Friday, March 24, 2017

In which the pond reserves the right to call Islamic fundamentalists and their reptile fellow travellers knaves and fools ...

The reptiles must have heard the pond's request for another religion to appear on their pages.

Put it another way, how desperate are the reptiles in their ongoing 18C crusade?

Why, they'd even head off to the Islamics, on the basis that the enemy of the enemy is a friend ...

Indeed, indeed. Put it another way, in terms the reptiles would understand and appreciate.

Being a wog is considered a sin in certain parts of Australia, however it is also a sin to humiliate and insult people who belong to wog communities ...

However, say a wog is a wog within Australia is merely expressing an opinion, and that should not be considered illegal, or perhaps even a sin, the mad Mullah added for benefit of reptiles and their true believers ...

The pond has always argued that the one thing that can be said for religious fundamentalists is that they share around the bigotry, the fear and the loathing ... and so it came to pass today, because after all, the right to insult, offend and harass shouldn't interfere with the rights of zealots to do it on the basis of their religiln

There's a twist of course. Amin Hady, imam at the Zeland mosque, shouldn't be surprised that many reptiles won't be accepting any 18C proposal if it precludes reptiles from monstering Islamics, wogs, pesky blacks and all the other usual suspects ...

Look, there's no doubt that it's a clever ploy by the reptiles ... bring out the Jews and the Islamics and have them seemingly agree, and conflate a single state's law with a federal law, and bob's your uncle, but if the religious want the right to go on demonising the gays, they should have at least paused for a nanosecond to realise the cleverness of the reptile strategy ...

If the gays remain a fair target for insults and abuse, then what makes the likes of Amin Hady some sort of righteous wog exception?

Meanwhile, Dame Slap was busy on her crusade against Islamic fundamentalists ...

The pond was surprised however to find that it was a very thin and short crusade, obviously flung together in the heat of the moment ... because the opportunity any tragedy offers should never be overlooked while on the look-out for point scoring and hysteria ...

The pond was expecting Dame Slap to go into full foaming, frenzied, lathered-up mode ...

Well happily, the pond can answer that.

The reptiles decided to go off to an Islamic leader arguing for the ongoing right to demonise gays as vile sinners doomed to hellfire ... because, perverts etc etc ...

So tossing gays off buildings will seem to be a mighty fine way to solve the problem and let some imaginary god sort it all out in the hereafter ...

Yes, the reptiles and the Islamics are at one when it comes to teh gays ... and so is the Liberal party. It's not just the nation's energy needs that they've fixed by proposing a return to coal-fired power stations of the antique kind ...


  1. Amin Hady looks like a 70s porn star.

    I know, it's not original lol.

  2. My oh my the reptilian talking heads are really in their death saturated element today!
    Meanwhile peace-loving christian Amerika dropped at least 26,000 bombs, or approximately 3 bombs ever minute on 7 islamic countries in 2016.
    And it has bombed and/or invaded 14 islamic countries since 1980.

    Seems to me like a case of inevitable blow-back or karmic cum-uppence - what goes around comes around.
    Remember too that the British Parliamentary building was the home base of that well known coalition of the killing war criminal. Whose criminal misadventures set off the now uncontainable Middle Eastern charnal ground, and the now never-ending "war on terror".

    I wonder how many USA launched drone killings/murders were done in the past week?

    But we dont do terror - we are "civilized".

    1. But hey, we saved all those Iraquis - the ones that more or less survived anyway - from that awful, nuclear armed, terrorist autocrat Saddam Hussein.

      Where's their gratitude ?

    2. Meh, the only real issue du jour is that careless woman on the bridge.

  3. I know that it's insane to expect logic when the Dame is on a rant - especially one that's thrown together in a hurry - but I'm a mite confused by her timeline: "Less than a decade ago it was terrorists on jumbo jets. A few years later it was terrorists with bombs".

    Is the first sentence a reference to the 9/11 attacks? If so, that was over 15 years ago -not "less than a decade". I also don't think any of the aircraft involved were 747s -so perhaps the Dame is referencing some other major attack that has completely slipped my memory.

    And "a few years later" terrorists started to use bombs? I was under the delusion that terrorists have been using bombs for as long as they, or explosives - have been around. I wish the Dame would enlighten us as to what weapons they were employing up until a few years back. Slingshots? Sarcasm?

    Still, why bother marshalling a few basic facts in a comprehensible manner when you've got a looming deadline for a rant, right?

    1. Gosh Anon, it was back in 1967(?) when I noticed a brown packed under my London cinema seat. Being Alarmed and Alert, i notified the appropriate authorities. Turned out to be an IRA terrorist explosive device. Probably called a "bomb" these days. Seems also that terrorists used a "Bomb" back in 1946 when they hit the King David Hotel.
      Just pesky facts.

    2. Psst, DP, don't forget Guy Fawkes and his 'improvised explosive device' back in 1605. And he was actually after a king.

    3. Is that what TED talk means, sld360?

  4. Hi Dorothy,

    “Will there be more incessant talk of lone wolf terrorists? More kneejerk claims of Islamophobia rather than a call for an Islamic reformation? More claims the terrorist was mad, not bad.”

    That the reptiles keep on insisting on an ‘Islamic Reformation’ leads me to believe that they are simply clueless about Western European history. Ironic really as they are continually harping on about the need to celebrate Western Civilisation.

    The Protestant Reformation led to a series of religious conflicts over a period 120 years and the final result was a lot of people came to a very untimely end.

    German Peasants War 1524-1525. Between 100,000 and 200,000 dead.
    French Wars of Religion 1562- 1598. 2,000,000 to 4,000,00 dead.
    Eighty Years War. 1568-1648. 230,000 to 2,000,000 dead.
    War of the Three Kingdoms 1639-1651. 315,000 to 735,000 dead.
    Thirty Years War 1618-1648. 3,000,000 to 11,500,000 dead.

