Friday, March 03, 2017

Hunters and Collectors ...

(Above: as always more bigly papal insights here).

In lieu of a further dalliance with the reptiles - this being TGIF and the pond is sooh over the lying Donald and the narcissist colonial imitating onion muncher, and their reptile hagiographers - the pond is pleased to present a song by the Australian band Hunters and Collectors ...

This song turned up on Hunters and Collectors' 1982 album.

It runs over nine minutes, so those who don't like Hunters and Collectors might not like to start on the journey.

The last bit of the song by Hunters and Collectors turns up at the end of a wretched 1987 Australian movie, Initiation,  which starred American import Rodney Harvey and the sadly missed Bruno Lawrence.

This shouldn't be held against Hunters and Collectors ...

The movie probably shouldn't be held against the cast either. After all, James Barton typed the lines, but as with George Lucas, it's sometimes hard to say this shit.

It's true.

There's a lot of useless shit in the world.

And now, it's over to Hunters and Collectors.

That's the band, Hunters and Collectors ...

By the way, moto in music is quick and coda is an ending ...

The song, by Hunters and Collectors, finishes with the chanting of "moto coda" ...

This is perhaps used in an ironic way. There is a lot of irony in the world ...

The pond will be enjoying the song while filling up on left over pork larb ... with lots of coriander, chili and meat. A big shout-out to the people who hunted and collected and cooked the pork.

Yum ...


  1. A dear late friend of mine used to live in the old piano recital room above the main bar of the George hotel in the early 80's and to get to his room you had to wade through the ballroom.That was my intro to H&C's:and no door charge. Brilliant,brilliant band. Saw Mark Seymour (with Neil Finn) a few years back and he performed,among other songs, Westgate...literally made the hairs on your neck stand up. This version will never match that day,but none the less,
    Bon appertit DP. Cheers

  2. Ha!I kid you not DP....Irony of all ironies! PETA have just this hour requested that Hunters and Collectors change their name in respect for the fight for animal rights.
    Which reptile will be first out of the blocks? Just TFF. :) Cheers.

    1. Too late already, Anony, the daily "cartoonist" in the Melbourne Herald-Sun has already pick up on it (and he suggested that a few other bands might like to change their name too: Midnight Oil (celebration of fossil fuels), AC-DC (celebration of dirty coal generated electricity) and one other which escapes my recall (for contra-feminism or summat).

      You gotta get up early to beat them reptiles mate - ever since they had their clean coal reptile blood warmers installed).

  3. Wildly off topic but, as a Phantom Phan Dot, you should appreciate how Mr Walker rejects the market based neoliberal agenda:

  4. One of the best gigs I ever went to was Hunners at the other end of their career, playing their last gig at the now-departed Palace in St Kilda in 1998, about a month before they called it for good.

    The show was getting a bit sketchy as they wound down to the end of an 18 year stretch (Mark Seymour filled the gaps between songs hanging shit on the audience), but as soon as the music started...were they good? Were they fuck!

    Thanks Dorothy, I know what I'll be listening to this weekend!

    1. *facepalm*...lost in edit: para 2 should conclude "Good doesn't even come close..."

    2. The pond was a regular at H and C gigs FrankD. Always a sucker for the brass ...


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