at the keyboard.

All the pond knows is that there's an emergency doctor that constantly complains to the pond about the way most of her patients are killing themselves, notably by way of their eating habits, which put car deaths in the modest camp of minor roadkill ...

What to do about it?

Well if you're a Caterist, nothing.

But right at the end of the compassionate, caring, considerate Caterist carry-on, there was that note about the Caterist being the executive director of the Menzies Research Centre.

That reminded the pond, yet again, that Caterists scribbling for the reptiles are cross-subsidised by a generous taxpayer subsidy ...

Which leads to a repeat of that famous remark ...

Governments invariably do these taxpayer subsidy things badly, but that's not the issue. The real problem is that they do this stuff - stuff the taxpayer-subsidised Caterists down our collective throats - at all ...

Never mind, let's hear it for Nobody yet again ...

Silly Alice. There's nothing like reading Caterists to make you feel faint ...


  1. Fat tax? Pfffft!
    Trump idiocies? Pffffffttt!
    Panama Papers? Pfffffffffttttttt!

  2. Ronnie Corbett. So it's goodnight from him.


  3. I have an idea that will save the Fed. Government some money, and here's a three word slogan to express it: Privatize Nick Cater !

    1. Er, GB, "Privatize Nick Cater" may have too many syalbleses for them to bear at 6. The same for "exciting time" at 4, "continuity and change" at 7, or "welcome to the ideas boom" at 8 - all gone now. But along with "axe the tax" or "ditch the witch" "malware sucks" and "nick's a prick" at 3 syllables are in their repeat pinch from kids Goldilocks Zone.

    2. I stand corrected, Anony. You have clearly understood their cognitive limits better than I.

  4. What, no mention by the Caterist of all the fat benefits in Direct Action? CCS? The greatest government minister ever taxing and spending on dubious carbon capture and storage rorts to save the reef, to save the world and Antarctic walri... and not a word on Coca Cola Amatil and Co's stepping up to save the day already with their user pays and that dual citizen Nigerian Sus()an Ley's?

    “... I don’t want to be the Minister for Health Financing,” Ley says. “I want to be the Minister for Health.” Her 97-year-old father has exceeded life expectancy by prudent management of his ­diabetes. “I have a real interest in wellness and preventative health. It must start with the individual and their understanding of nutrition and exercise. My parents were ahead of their time in this respect.” She doesn’t eat sugar but for lunch in Urana, where healthy choices are few, she buys a battered potato cake. “I haven’t had breakfast,” she pleads.

  5. But, after I'd thought a bit about this wee gem: "The prevalence of overweight and obesity among Australians has been steadily increasing for the last 30 years." the explanation dawned on me !

    So, what has been happening "steadily" for the last 30 years ? Why those of the Baby Boom wave - and a few of us who were earlier - are getting older, progressively retiring and thus doing less physical exertion, eating more, drinking more and generally just self-indulging. So, we are all getting fatter !

    It's bbo when you think about it. Oh, and of course the small but important fact that the BMI has very little scientific foundation.

    1. The retired generally may well put on unhealthy weight as you say, but later the aged generally lose appetite and weight unhealthily...

      Two words, don't laugh: Bob Carr.

    2. Maybe so, Anony, but even us pre-Boomers haven't reached our dying fields yet. I can assure you my body is in no great hurry to lose either appetite or weight.

      And I would neve laugh at the mention of Bob Carr ... I might laugh a lot AT Bob Carr, though. But why do you mention him ?

  6. There's a serious debate to be had about the pros and cons of a sugar tax, and the chances of one ever being introduced in Australia, but this certainly isn't part of it. Cater may have tried a comic turn because any serious discussion would raise the potential impact of such a tax on all the rural and regional electorates that cover sugar growing and refining areas. That's an issue that the Coalition wouldn't be keen to address (to be even-handed, Labor probably wouldn't want to either), so better to throw in a few old "My mother-in-law's so fat....." jokes.

    Cater relies a lot on an unpublished study by "the New Zealand Initiative" - whoever they are. They wouldn't be the Long White Cloud equivalent of the IPA or the Menzies Centre any any chance?

    BTW just to be petty, I don't believe Jamie Oliver is a Cockney; I think he's mentioned in a few of his shows that he's from Essex. A minor point, I know, but just another fact-free one - in the same spirit I'm sure that Nick wouldn't mind if he was described as a useless whinging Pom.

