Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A new bien pensant parrot commentariat lives in a taxpayer funded enclave of influence and exclusivity ... oh Caterists, et too Brutus?

The pond shamefacedly admits it held back on the Caterists today, for the pleasure of tricking the GDs of the world, who momentarily thought they might have been safe ...

The theory's simple enough.

It's okay to gorge on Moorice, but room must be saved for other delicacies, and the best treats are the ones delayed ...

So it's right to savour with anticipation the sweetest mint when it finally arrives ...

Splendid, splendid, top notch, first rate stuff ...

If the pond doesn't get to read the words bien pensants at least once a week, its life feels empty, unfulfilled, but thankfully we have a parrot who knows it, and it's infinitely more subtle and nuanced than the wretched bird trained to say "pieces of eight" in Treasure Island.

It goes without saying that it's the trendy progressive Fairfaxian cardigan socialists that ruin everything for everyone every day ... and certainly not the bien pensants paid by taxpayer grant to do the deep thinking at la di dah research centres set up in honour of Ming the Merciless to help out the Liberal party ...

Sheesh, how did the bien pensant Bolter get in here, rabbiting on about Malware like a Fairfaxian Jacobite?

Quick, get him out of here, he'll ruin everything.

Let's get back to the sage wisdom of the Caterists ...

Indeed, indeed.

Tremendous, wonderful stuff, full of exemplary insight and wisdom, as the pond expects of an employee of an institute generously funded by taxpayer grant.

But the pond senses that the parrot was beginning to run out of lines.

What else can such a hapless bird do than to regurgitate the thoughts of others?

After all the Chairman has already tweeted a few clues as to how it should be done ...

Who could ignore the Chairman?

Time then for the Caterists to show that they did their required gobbet reading of the weekend reptile rag, and can now regurgitate it for the benefit of all ...

Splendid, splendid stuff.

Not just Murray, but Loughnane and the Tasmanian bishops and oh, the humanity and the persecuted Xians ...

Sheesh, how did that get in there?

They're not just wanting to oppose same sex marriage? They want to really get stuck into the gays?

Why with that and the Bolter, we won't be paying attention to all the wonderful insights written by a man acting as executive director for a Ming the Merciless research centre handily subsidised by the Australian taxpayer ...

He can read, he can regurgitate, and he can swallow that extra taxpayer mint ... and the result of all this endeavour sees him fully perplexed ...

Oh okay, just one more mint, and it's a more-ish Moir, and more Moir here ....


  1. By implying that Manuka is a hotbed of the dreaded Hipster Progressive 'Leets, Cater has added Canberra to the long list of things about which he clearly knows fuck-all. If anything, its position smack in the middle of Old Canberra probably makes it one of the more socially and politically conservative areas of the city. However because of its proximity to Parliament House Manuka, along with Kingston, is frequented by politicians, staffers, journos, lobbyists and assorted other political hangers-on, many of whom never see anything else of Canberra, regardless of how long they spend in the place. I suspect that this applies to Cater, and he wouldn't have the faintest idea where the local HPLs have their strongholds (I'd nominate Braddon and the People's Republic of Ainslie, myself).

  2. Migrant miscalculations.
    The population of Australia ticked on over past the 24 million mark yesterday. Government demography apparatchik projections have the population at 30 million by 2030. Official demographic projections have always underestimated the rate of population growth! Why? The country is actually on track to tick on over past 50 million by 2040. In good years in the past Australia has fed and watered a bit more than 60 million. Something has to be done to limit Australian population growth the major factor of which is that due to immigration. Something has to be done about settling on an Australian population of a happy sustainable size, otherwise this ponzi scheme will end in tears for multitudes. Liblab won't do it. For them Rupert and Co's ponzi growth scam isn't a cancer that keeps on taking, rather it generously donates.

    1. "...Australia has fed and watered a bit more than 60 million ..."

      Is that including the kangaroos, wallabies and wombats ?

