Saturday, October 24, 2015

Speaking of what happened to reporting, the Federal government and the Murdochians is what happened ...

(Above: the pond is immensely grateful to David Pope for spreading further the use of the word "loony", which should be a staple of political discourse in the land. Give Pope a click here and tweet him here. A mere two Walkley nominations? Give him a dozen best Picture Oscars and it wouldn't be enough).

Today the reptiles of Oz ask an extremely serious question.

Of course they're so dumb they get both the question and the answer wrong, but the pond is, as always, willing to bite ...

Nowhere in that bit of self-serving nonsense does it occur to the reptiles that what happened to reporting was a two year jail sentence if anyone dared to speak of what is actually happening on Nauru, compounded by the corrupt behaviour of a corrupt government ,compounded by corrupting funding by the corrupting Australian government.

In short, what happened to reporting was Tony Abbott, the federal government, and the pandering, lickspittle fellow-travelling Murdochians ...

The fact that the media has to fork out $8k in a bid to gain access, and in 18 months, the only journalist able to gain said access is a pandering right wing ratbag dog botherer with the right ideological credentials shows just how far the country has moved from reporting, and what a scandal journalism dominated by the right wing ideology of the reptiles has become.

And remember, if you pay a cent to access the thoughts and deeds of the reptiles, you are supporting this wretched state of affairs ...

Meanwhile, the pond has neglected other important business, but first a confession. The pond was dangerously radicalised in its young school days by stupid people blathering endlessly on about Christianity, most notably an extremely corpulent Irish priest who indulged in the sin of gluttony and the game of golf, and so could now never be an upstanding member of the Chinese Communist party.

These days Kevin Donnelly has helped enormously in sustaining that dangerous radicalisation.

He showed how it's done in yesterday's Terror:

So the way to stop radicalisation is to shove Judaeo-Christian heritage and ongoing traditions - like the pagan Santa Claus at the pagan Xmas festival of Saturnalia and the pagan fertility rituals of the easter bunny - down the throats of the young?

Well there's a guarantee that a thousand dangerously radicalised loon ponds will flourish in the future on the already full to overflowing intertubes.

The trouble of course, is not merely that Donnelly is stupid - proposing that the way to sort out Islamic fundamentalists is to hector them with a decent bout of Christian fundamentalism - but that he is dangerous, and has been put in a position of influence, though his turning up in the Terror suggests he's on the downhill slide to tabloid irrelevance:

The trouble of course with Donnelly - scribbling much the same sort of nonsense as he previously regurgitated in The Conversation, no less Religion and belief systems have a place in the school curriculum - is that he wants to continue school as a home for ideology, theology and propaganda, and as soon as that's done, religions and belief systems want equal time and funding, and bingo, before you know it, the federal government is funding the Xenu believers at a school just around the corner from the pond, not to mention Islamic schools and Islamic chaplains, along with a bunch of dangerous Sydney Anglicans and dangerous creationist evangelicals and fundamentalist Catholics.

In fact the tedious Donnelly has been banging this drum all over the shop, and as you would expect, in Quadrant in Religion's Place in a Secular Curriculum.

Well, we can already see the result of his desire to spread religion and belief systems even further than they already are in a school system which has become dangerously religious, but there's not the first clue that Donnelly's rabid evangelising has the first clue of the consequences:

Roll that one around on your tongue, that last sentence:

The challenge is to do so in a way that acknowledges Australia's Western heritage and Judaeo-Christian traditions while promoting interfaith tolerance and dialogue ...

Well here's a thought. Perhaps Donnelly should stop blathering about the cultural left, and also stop imagining that his Judaeo-Christian traditions have nothing to do with the morally indefensible subjugation of women and homosexuals ...

Go tell that to Erica and the angry Sydney Anglicans.

It's not just the barking mad fundamentalist Islamics Kev; it's your barking mad mob too ...

Such a stupid man that the pond now feels like a refreshing and cleansing Pope cartoon, though the citizens of Mexico might not quite share the notion that climate science has in recent years been in the hands of Harper and Abbott (and more Pope as above):

Curiously, the pond was recently entranced by the name of Prickly Ash Bitters, and so proudly presents these historical artefacts. Consider them part of the Judaeo-Christian tradition:


  1. What happened to reporting? Here's an answer from Matt Taibbi, without wasting a precious cent.

    If you follow partisanship to the extreme, this is where you end up: Israel-Palestine, Serbia-Albania, Ajax-Feyenoord, Sox-Yankees, Republicans-Democrats. You get to a place where you don't merely disagree with your opponents, you actively disbelieve in their basic humanity.
    The Republicans at the Benghazi hearing made Hillary a proxy for an aspect of this phenomenon that virtually every blue-state American has seethed at in the last decade or so: being accused of treason.
    We've been told that we hate veterans, that we sympathize with terrorists, that we long for a UN takeover or Soviet rule. It's said all the time that it makes us happy to see cops shot or soldiers killed in battle. Not only do we hear this on right-wing TV, we see the amazing spectacle of millions of conservatives believing it. To believe this stuff, you'd have to believe we aren't even people.

    1. I have an idea where they got that 'shit happens' question from.

  2. The consequences of the Bolt/Jones/Devine/Akermann hate-mongering machine. First Breivik, now this.

    I trust Rupert is proud.

  3. Please, DP, be so kind as to *not* try to link Hurricane Patricia to climate change, or global anything. Such mentions will bring on massive consumption of the Prickly Ash Bitters. We are quite content in our little bubbles.

  4. "Our democracy has a serious problem".

    Okay, you got my attention. But he is 84 years old, and surely the minders will take him away from twitter sometime soon?

    1. I hear he recently turned 85, VC. Which I guess means he's human, after all.

  5. I hear MENTHOIDS,that's MEN-TH-OI-DS cures Lumbago and all manor of mysterious ailments and afflictions.

    1. Now there's a jingle you don't hear every day this week on the wireless ...


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