Thursday, October 15, 2015

As the song's lyrics go, never mind Niki, oh please, why don't you stay a little bit longer, but you at the Terror, you and Craig Kelly, why don't you feel free to go ...

(Above: so much to give by way of flags, and now so gone. That Buzzfeed story about 110 flags is here).

While the Bolter is still going through his grieving stages ... we still seem to be in the valley of defiance and rebellion at the usurper and the impostor and his ilLiberal ways and the terribleness of it all ...

...  Niki Savva long ago let go:

Savva sets about presenting a parade of loser PMs and their loser ways ...

It made the pond realise how much was at stake. If Savva has her way, Abbott will shuffle off into the sunset, and much pond magic will be lost.

The theme is that it's time for Abbott to quit, to go, to leave, to get lost, to ride away:

Well indeed the pond does get the drift, and frankly snatching away Tony Abbott from the pond is as thoughtless and as mean as snatching away a pacifier from a young child. Why, if Abbott were to show some magnanimous understanding of life and his situation, it would be entirely ruinous for the pond and for the many who still treasure the chance that he might still make a ruckus ...

If all that was left to him was to turn up on The Drum and Q and A, and other ABC shows like a haunted, haunting ghost, the pond would be bereft. Not another Jeff Kennett!

Perhaps instead he could write a book and head off to the Prahan markets of a weekend to give it a good flogging ...

Meanwhile, the comedy continues at the Daily Terror. The pond just loves the way that comedy items are wrapped in comedy figures:

But we should get on to the text, and this week it's James Morrow's turn to join the long line of Murdochian conga dancers taking a fence and a gate at the ABC and Paul Barry.

Well Barry can look after himself, but even so the pond just had to pause and gasp in admiration at Morrow's brilliant execution of his task:

Indeed, indeed. The pond can't remember Barry acting as chief censor, so much as someone who routinely observes reptile follies, but since we're talking of tone and balance, can we just remember how the Murdoch press routinely presents a nifty sense of balance, without a jot or whit or a hint of fanning the flames of fear:

Well played Murdochians, and not just then, but many times since, and so the tone of fear and loathing has risen to a crescendo around the land.

Now back to that comedian Morrow framed between those comedy characters.

Oh okay here's the text, and please admire the way that the comedian caricatures and stereotypes views so that they can be more easily sent up, while at the same time pretending to be balanced and insightful. 

A genuine Les, as he accurately evokes Paul Barry's image of the average Oztralian, and then cheekily asserts he's up to the business of dealing with complex matters in a complex way:

A whiff of the Politburo!

Well, it's just another in the conga line of strident shouting Murdochians.

As for  the Battle of Broken Hill, and a couple of Islamics getting agitated because brave Aussie lads were teaching the Turks a lesson in Gallipoli and giving them a really bloody nose ... because Aussie lads were in the peaceful service of Winston Churchill and empire, while the bloody Turks were just bloody heathens in service of the Ottoman Sultan, who probably wore a funny hat as well... please, let us not have too much complexity or subtlety, because we are after all, only framed between a cross-dresser and a bogan ambassador ...

It would see that the way forward for the Terrorists is more panic and alarm and fear and loathing, and robust stupidity delivered in a way that is misleadingly labelled as a kind of robust insight or robust criticism ...

It seems we will all benefit from robust fools pandering to their Terrorist masters, and sounding off in a robust way ...

Finally, the pond wanted to celebrate the excellent Craig Kelly, featured in a story which starts 'Call me a philistine' (with bonus forced video Fairfax style).

Well yes, Mr Kelly, the pond will call you a philistine, but why not, for good measure, if we may so humbly ask, please allow the pond to call you a fucking useless ning nong of a dimbwit philistine ...

And as always the pond reverts to social media because it irritates the reptiles so ...

Credit where credit is due ...

Wear the philistine's ire with pride Ms Sharpe.

So many fuckwits, so little time ...


  1. Thanks Dorothy, wonderful as usual. I wouldn't mind the mad right so much (well, actually I would) if they could just be pithy, The go on, and on and on. Is it something in the structure of their brains, I wonder.

    1. This Fred, is why we don't have any right wing ABC presenters. It's a huge gap in our media mix, somehow all the literate and even half-way amusing commentators that the English have an overload of on the right must have been thrown off the boats on the journeys over to the punishment that was Australia back in the colonization process.

