Monday, October 05, 2015

Revanche, mes amis, Revanche!

First a little mood setting ...

Some dreams can never die, though for some strange reason, the pond found the framing by the Currish Snail of a Rowan Dean 'dreaming for dear departed leader' moment somehow poignant and moving ...

Good stuff Currish Snail, but let's get down to brass tacks:

Excellent points, every single one. Get lost you feral army of Twitter addicts, remember John Howard, remember Ming the Merciless, remember Jesus, why remember Kevin Rudd, and didn't that revival of the Lazarus syndrome work out really well ...

Ah yes, Mark Latham and what a tremendous revival he made when he returned to the Labor party leadership ... or was that a talk show on the Nine network? The pond gets so befuddled these days ...

But back to the yearning for the Führer to return, with bonus possums ...

By the end of this moving piece, the pond was almost moved to tears ...

Oh alright, we blubbered at the memory of Tony Abbott's many great deeds, knighting Sir Phil and so on and so forth, and what a wonderful opposition leader he will again make when he gets to be PM again, and so on and so - only in the serendipitous world of Rowan Dean - in a waltz down the streets of Tomorrowland (and what a terrible movie that was ...)

What we need or at least the Liberals need, is a strong unifying leader ... or if you will, thanks to Google, eine starke einigFührer ...

And stories such as this are certainly not white-anting or destabilising or making life tricky or difficult for Malware because we all know this lover of public transport and other perfidies is cruising for a fall and within a couple of years, the leaders of the Liberal party will hunger for stability and be in desperate need for someone who can reunite the liberal and conservative strands of the party ... and we all know what a great job Tony Abbott did in unifying his party ... and bringing together  everyone to celebrate coal, coal, coal for the nation and the woorrrrlllddd ...

What's that you say?

No, never. The pond puts hands over ears and hums loudly ...

We've run this Pope before - more Pope here - but how prescient of him, as the drumbeat of a new leader resonates in the heart of Rowan Dean, and soon that leader will begin his march on Canberra anew, Revanche, mes amis, Revanche!

A. − Fait de rendre la pareille pour un mal que l'on a reçu (un préjudice, une injure), de racheter une défaite par une victoire. Synon. vengeance.Prendre sa revanche. Alors, il ne parla plus, ayant une revanche à prendre, se disant tout bas, crûment: « Toi, tu vas y passer! » comme elle refusait de le suivre dans la chambre, il la renversa brutalement au bord de la table (Zola,Pot-Bouille, 1882, p. 76): 

1. L'idée qu'un homme à tête froide, comme Poincaré, pût souhaiter une guerre de revanche, était stupide; et, non moins stupide, l'idée que, sans la souhaiter, simplement parce qu'il la croyait possible, ou fatale, il pût agir de manière à la rendre inévitable. Martin du G.,Thib., Été 14, 1936, p. 141. 
P. ext. Avantage, compensation que l'on tire d'une situation défavorable pour l'autre. Les jours où les nouvelles étaient bonnes, il prenait sa revanche en assurant à Françoise que la guerre durerait trente-cinq ans, et, en prévision d'une paix possible, assurait que celle-ci ne durerait pas plus de quelques mois et serait suivie de batailles auprès desquelles celles-ci ne seraient qu'un jeu d'enfant, et après lesquelles il ne resterait rien de la France (Proust,Temps retr., 1922, p. 843).
La soumission, l'obéissance, cette immense tendresse que je voyais, que je sentais en lui, c'était ma revanche, à moi, la fille lâchée, la fille dédaignée (La Varende,Souv. seigneur, 1953, p. 247). (here)


  1. Re the RowanDean effort:

    Where does he get such stuff from ? The next I expect to see from Dean will be that Tones has been called to Barsoom to rescue a princess (whom he can't marry, of course).

    Surely the insane (literally) delusions exhibited by Dean would be enough for him to be placed into one of those institutions that minister to the profoundly psychotic. (We used to have such places once upon a time, if only I could remember what they're called).

  2. Unbelievable that in less than 24 hours you could uncover someone as demented as Ackers. Maybe Rupes figures he owes Tones a favour or two, perhaps for the waiving of that tax debt. So he's having a bob each way by getting the Reptiles behind Malware while still allowing his ferals a free run. It's probably no worse than his past backflips with Rudd and Blair.

    As a side issue, which won't harm circulation, the Murdoch civil war can continue. Good times and easy pickings for The Pond. Ackers continuing as Falstaff should be worth quite a few laughs.

  3. I remember when I first saw Rowan Dean..on a early incarnation of Gruen Something..:"Planet"?...where he was dressed and coiffured like a student "radical leftie"; just untidy enough to be let on public transport without a chaperon. I suspect he was roped onto the 'Leftie ABC." on the strength of that image...
    Since then he has become far less interesting both as a curiosity figure and an opinion piece. He'd do far greater boost to his career if he was to hire himself out as a "At-call masturbator" in one of those personal online viewing platforms...oh, wait!

  4. Yes, The Bulletin certainly was the trendy political rag of the '80s, the propaganda outlet of latte - or perhaps Billy Tea - sippers of generations past. Why, it even removed "Australia for the White Man" from its masthead as far back as 1960 and was owned by the Packers - obviously a haven of Commos! But didn't one A Abbott end up working there as a journalist for a while? Probably just went undercover on behalf of the National Civic Council.

    And anyone who came up to Mark Latham in a pub anytime post 2004 asking him to make a comeback would have to have been either a Liberal supporter taking the piss or a True Believer so drunk and nearsighted that they thought they were talking to Gough.

    Just how does this Dean fellow deliver his copy, I wonder? Does he scrawl it on toilet paper using his own excrement and throw it through the bars of his padded room, begging passers-by to take it the latest News Corp office?

  5. I thought exactly the same thoughts about The Bulletin, Anon immediately above. And what a beautiful description you offer of Rowan Dean's creative process ....
    Isn't it amusing how Dean's piece begins with attacking the 'feral army of Twitter addicts' and ends with 'Twitter @rowandean ..?

  6. How long is this revisionism of Abbott going to last, I know the Australian can continue to print shit every day while Rupe is still kicking at least.
    If the Liberals lose I think the "unvarnished" truth will come out in some tasty memoirs as is the want of those departing stage left. I just can't see Abbott going quietly either, he appears to have an very sensitive ego spitefulness inbuilt when he feels he's been wronged.


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