Monday, October 05, 2015

In which the pond discovers with alarm that the reptiles of Oz have gone rogue ... and turned ABC heavy ...

(Above: and more Wilcox here).

And speaking of falling into line, the reptiles of Oz are doing their very best:

Even crusty old Henry 'there's no hole in that bucket' Ergas is ever so helpful:

Indeed, indeed, and there's nothing so helpful as telling the young they've never had it so good, or that there are many job opportunities out there, working for the so very nice 7-Eleven - help your friendly billionaire achieve his personal flying machine dream - or perhaps applying for offers of lone wolves' job opportunities:

But what's this? Yes, it's a Monday, so it's the day the dog botherer bashes the ABC. All hail Chris, philosopher king:

Hmm, thank heavens there's a dissenting voice in the reptiles of Oz. 

The reptiles are waging heavy peace on Malcolm Turnbull, and it's probably worth warning them that it could get pretty ugly on the way down,  and who better for the job than the dog botherer?

Indeed, indeed, and perhaps now's the moment to contemplate the brutal continuing treatment of the sadly diminished former dear leader:

Ah well, it's a pretty short and pathetic effort from the dog botherer. 

Clearly he's suffering from some ongoing trauma himself, and so has to recycle endlessly the Leigh Sales angle, with a dose of Kelly, so naturally the pond turned to reptile Bramston for a devastating exposé of the Turnbull mania that's infested not just the ABC, but the lizards of Oz, and in particular a brutal dismissal of all that tosh that Malware spouted - sprouted if you will - at Fran Kelly, so admirably spotted by the dog botherer:

Oh dear. Why it's clear that Troy Bramston is an ABC plant, lovingly recycling the Kelly interview so mocked by the dog botherer.

Could it get any worse? Will the dog botherer be using Bramston as a prime example of the ABC-ification of the reptiles of Oz in his column next Monday?

Well if you can endure wading through endless hagiography, you might come to that conclusion:

... from prime ministers who have often struggled with language ...

The pond is just guessing here, but could Bramston be referring to a very recent PM?

Oh dear, here's a case, here's a job for the dog botherer's tremendous skills.

Of course a few glitches in the use of words shouldn't be held against anyone - the pond routinely falls into error and some take a gate when it does - especially when the man's masterly policy initiatives are paraded for fond review:

But enough, we must leave the dog botherer to continue his denunciations of the ABC in next week's edition, no doubt high lighting Troy 'special roving agent for the ABC' Bramston, and his shameful assault on a man so skilled with words and policies, and instead wrap things up with a few cullings from the Twittersphere because the reptiles hate the twitterati so ...

One series of exchanges followed on from from Miranda the Devine's incisive demolition of the entirety of climate science in an easy peasy, new paradigm, hey presto kind of way, as noted yesterday in the pond:

Ah, the old sexist dog whistle deployed, as if the Devine was an arch feminist of the old school ... nice feminist dog whistle ploy there, old paradigm, easy peasy, hey presto ...

And the pond admired this new-fangled keyboard ...

By golly, if they could only whip one of these up for angry Sydney Anglicans, Catholics astonished to discover a gay priest in the middle of Rome, Scientologists, the reptiles of Oz, and the Daily Terrorists, how easy blogging would be ...


  1. With such a keyboard Miranda could conquer the world. Where do you getum?

  2. Want one of those keyboards too. Bit puzzled though what 'Trattors' are.

    People who tap on such a thing would once have written letters in green ink. Tiny writing. Additional thoughts in margins. Lots of exclamation marks and capitals.

    Miss pp

    1. The pinnacle of human endeavour into labour-saving keyboard devices for right wing nutters, miss pp. Although I too did wonder about Trattors - the only thing that came to mind was Itailans...

      But something is missing, DP - there's no 'Un-Australian' key. Why that's bordering on un-Australian!

    2. Well spotted Mercurial. A fatal flaw in the keyboard design, a bit like relying on Microsoft to run a computer. It's clear that the person who designed the keyboard is a covert unAustralian ... and no doubt the Bolter would certify him or her so in a flash ... the damned trattoriars that they are ...

  3. I swear that Murdoch must open each phone meeting with senior Lizard Oz staff by yelling out, "Chris, you dog botherer, how's the old bitch and pups?", just to get another few months of columns out of him.

    All joking aside, his maniacal focus is demonstrating something really seriously unhealthy in the Lizard Oz's workplace culture, given he's clearly encouraged to go on with chewing on it.

    Should the cracks in his personality and mental health finally grow too large, would they take responsibility for fueling his collapse?

    1. The pond was almost moved to tears, AB, by your regard for the mental health of the dog botherer in this mental health week at the ABC. Will his relentless watching of the broadcaster help him make leaps and bounds towards a full recovery, and will he have a nice cold wet nose by end of week?

    2. I only ever encounter Rover's work in this blog. Is the evil ABC the only subject he ever writes in The Australian?


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