Monday, October 19, 2015

Erica and Moorice in a twin pack ... what better way to start a week?

The reptiles are off to a flying start this week, and it's busy, busy, busy ...

Sadly, such is the pressure on space, the pond has had to let go an excellent moral case, naturally presented with extreme morality by the lizards of Oz ...

This led to some excellent tweeting - how it irritates the reptiles so ...

Here for the pictures in large form, but fortunately, as will be seen further down the page, the whole matter of coal has been sorted, and by no less an authority than Moorice himself.

First however, the pond must admire the cavortings of Erica, as faithfully reported by the reptiles' chief stenographer:

Who could let that headline go by without paying due respect?

Indeed, indeed. Who would dare to call others un-Australian or jihadists in sheep's clothing?

Oh never mind, as the Bolter might say - he loves to deplore victimology - let's get back to the hapless victim putting on a glorious display of victimology:

Yep, you read it in the lizard Oz first. It seems that the dominant print media group in Australia, the Murdoch press, is unrepresentative of the Australian people... lacking in genuine diversity, and more interested in footy than the church. To put it mildly, a bunch of godforsaken heathens off to hell for all eternity ...

How's that for lifting the mood at the start of the week?

The pond is terribly indebted to Erica, but as noted at the start, there are other matters needing urgent, pressing attention, and luckily, Moorice is on hand, and as usual, at the head of the pack.

Now some might find this passing strange, what with Josh and the reptiles explaining how coal is the future.

It might even sound a little odder when it's remembered that Moorice is a staunch denialist, who thinks that climate science is a fraud, global warming is a myth, and coal needs to be set free.

It will be remembered in his glory days - Climate change a UN-led ruse -  that Maurice was urging Tony Abbott to dig up the coal, and mocking the coal haters.

And so on and so forth, and it brought a tear to the pond's eye to recall the glory days, and there it was in 2014, with coal setting the pace, and climate science a UN-led myth, there was no need to talk of nuclear energy and uranium ...

But that was then, and this is now, and so there needs to be mischief-making.

How clever it would be to point out that use of nuclear energy is all the fault of warmists and the Labor party ... if they want alternative energy, they need to get nuked.

Ah yes, the warmists are going to suffer, in the way the noble Moorice once suffered, and its nuclear, nuclear, nuclear for the wooorrrrllld, and while wind turbines might ruin the view and the health of passing sheep, nuclear energy is positively spiffing in its cleanliness ... 

And how pleasing to learn that Moorice is desperately concerned to avoid CO2 working its way into the atmosphere ... take that, treacherous UN myth-makers ...

Yes, nuclear energy has to be on the table, because coal and its obsolete generators are useless, and to fix a meaningless problem that's a UN-led fraud, what we need is nuclear energy on the table ...

The alarming thing for the pond is that it's quite likely that Moorice, in his dotage, doesn't seem to have the first clue about the confusion created by his adoption of the very latest in thought bubbles, for no discernible reason, save to smote his enemies and create chaos in their minds .... whims that come and go in his weekly column like confetti in the contaminated wind ...

But for those who like the pond remember the glory days, it would be remiss not to note the rest of that glorious column about benefits of coal which the pond started above...

Enough said. Anyone who can cite with such resolute authority the result of an ABC radio poll as an eminent authority and profound commentary on global science is worthy of the pond's attention ...

And now it seems the cartoonists will have to revise their cheap jibes and their idle mocking of Moorice ...

Wrong. The splendid Moorice knows science, and it's an ABC radio poll, and the voices in his head tell him science is too easy, energy equals more uranium times more uranium, and if anyone disagrees, why, they can get nuked ... and soon we'll have the way to do it ...


  1. How can one not mock Christians who are not Christ like? Tell me that! Hypocritical fuckwits.

  2. Quite right, DP, each day brings its challenges. One feels the urge to follow idiots like Newman & Abetz, like a moth to the flame.
    Let me put to you another quandary. Should I watch the Lawler-Jackson home video, or the Netflix 'Beasts of no nation'? The latter beckons, for actual verisimilitude, except for Idris Elba. He was good in 'The Wire', but that shotgun blast should have seen him off the screen. Ever since Elba has been an excruciating hulk. OK, OK, the same could be said of the female lead in the other production, but can her Thespian skills and tear-stained martyrdom make up for that?

    1. If the pond can watch Dope and mourn the loss of quality since the grand days of Friday and the lesser Next Friday, anyone should be up to any visual challenge, UC, and we should thank the long absent lord for each day's treasures. The pond's fond hope this night is to catch as much of 4 Corners as it can stand, while flicking through the treasures on the Shield ...

  3. It's worth noting - as our mainstream media never does - is that the only use the coal loving climate science deniers, the ones that Mr Turnbull sold his soul to, have for nuclear energy is as a rhetorical tool for whacking 'greenies' with. Perhaps they imagine that if green voices are shouted down the climate problem will simply go away ... well, it was them who invented the idea that the climate link to fossil fuels was invented by greenies and not scientists.

    It all sounds a lot like letting refugees die in refugee camps is saving them from drowning, or that the Australian coal industry only wants government assistance in building the infrastructure to sell a climate change worth of coal to India because they are so concerned about relieving poverty.

    1. Oh Ken, the pond is always disturbed when someone tries to introduce logic or rationality into the discussion. Really, it's terribly unsporting of you and quite outside the reptile rules of the game.

    2. "War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery, Ignorance is Strength"

    3. Ken, of course it was that well known socialist politician, Billy McMahon, who stopped our plans for a nuclear power industry. Back in 1965 there were plans and modeling for a nuclear power station on Jervis Bay. We even issued a RFT in '69, but Billy saw the future in gas and coal. Ming, of course, slowed our (official) nuclear weapons research but we did not ratify the Nuclear non-proliferation treaty until '73.
      We did do our bit to alleviate poverty (bringing power to the people) as we trained most of the Indian Nuclear scientists, under the Colombo Plan, at the (now) ANSTO site.
      What these scientists actually built when they returned to India i will leave to your research.

    4. Didn't mean to upset you Dorothy. Still, I find the dissonance of the Right leaning commentariat on nuclear and climate endlessly bemusing - if their wishes came true they would be falling over themselves to not address climate change with nuclear energy.

      PS I do like to start the day with "loo-Enter"; your roundup of the reptiles reliably gets my digestive system churning. Not sure what happens to yours given what you must be reading to start your day and put together a new post. Thank you - and for the best of the cartoons without having to read the papers they got published in!

  4. Is this the right forum to suggest that Tony Abbott would have easily beaten Bill Shorten, and that the move to knife Mr Abbott will be regretted by the Liberal Party for decades?

    It's not?

    I'll get my coat then....

    1. Perhaps you could wreck a table on your way out VC?

  5. Erica and Moorice: two former roosters having one last squawk before they head to the feather duster factory.

  6. I'm not sure about Jos fryandburg, is he a goose or a reptile ..

  7. You have to admit, Erica makes an excellent point about their being no difference between someone who swears on the Koran vs the Bible....

    1. Under the orthodox doctrine of never admitting anything, though, Erica almost makes a reasonable case for why Leigh Sales' interruptions are not to be trusted.


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