    2. No, GB, they're additional to the 60 million or so people here and abroad. Additional that is, apart from the relatively few native fauna turned into meals here, or exported to places like Germany and Russia.

      Mobs of roos entering towns due to them horrifically dying of hunger and thirst are just now being "humanely" culled by regional Councils in western Queensland. Are they perceived as useless feeders, or an unbearable reality?

    3. Oh, ok I get it now: you are referring to the food and water that is exported from Australia (around 75% of total production annually I understand). But this doesn't actually 'feed' nearly 40 million (ie over and above the 24 million in Australia) any more than the 1/4 left 'feeds' us.

      Because, correct me if I'm wrong, Australian agricultural exports are never the only food that anybody else on the planet eats, they are an addition to local food and food from other sources. Just like Australians too eat a percentage of imported food.

      Ok, so it may be that 60 million people is about the most that could be fed in Australia if we no longer exported. At least under the present setup. But I daresay we could increase the amount of land under agriculture in various ways, and we could, like a lot of others, import more.

      So what would be Australia's true maximum human population ?

    4. Just where else do you think food and water for Australia is going to come from when global warming extremes really begin to bite in a decade or so depleting water supply and agricultural output well below historic norms? That also in the context of world population kicking on past 9 billions.

      Oh yeah, Barners and his love Gina will provide it from Northern Australia, that already not owned by China, and India, and tagged for their consumption like all the rest with pretty ordinary foresight they're buying up in Africa, South America and elsewhere. Perhaps the great and glorius Bradfield scheme will come of age, but of course the annual reasonably reliable wet season shall also be a thing of memory.

      In Trump fashion we can make things up I suppose, just as the ponzi BIG AUSTRALIA lobby do...

    5. Well sorry, mate, but I don't have all that many years left in which to be interested in the answers to your questions. Not that I don't think they're valid questions, they are. And not that I don't think they'll impact humanity (and its fellow travelers eg cows, sheep, pigs, dogs, cats, rats etc), but just that I won't be all that interested.

      "Things past redress are now with me past care" as the great English playwright once said. And frankly, all things are past redress with me nowadays.

      But truly, would it be an issue with Planet Earth if humanity was reduced to, say, 100,000 members for maybe 100,000 years ? Wouldn't really matter a rat's fart, would it.

      I'd be sorry, if I were even within a decade or two, to see the kangaroos, wallabies and wombats all annihilated, though. Except that I won't, of course. But just think: all those wild imported species will go too: the dingoes, horses, camels, pigs, goats, foxes, cane toads, rabbits and aboriginals. Gone, all gone.

    6. GB I find it hard to believe you're not interested. You've asked more questions than I!

      Asimov, in 1989 nearing his own end (1992):

      "In the old days, we didn't worry about the future. Now we must. Things are changing so fast that we have to worry about the future all the time."



  3. Cater: "The insiders, meanwhile, are becoming even more remote, living geographically and cognitively separate lives. ... You name it, the new upper class has their own way of doing it."

    And Cater, great and original political expert that he is, at least in his own mind, had to go to Charles Murray to know this ? Like, Cater believed that all throughout history the upper classes have lived identical lives, eaten identical meals and enjoyed identical recreations as the lower classes until Murray enlightened him ?

    And our taxes pay for Cater to be such a complete moran ?

    Oy vey !

  4. Do you think old Nick's ever been to Gungahlin to move amongst his people, his kind? You know, seeing as how he can't stand the hipster 'leets ... or does he get nose bleed if he goes further than from Barton to Kingston to clear the post box? Oh wait, there'd be a minion to do that ...

  5. Planet Quacko :-D Brilliant! What a sight. On top of that read Dorothy, I could have laughed till I chundered, or choked - lucky me, I'd finished my coffee.

    1. Same here Anon: Planet Quacko is so on the money.....and deputy dog will just feel right at home. No need for house training on Planet Quacko.

  6. On pieces of pieces of eight, I take the fifth.


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