Sunday, February 14, 2016

A short serve of fudge a la Tudge for a Sunday treat ...

Naturally the pond is as intrigued as anyone by the new ministry ...

Things will become more apparent over time but the pond is eternally grateful to Barry Cassidy for this tweet ...

Gotta love it? The pond wept tears of joy, and it looks like it's The Insiders or nothing this Sunday, now that the Bolter is reduced to scribbling about sublime voices ...

Other promotions were a delight too for the meme-sters ...

And then there was the Tudge ...

Soon enough the twitterverse was infested with images of the Tudge-ster ...

Wait, perhaps we need to zoom in a little, thanks to another tweeter ...

Yes, there's Bronnie, and the Truss that every man needs, and sweet Sophie, whatever happened to her, and Alan Tudge and Ken Wyatt ... and you can just see that the Tudge - does it rhyme with fudge? - is in close proximity to that sign ...

His explanation?

So we have a minister who's blind as a bat ... or knows how to fudge like a Tudge about ditching the bitch witch ...

I would not have gone up on that stage ...

Oh you hapless goose you ...

And after all that, the pond hasn't even included or counted bull in a China shop Barners ...

Oh it's going to be a good ministry, well at least it'll be good for the pond ...


  1. Dorothy, the Tudge et al have been exposed in the pond before now as outright liars about their knowledge of that ditch witch signage.

    I couldn't think of the name. One of their LNP own... I was thinking Entsch for some reason, not Ewan Jones. Apart from this matter arising last year in connection with Their Aunty's Zaky Mallah Q&A session and a Captain's boycott of his own ABC I've never heard of Queensland backbencher bloody Ewan Jones up here. He must be sound sleeping LNP ballast indeed! Yet he's in a sometime swinging seat, Herbert, which may explain the low profile outside. However, it seems there is nothing wrong with his eyes, nor the standards he set himself on this. Anyway, I again found the SMH story that I recalled linking to the pond's comments last June. I also found the relevant loonpond comment(s). I'll stick those links below.

    Did any media other than the SMH report Ewan Jones critical stance on the signs?

    Q&A boycott will cede the ground to the left, says government MP Ewen Jones

    When questioned by Sky News commentator and former NSW Labor premier Kristina Keneally about where he drew the line on misogyny, including his decision to attend the infamous anti-carbon tax rally, Mr Tudge said he was unaware of the derogatory signs.

    "You are right that the tweets he had about some high profile women were absolutely appalling and should be condemned but where do you draw the sign on misogyny? I mean is it OK, for example, to go to a rally where there are signs calling our sitting prime minister a 'bitch' and a 'witch', is that all right?" Keneally asked.

    "We had no idea that those signs were behind us and they weren't when we first went up on stage," Mr Tudge responded.

    "I can honestly say we had no idea, I would not have gone up on that stage had I known there were signs behind me."

    However, Liberal National MP Mr Jones told Fairfax Media that he went down to the same rally but decided against appearing on stage, after reading the signs and taking stock of the mood.

    "It wasn't pretty down there, there was no way I was hopping up on stage, the mood was ugly," the member for Herbert said.

    "It certainly wasn't a place where I wanted to be."

    Asked if he had seen the offending signs, Mr Jones replied, "shit yeah", and then added "we're better than that".

    1. Kristina KeneallyVerified account ‏@KKeneally

      Kristina Keneally retweeted Alan Tudge
      But slitting her throat, kicking to death, or drowning the bitch / witch is acceptable, apparently. #LiberalLogic
      Kristina Keneally added,

      Alan Tudge @AlanTudgeMP
      If you advocate rape, you should be disqualified from being given a platform. No ifs, no buts. #qanda

      Alan Tudge ‏@AlanTudgeMP 11h11 hours ago
      @KKeneally I have never endorsed such views and to suggest otherwise is offensive.

      Kristina Keneally ‏@KKeneally 4h4 hours ago
      @AlanTudgeMP Then openly condemn your Liberal party colleagues who said those things, & publicly apologise for standing under those signs.

      Alan Tudge ‏@AlanTudgeMP 2h2 hours ago
      @KKeneally Why so hard to condemn giving advocate of rape a platform?

      Kristina Keneally ‏@KKeneally 1h1 hour ago
      @AlanTudgeMP I agreed with you, on air. Why is it hard to condemn violent, misogynistic language from other Liberals? Or at that rally?

      Tudge must be a very fit man. He’s always running away.


      "..Liberal Party boycott of program would be 'groupthink'

      Meanwhile, an LNP backbencher (Ewan Jones) has urged his colleagues not to boycott the program in the future for fear of "ceding ground" to Labor..."

  2. Attended a community Meeting in Novemeber 2015 where two signatories to the Memorandum of Understanding regarding the trial of the Cashless welfare card stated they signed up for volountary and targetd application of the card. They said " the card was only ever meantto be for those who needed help and were in trouble it wasnt meant to be fore every one only those who were not coping and were in trouble" How did Alan Tudge Manipulate this spoken word into the written word amd it became Blanket approach for all income suppliment recipiants. Unemployed, Carers pension, Disability support Pension,Aus study etc all ona card. To know what I have heard and to witness this MP deliberately Misslead and Lie to the community and parliamentand be allowed to get away with it is disheartening to say the least.

  3. Another interesting 'face' in that gathering of 'undesirables' is 'Barner's' new deputy, the delightful (not)Fiona Nash


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