Friday, February 12, 2016

Here no evidence of wrongdoing, no wrongdoing here, just dead dogs, parrots and rams ...

That popped up just after eleven today ...

Maestro, ticking clock please ...

Thank you maestro, now please, off to Canberra with the reptiles and the Fairfaxians ...

Back to the original story ...

No, no, Albo, it's not the parrot that's dead ...

It's Barners at his finest, and he hasn't got a master now, someone to tell him to get around behind ...

And it's only just beginning ...

Naturally the pond contacted Barners for a response ...

And here's a grace note from the Terrorists on another matter ...

And an honourable mention to a certain MP ...

And so it's good night from the pond, Irene, Andrew and Barners ... 

Will it ever be possible to take a break now that the loons bestride the Australian political scene like the walking dead parrots famously featured in many a zombie movie starring Johnny Depp?


  1. Barnaby Joyce always reminds me of the character Jethro Bodine in The Beverly Hillbillies, whose father, Jed Clampett, said of him:"If brains was lard, Jethro couldn't grease a pan."

    1. The old Country Party is full of hillbillies with akubra hats and mole skin strides, dreaming of the 1950s when wool was a 'pound for a pound' and poofters new their place.

    2. Ah Anon, you bring back memories. But Jed Clampett was Bodine's uncle ("Unca Jed") and offered to take Jethro to Beverly Hills because the widder Bodine was unable to keep her son constrained - and fed. Besids, he was sure he was destined to be a Hollywood movie star. Real famous, you know, like Victor Mature.

      Elly Mae Clampett was Jed's daughter, and Jethro's cousin.

  2. Well really, if Mr Broad is going to use his paddock sheep as an analogy for human society surely we'd be cutting the nuts off most of the useless men we have and just leaving the ones with the best genes to impregnate all the women and improve the flock?

    If we live in a meritocracy don't we? The rich men like Donald Trump must have the best genes and actually some person said that about him in one article I read. So clearly Don, he'd be the ram who did the mounting of the other lesser rams.

    And you know how all the eugenicists, the white supremacists who think people just need to be smarter to make good choices? They equate financial success with high IQ and IQ comes from genes.

    So IQ tests for all men and castration of the lesser men is the obvious answer or we could all breed with east Asians because they have higher IQ's than white peeps and we'd increase our kids IQ for free.

    But thing is that it doesn't look like the baby boy sheeps all grow up with the same balls as the fathers and that seems to be the case with peeps also. Look at the loser sons of Rupe; not one of them has challenged the old ram yet, and taken over the herd. So much for alpha males and their awesome genes?

    And Gina and her progeny? There's Ginia, the heir, the one with the good genes from her US libertarian father, who had an accident with her bodyguard in a Paris hotel room and is she earning her keep by taking the company to new heights of wealth creation. No?

    Anyway, Dot, I think you will have to be strong and mindfull to resist the loonacy; it promises to be an on-going circus.

    1. You raise a valid point Anon. But if the males with the best genes can only impregnate the females on welfare (I refer to Gary Johns and his 'no sex please, I'm on the dole' proposal), which set of genes is likely to predominate?

      I think you'll find the slappers will win.

    2. Yeah survival of the fittest. And what about the Muslims out breeding us? We all better get to work breeding or our white man genes are toast.

  3. Larry Marshall has given us the solution Dot: make Malcolm CEO of Australia.

    Has there ever been a better fit?

    1. A most unique, most perfect and most ideal solution.

    2. Having just watched a show about Oliver Cromwell, the pond favours the title Lord Protector of the Commonwealth ... which offers as much royalty as we need, but no more ...

    3. Yep, there's nothing like a "warts and all" deal to give the lizards something to squeal about.


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