Tuesday, April 19, 2016

74? Forget it Jake, the pond is already up to Day 29, and still counting, and Barners and the Delcons are still on the prowl ...

The pond refuses to get distracted ...

Oh sure it's hard to work out which one's the real front page of the Daily Terror this day ...

And then there was the matter of Barners.

Talk about an epic distraction. Everyone thought it was a riot of laughs, everybody and his dog had a film review to hand, and the usual flattering snaps of bulldog - or is it vampire? - Barners made an appearance ...

As always, there has to be at least one stupid person in the mix who thought that the video was a triumph for Barners.

Come on down incredibly stupid Sarrah Le Marquand ...

Yet even Le Marquand seemed to understand, in a dim way, that the video might have not have had its intended effect ...

There was no mistaking the invisible hand of the Agriculture Minister and his department in a video apology starring the couple that was played to the court after Heard pleaded guilty to one charge of falsifying a custom card regarding Pistol and Boo. 
 “Declare everything when you enter Australia,” Depp gravely warns his fellow travellers, showcasing his new-found immense respect and thorough knowledge of our country’s biosecurity laws. 
Not since Depp’s starring role in a bewildering Dior cologne commercial late last year, in which he stares soulfully at a buffalo before inexplicably digging a hole in the middle of the desert, has a video been so unintentionally comical.

So the invisible hand of Barners produces one of the silliest and comical videos ever seen in the land, variously described as a hostage video and a triumph of social realism, and that's a triumph for Barners?

Well there's where an intense dislike of Johnny Depp will get you ... in the land of the dumbest of the dumb ... aka the Daily Terrorists ...

But enough of Barners' bad video productions, because now that the rest of the world has caught up with the pond's daily reality - day 29 and still counting - the pond is deeply concerned about how the Delcons have responded to the crisis.

The Bolter was front and centre in the pond's thoughts and he delivered a beauty ...

Now the pond would never usually link to a CFMEU commercial, but as the Bolter did, it would be remiss not to note you can view it on YouTube here.

The phenomenon is roughly equivalent to a follower of Adolf linking to a commercial promoting Stalin ...

That such a thing should be. Of course stripping rights is outrageous, but consider this - the Bolter's hatred of Malware is now so great that he can even take the side of the CFMEU.

Little Timmeh was also maintaining the rage, but as his links were to more little Timmie rages, the pond felt showing the gobbet was enough of a promotion for the terrible foot-stomping Delcon two year old ...

The bitterness and the hate is still rampant.

Now sharp-eyed devotees of the eccentric and the absurd will have noted above that alongside Le Marquand, there was an outing from Catherine McGregor, whose chief political claim to fame is a friendship with Tony Abbott ...

McGregor is a training wheels member of the Delcon commentariat ... but in those circles an ability to parrot the same set of lines over and over is highly prized, and McGregor shows a remarkable ability at memorising and regurgitating her lines ...

Yes, it goes well beyond the ordinarily delusional.

After all, who else could propose voting for a fatally flawed man, and conjure up Godwin Grech, abortive appeasement and a previous ignominious demise as an inducement?

We should all vote for the Black Knight as a warrior prince? So it seems ...

That's it, that's the best that can be said for Malware?

He's not Bill Shorten?

Why if that's the only criterion there's around 24 million Australians who could be PM ... as opposed to the current abject failure, prone to howlers, backflips and thought bubbles.

Yes, it's the country's turn to vote for an abject failure who has led his party to an ironical famous victory.

"With fire and sword the country round 
Was wasted far and wide, 
And many a childing mother then, 
And new-born baby died; 
But things like that, you know, must be 
At every famous victory. 
"They say it was a shocking sight 
After the field was won; 
For many thousand bodies here 
Lay rotting in the sun; 
But things like that, you know, must be 
After a famous victory. 
"Great praise the Duke of Marlbro' won, 
And our good Prince Eugene." 
"Why, 'twas a very wicked thing!" 
Said little Wilhelmine. 
"Nay... nay... my little girl," quoth he,
"It was a famous victory. "
And everybody praised the Duke 
Who this great fight did win." 
"But what good came of it at last?"
Quoth little Peterkin. 
"Why that I cannot tell," said he, 
"But 'twas a famous victory." (the full poem here, the wiki for the poem here)

And this was how the Daily Terrorists and their HUN comrades greeted the news of the election campaign ... with talk of how the CFMEU is right, with sharpening of Delcon blades, and with a detailing of Malware's howlers, backflips and thought bubbles ...

It leaves the pond with nothing to do but lie back on the lounge and admire the back-stabbing and the blood ...

Yes as Little Wilhelmine said, let there be blood... and already it seems the blood is flowing ...

Thus far the reptiles have done their best to ignore the first bit of epic white-anting: Government refuses to comment on 'humiliating' leak of core budget details, ad campaign ....

Well if the Bolter can praise the CFMEU, the pond can quote Chalmers:

Labor's Financial Services spokesman Jim Chalmers described the leak as a deliberate attempt to destabilise Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's leadership. 
"This humiliating leak says two things," he told AM. 
"One, that the Government is so divided and so dysfunctional that they are leaking against each other on the first day of the campaign. 
"Secondly, that they're prepared to spend taxpayer dollars on their election campaign." 
Mr Chalmers is calling on the Government to confirm the veracity of the information aired by Sky. "First thing, during the day, they need to clarify whether this is a genuine leak," he said.

Are there any other problems early this Tuesday?

The Liberal party's riding the fast train to oblivion  and all the Bolter's worried about are VFTs?

74 days? They'll be lucky to make it to 35 before the rioting begins ... but for those who find David Rowe mysterious, at least this cartoon makes everything clear ... and naturally there's more Rowe here. But who is that figure bronco-busing the pig?


  1. Barnaby is off his meds again. Says Australian biosecurity measures are "going off like a frog in a sock."

    Shakespeare just ain't in it.

  2. How many more days of Barnaby vs Depps must we endure?

  3. could be i need to practice my shorten :)

  4. He's a good dog, Ricky is, but Rowe's toon must be of the second act. As I'm paying full price plus the scalpers' margin I would have liked first to see Morriscum's levitation trick of raising tax before cutting pieces off it without altering its size any yet apparently reducing Smokin' Joe's huge deficit at a distance.

    Sounds to me like the real magic of deception rather than a hypnotist act. What would Penn and Teller say I wonder?


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