    1. Tsk, tsk, Nick...your cultural cringe is showing...

      Jamie Oliver is from North Essex, a good distance outside the M25 ring road, and is not even a bit Cockney.

      On the other hand, Nick Cater, from South Essex, and has much stronger claims. As the core Cockney areas were first industrialised and then gentrified, the original inhabitants moved out into "Sarf Essex", and Nick's home town of Billericay now lies within the boundaries where Cockney predominates, while Jamie's patch does not. Cater didn't leave those pernicious Cockney influences behind until he was 11 (you don't want to follow the link, but its sourced from his bizarrely third-person blog here: http://www.luckyculture.com.au/2013/04/19/thatchers-utopian-dreaming-ruined-my-education/ ).

      Maybe he meant it in its very retro sense? Back when Chaucer was a lad, a "coken ay" (rooster's egg) was roughly akin to today's "inner city 'leets".

    2. Ha ha. The late, great Ian Dury had a song about Billericay called Billericay Dickie with lyrics that resonate nicely with Nick Cater who's 'doing VERY well' on the Australian taxpayer.

      Words here http://www.lyricsmode.com/lyrics/i/ian_dury_the_blockheads/billericay_dickie.html


    3. The pond now knows more about Essex than it ever knew before ...

  7. A noble marketing fail. Macdonalds is advertising it's latest offering on TV "the chicken MacWrap." But it comes across as Mac Crap.


    (A tip - Intelligent proof-reading is a must marketing guys)

  8. Prime Minister resigns amid scandal that his family hid millions in off-shore tax havens. Wait a minute - that's Iceland, not here.

    Shit. The headline had me going for a minute there.

  9. Malware suggests keeping Fed funding for private school and passing the buck for technical training for the yobbos to the States.

    Well let's see what the going rates are for attending Knox Grammar (One of the better schools I am told).


    Kindergarten 3 x $6,010 = $18,030 per annum
    Years 1 - 2 3 x $6,930 = $20,790 per annum
    Year 3 3 x $7,200 = $21,600 per annum
    Years 4 - 6 3 x $7,870 = $23,610 per annum

    Years 7 - 10 3 x $9,280 = $27,840 per annum
    Years 11 - 12 3 x $9,810 = $29,430 per annum

    Years 7 - 10 - Compulsory Charge 3 x $385 = $1,155 per annum

    Years K - 12 - Compulsory Charge 3 x $200 = $600 per annum

    All Levels 3 x $9,070 = $27,210 per annum*
    * Includes GST of $600.00

    Per Family 3 x $300 = $900 per annum


    Application Fee (to be sent with application) $380 (inclusive of GST)
    Enrolment Fee From Monday 11 January 2016 - $2,620
    Entrance Fee (two years prior to commencement) From Monday 11 January 2016 - $2,300


    You get a guaranteed freebie of mindless sexual abuse thrown in for good measure!

    "Ten damages claims have been filed in the NSW Supreme Court against four schools - Knox Grammar, Waverley College, De La Salle College Revesby Heights and The Scots College, according to the former students' lawyer Ross Koffel.

    Mr Koffel told AAP he is preparing two further claims and is investigating another eight potential cases.

    He said the students involved were allegedly sexually abused by teachers on school grounds or during a school activity, and the schools are accused of failing in their duty of care to look after the students.

    The amounts claimed range from the hundreds of thousands of dollars to millions, and the average age of the plaintiffs is around 40."



    Now that's what I call agile!

  10. So you rich, blue-rinse north shore ladies, what are you paying for for your child to go to a private school? You are paying for anal rape and sexual molestation on a grand scale. I'm sure the likes of Alan Jones would approve (he of toilet and shower fame).

    1. It's the Howard's battlers who went without to give the kids a private school education and reap the economic benefits who should be feeling ripped off. Their kids are not getting ahead the way it was supposed to work.

  11. Above and beyond the above, and sailing over the fatuous world of Caterville (privatising him is such a joyous proposal), this election has already given me one of the loveliest phrases I have ever heard:

    The nattering negativity of the wall-puncher.

    So much happiness in that simple phrase Dot, cheers for that!

    (You can also vary the phrase by adding your reptile du jour, like so:

    the nattering negativity of the dog botherer.

    And it works just as effectively.



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