Tuesday, February 16, 2016

'M' word man shows no caution, but plenty of bigotry, paranoia and bile, and the pond wouldn't have it any other way ... because Moorice is a dish best served cold ...

Be still, beating heart.

With that offering, the first two exciting legs are in ... even though the pond never ever bets on the horses, and shows absolutely no interest in the nags, could this be the day of the perfect trifecta?

It is, it is ... soul clap hands with glee, all the pond's favourite horses are in epic form, their reptile profile cunningly disguised by their equine splendour.

But what a choice, requiring either the Judgment of Solomon or Sophie's choice.

There was of course only one answer. 

When the world's greatest climate scientist steps up to the plate, and sorts out Islamics, the pond must bow, scrape and defer ...

Who better to produce harmony in the competing religions and harmony in the land? Please, Moorice, show the world and doubting pond readers how it's done ...

Splendid, splendid stuff, and it produced a most astute two line summary in the comments section ...

Indeed, indeed. The pond couldn't have put it better itself.

Oh sure, a silly counter-commenter came along bleating about teh atheists, but they simply failed to understand Moorice's fundamental point.

It is beyond satire. Moorice is beyond satire, an impregnable lump of biogtry and prejudice, as fundamentalist as any Islamic fundie and as barking mad ...

But he sings the siren song of the pond.

He's rightly earned his pre-eminence. Everything he writes is filled to the brim with the righteousness of authoritative scripture, and so the pond read on, entranced ...

Tremendous, remarkable stuff. It shows why the loss of Tony Abbott was such a devastating blow to domestic harmony, and why his chief business advisor is still in mourning ...

Naturally there were those in the comments section who understood ...

Naturally the pond was tempted to try out a few amendments ...

With Moorice, you are dealing with one great paranoid bigoted delusion. That Tony Abbott is the actual word of the Lord of the world, God. So, the question is how do rational people find a common ground for discussion with the delusional when their point of reference always ends with what the "man in exile" tells them to do.

With Xianity, you are dealing with one great delusion. That the bible is the actual word of the Lord of the world, God. So, the question is how do rational people find a common ground for discussion with the delusional when their point of reference always ends with what the "man in the book" tells them to do.

Of course we could have done it for Scientologists and Hindus and so on and so forth, but in the end nothing the pond could offer up would match the infinite wit and wisdom of Moorice.

The pond has only one technical point, where Moorice suggests that the new testament does not exhort Christians to behead non-believers.

Now it's true that beheading is only one form of death favoured by Christianity - stoning was always accepted as a charitable and kindly way to kill, and who could argue with an Xian over that ... but it has to be said that death was freely prescribed as a way to deal with all sorts, with a bonus offering of an eternity of hellfire ...

That little burst in the New Testament comes in Acts, 3:22, and refers back to Deuteronomy. There are plenty of other examples of new testament heroes endorsing the old testament, and all its brutal ways, but the pond suspects that Moorice is something of a Trump style Xian, you know 2 Corinthians two too too hard ....

The pond always loved this particular injunction in Romans ...

Yes, the next time a disobedient child fronts the kitchen counter demanding a treat, and they refuse to bugger off, remind them that those disobedient to parents are WORTHY OF DEATH ...

As always, the pond acknowledges the Skeptic's Annotated Bible as its shorthand way of finding many of its biblical treats. The pond once read it from cover to cover, including all the begats, but there's a time to put away childish things and have fun ...

But nothing compares to the fun that can be had reading the reptiles, thanks be unto Moorice ... who always brings to mind the pond's favourite film ...


  1. Why haven't any of these fking idiot children read Thomas Paine? In the "Age of Reason"
    he analyzes specific portions of the Bible in order to demonstrate that it is not the revealed word of God."
    You would think that Paine's reasoning about reason should be essential reading.

  2. Hi Dorothy,

    "In Islam, religion and politics are interchangeable. Wherever in the world Muslims settle, they form colonies. They expand the interests of Islam and, rather than dissolving over time, multiply and consolidate. Yet our leaders behave like fifth columnists and, despite the evidence, play down the growing Islamic threat."

    I'd always assumed Moorice was Jewish, so I'm surprised he would be invoking this sort of language, talking of ghettos and global conspiracy.

    Sorry, I'll go and put some cash in the Godwin's Law jar.


    1. Hi Dorothy,

      Newman is often portrayed as a product of the establishment, yet nothing could be further from the truth. He was born in Ilford, North London, in 1938. His father Joseph, who was Jewish, sold clothes door-to-door; his mother, Marie, stayed at home. As a boy, he remembers "cowering in bomb shelters" during the Blitz. His neighbours' house was destroyed; one day, a German airman parachuted down nearby. The imminent threat of invasion fostered in him an abiding belief in freedom and individual liberty. "I had Jewishness in me. Mum told me that, 'If Hitler comes, you know what will happen"

      The rest here;



    2. Terrible childhood when you think about it; no wonder the poor man is barking mad and should be getting some therapy.

    3. Ilford isn't 'North London' by any stretch of the imagination. It's in Essex. It's roughly the equivalent of Doncaster or Nunawading to Melbourne.

      But that may or may not explain a lot about Maurice's views. Once upon a time, Ilford had a very strong Jewish population, one of the largest in Europe.

      It now has *much* larger Hindu and Muslim populations. Think slamming all night mid-week bhangra parties.

    4. Places change all over the world.

      The little town I live in was once a thriving agricultural centre with pubs and shops. Now it's a free range retirement village full of disability pensioners, poverty stricken locals who didn't get out when the going was good, blow-ins who rent the cheap and nasty houses that the less poverty stricken property owning locals offer as they tried to cash in on the property boom and get them some of that Negative Gearing lurk.

      We once had a hall committee with real professional people and public servants - anyone remember them - taking part, Lions club, a progress association. Not no more and you know what? Not a fucking Muslim in to be seen here; they still get the blame though.

  3. The best thing about having Moorice back, and in peak form,is that it has confined Nick Cater to a passing reference. Well played, Moorice!

    The other passing reference, also demoted for Moorice, was to our famed Reptile Editorial writer this time deploring Gillian Triggs's politicising of human rights.

    It is topical now with Freedom Boy's pending departure from his sinecure. I just remembered that he didn't lift a finger to defend Ms Triggs from the onslaught of attacks led by Brandis and right down to village idiots like Coal-vest MacDonald.

    Should be a loyal hack if he gets Goldstein, but for once I'll be barracking for Dolly's daughter.

    1. "Dolly's daughter" ?? Is Kennett's choice a choice? Does she also back labouring Barely Sensible on negative gearing like Kennett?


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