Thursday, October 01, 2015

Dirty water indeed, and a pathetic plea for tolerance ...

Dirty water indeed, and the reptiles Oz were right on to the sniping and wrecking and undermining:

And so on, and on, but curiously, as the rest of the story wended its way through the undercutting and the sniping and the white-anting, this little detail seemed to have dropped off the twig, though naturally it could be found at Fairfax here, with forced video:

Mr Abbott revived his complaints about the media but broadened his criticisms to include the conservative broadsheet The Australian, which he accused of failing to strongly back his first budget, which he said was a contradiction given the paper had repeatedly called for economic deregulation. The former PM made the comments moments after the Turnbull government confirmed it was dumping one of the hallmarks of Mr Abbott's first budget – the proposal to uncap university fees. "That's an interesting one," Mr Abbott observed, when asked to comment on Mr Turnbull's decision. 

Yes, reptiles of Oz, it's all your fault, you pack of greenie lefty ratbags you, what a treacherous, duplicitous, double dealing, back handing pack of hypocrites you are ... you said you wanted change and now you're moaning that you really wanted stability ...

Well, at least that's what your shattered, embittered former hero seems to be saying, as he does his Ozymandias routine, at least until Christmas ... or the challenge ...

Meanwhile, the moaning, whining Catholic hierarchy know where to go for a good whimper. 

The reptiles of Oz:

Uh huh, the usual stuff, about how faith-schools need to have their freedom, which invariably is code for how taxpayers need to pick up the cost of propaganda for said schools, either directly, through subsidy, or indirectly, by allowing said churches to become tax evaders and avoiders.

Well no, the pond doesn't quite see how faith-based schools should be heavily subsidised to put out their propaganda, especially when it's the gay-bashing women's right depriving Islamics ...

By golly those Islamic fundamentalists show how it's done - it's behind the NYRB paywall, but you get the whiff of it in the first couple of questions featured in Slavery: The ISIS Rules.

But it's not just the Islamics, is it, when it comes to the crunch of fundamentalism v. gay and women's rights ... the angry Sydney Anglicans and the fundamentalist Papists also do the hard yards, and now after centuries of abuse, comes the plea for tolerance, just a few centuries too late ...

Uh huh, all standard stuff, but it was at this point that the pond began to roll its eyes ...

They're taught about it? What, like the way every woman can aspire to become Pope? And treating everyone as equal is the same as berating gays up hill and down dale for their sinfulness and wickedness?

Well herein lies the nub of the debate. If you want to go preaching your bile and your prejudices and instilling them in children, let the parents pay for it themselves. Don't go cap in hand with begging bowl to the taxpayer for direct and indirect subsidies to pay for the putting out of the propaganda ...

The pond doesn't care a whit or jot that the heart and identity of all religious schools is seriously under threat. If you want to make your bedfellows Scientologists, the Exclusive Brethren and Islamic fundamentalists, then do it on your own dime ...

And don't peddle that crap about hoping you will always remain tolerant of every member of society.

Tell that to the gays working as priests under cover in the church ... tell that to the women who want to keep control of their bodies ... tell that to anybody who has suffered persecution at the hands of the passionately religious for not sharing their multitude of gods, or their frequently bizarre and contradictory beliefs ...

Ah, the pond feels the need to recycle a bunch of ancient cartoons one more time ...


  1. Can't imagine Turnbull is at all distressed that Abbott is busy filling the airwaves and the news bulletins. Could it be Abbott is plotting a comeback? The next few days will be fun.

    1. 'Plotting a comeback?' Never. Perhaps a 'resurrection'?

    2. I don't know if Abbott's organised enough to undertake a Rudd-style long-term programming of whiteanting with a view to making a comeback. I suspect it's just Tony returning to his boxing days form and lashing out wildly at anything and everything he dislikes that comes within range. The fact that all he'll damage is his own Party doesn't bother him in the slightest. Long may he continue his disruptive behaviour - I'm enjoying it immensely!

  2. Those three words, "through gritted teeth" just cover so much ground.

    Either the ordinary Australian reading the mostly regular burbling inanities of the Prime Doofus day after day "through gritted teeth", or you could focus on the cloth-eared pugilist himself, going into battle again in futility, "through gritted teeth".

    It's a fabulous phrase, and to think that the Prime Pugilist himself has gifted us it during his White-Anting Media Tour.



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