    All up between 5,645,000 to 18,435,000 deaths due to battles, massacres, genocide as well as the associated effects of famine and disease.

    Is this the sort of Reformation the reptiles want?


    1. Quite right that our preciousses don't have a clue about Europen history, DW.

      It's really simple:

      Reformation: the split between Catholics and Protestants - and Islam has already had one of those, and years before Christianity. That's why there's Sunnis and Shias (inter alia).

      Enlightenment: the split between Christianity and humanity and the placement of democratic secular law above canon law. This is ongoing in 'Western Civilisation', but hasn't yet formally begun in Islam, or Judaism, or Hinduism, or Buddhism.

    2. Hi GB,

      I think you are right, they confuse the Reformation with the Enlightenment. Admittedly the Enlightenment came about due to the Reformation with its promotion of literacy and free thinking but the Reformation also unleashed an enormous amount of religious fervour and fanaticism on both the Protestant and Catholic sides.

      You could make parallels with the iconoclastic intolerance of the Calvinists and Puritans and the destruction of sites like Palmyra and the Buddhas of Bamiyan by Wahhabist inspired groups like IS and the Taliban. The hard line intolerance of Saudi funded Wahhabism tolerates none of the more moderate and mystical forms of Islam like Sufism.

      It might be that what we actually are seeing in the Middle East and within Islam at this very moment is a sort of Reformation, where corrupt Muslim states propped up by Western powers have been challenged and in some cases overthrown in a series of Arab Springs much like how the Hapsburg’s were usurped by the Dutch and the Holy Roman Emperor Ferdinand II was challenged by his Protestant subjects.

      The problem appears to be however is that the religious extremists are both the most motivated and well organised. The instability in Libya, the uneasy tension between the Muslim brotherhood and the military in Egypt and the continuing danger of ISIS in Iraq and Syria as well as the Taliban in Afghanistan all point to how religious fanaticism in Sunni Islam is challenging corrupt dictatorships and Western backed strongmen.

      The Middle East is on fire and the reason is no small part due to Western interference which helped crush secular and democratic dissent leaving only the most intolerant and fanatical to battle on.

      And Planet Janet and her fellow reptiles by calling for an ‘Islamic Reformation’ are ignorantly calling for more puritanical intolerance and the associated violence that comes with it.


    3. DiddyWrote - don't forget the Nine Years War, with its subsidiary campaign in Ireland which led to the Battle of the Boyne, still the climax of orange marches in Ulster. That adds another lazy hundred thousand or so, but also normalised the cycle of violence and oppression that would still have us talking about "the troubles" 200 years later. And created the economic conditions that led to the Great Famine, so there's another million or so.

      Ultimately because the Catholic and Protestant rivals couldn't agree whether religious freedom was a Good Thing or not. As it was, religious bigotry remained institutionalised in the "Mother of Parliaments" until 1829, and elsewhere and in less institutionalised form deep into the 20th century. Not very enlightened, really.

      I'm inclined to think one of the key ingredients of the Enlightment was a line of thinking that went something like this: "We're all supposed to be creating God's kingdom on earth, and everything has turned into a giant clusterfuck. Maybe we need to look outside the guidebook we are both using and work out for ourselves what we should do to make the world better". The horrendous state of Europe by the end of the 17th century started to provoke a lot of questions, that the suppository of wisdom had no answers for.

    4. From my somewhat limited knowledge of history, I think DW has it basically right. The time of Henry VIII was the era of the beginning of a real English Middle Class and the beginning of a broader reach of education - though not completely as even in Samuel Pepys's time, his wife, though literate, had never been taught even basic arithmetic (and Pepys was just a tad surprised to see quite how easily she learned it when he eventually taught her). And, of course, education was in no way intended for hoi polloi.

      Your view of the Enlightenment is, to the best of my knowledge, correct: it was the beginning of the move to reject the viewpoint (attributed to Leibniz by Voltaire and parodied as "All's for the best in this best of all possible worlds") that the world was as it was because that's the way God made it and it was beyond the capabilities of humans to change it. So, for the first time, human agency over-rode divine "perfection" and humanity began to take control of its own destiny.

      And that is very much the aspect that it will be necessary for Muslims to come to and accept. Which will probably be about as hard for them as it has been for Christians, many of whom still don't get it.

    5. You could even call it 'free will', GB.

    6. Well you could, Merc, except that "free will" was always an inbuilt property of Christians expressing their unforced ability to choose between good and evil, thus earning either heaven or hell.

      More like "free intellect" actually: put no limit on thinking about the doings and destinies of human beings, and then acting on those thinkings, because God hasn't placed an embargo on our world. And that's how we got the English and the French Revolutions (and constitutional monarchs in some places)

      Voltaire, as I understand it, wasn't an atheist as we use that term now, but more a Deist - God exists, but he lets the universe run on in an unsupervised way. So, we, ourselves, are entirely responsible for how we organise and operate our societies, and there's no Godly reward or punishment to come from it.

  5. If anyone was uncertain about whether the Era of Good Government(TM) had finally killed off satire once and for all:

    So there is one vaccine the Red Terror is unequivocally in favour of, at least. :-)

  6. I've been reading Kershaw's Life of Hitler. Hitler's enduring obsession, expressed in books, speeches and monologues often from the 20s right through to the bunker, was that the Jews were like a bacterial disease infecting the body of the German State. The final solution was to destroy these pathogenic cells.
    It seems unlikely that Pauline was capable of thinking up such an image by herself, but I can't actually find it mentioned anywhere else.


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