      To the ABC's credit, it does try a new version or two each year, but god help us all - Cater? Cater's wife? Akker Dakker? The waft of Devine? Bolt? and I'm not even going to credit Polonius with a mention. This is basically the palette that the right-of-centre have to choose from in the media pool.

      A theme of rancorous resentment develops. Of ill-humour, of lack of imagination, or empathy, and perish the thought that a sense of humour, or irony were to come into play. Sigh. Ranting, yelling and recycling themes is a much better option isn't it?

  2. Maybe it's not so much the nudity that offends Craig Kelly, but that the mooning witch is symbolic of a recently departed figure of fear and loathing at the apex of power. Take a fence at that!
    By the way, at the Vinnies where I picked up 'Without Warning' by John Birmo was a Complete Works of Dorothy Parker. Yep, it's still there.

    1. No it's the buttocks, UC. They just aren't - sexy.

    2. Shame on you UC, for not rescuing Dorothy from the Salvos ... you know what they get up to behind closed doors ...

  3. To think that Gorton might have retired to enjoy a simple life! Quelle horreur! I met him once in the early 90's outside the Family Court in Melbourne. He was getting frail but he radiated the sense of calm that someone who's not judging himself any more often does. A few pleasantries and away. I still remember his humble dignity quite clearly. Someone I shouldn't have been ashamed to have gotten to know better, had I the chance, was the lasting impression.

    1. Ah, dear old Jolly John! As I recall the simple folk of Canberra were quite happy to have a former PM living a simple retired suburban life among them; Saava seems to think that was somehow demeaning, which I think says more about her than anything else.

      A few decades back, a fellow I knew was managing a Canberra bottle shop that Jolly John frequented. He wandered in one day for his usual carton of Craven A and cask of Kaiser Stuhl rose, cig in mouth and wearing a rather grotty old jumper. My acquaintance was dealing with a pompous, self-important minor official from one of the local Embassies who was placing an order. When Gorton wandered in, my acquaintance broke off his discussions with the official mid-sentence and raced over to serve Gorton, who then happily wandered off. Returning to the annoyed Embassy offical, my acquaintance said, very seriously, “You _do_ realise who that was, of course? Sir John Gorton, former Prime Minister of Australia”. The offical was apparently completely deflated,uncertain whether the old ratbag he had seen was indeed a former PM, or whether this upstart Australian bottle shop manager was taking the piss……..

    2. John Gorton was a gentleman. Unlike upstarts he did not have to prove himself to every Johnny come lately. He WAS just himself.

      Miss pp

    3. He also knew, Miss pp, in the immortal words of Keith Miller, that pressure is a Messerschmitt up your arse, or at least going down in a fighter to a crash landing with the ground ...

    4. He did indeed Dorothy. Well said.

      Miss pp

  4. Oh, and of course Savva can't go back past Menzies because she'd have to admit Scullin's remarkable role as key advisor to both Curtin and Chifley, and doesn't that just go right against the whole myth of there being no graceful post-PM memberships of the House. Of course, it also means she misses the great chance to point to Billy Hughes as the inevitable portrait of Abbott's own future should he stay. But that's the price you pay for cutting cloth to size...

  5. Hi Dorothy,

    "Ian Robert Turnbull, 79, has been charged with murdering Glen Turner, 51, on a property north of Moree, in Croppa Creek, last Tuesday. The experienced environment officer was responding to reports of illegal land clearing when he was shot.

    Turnbull, who was arrested hours after the shooting, today appeared at Moree Local Court where he was refused bail.

    The court was told that Turnbull fired five shots and kept firing as Mr Turner tried to flee and his colleague attempted to give him first aid."

    Whilst I don't expect the entire farming community to apologise for this act of terror against a diligent government employee, who was just doing his job, they must at least condemn extremists in their midst.

    I appreciate not all "Farmers" are violent, trigger happy fanatics but it still must be acknowledged by the "farming community" that they too have to abide by the same secular laws that other Australians are bound by.

    Are there extreme elements within "Farming" who are radicalising susceptible members to commit violent acts in the name of anti-environmentalism? It's difficult to know with such a closed and insular community but the question must be asked.

    What is our new Prime Minister doing about this hidden threat in our society?


    1. The thing is, though DB, where and how did Turnbull get radicalized ? We know a rural 79yo is at least as simple minded as an urban 12yo, but who did the evil deed ? There aren't any NRA mosques nearby, are there ?

  6. Another raft of crap from the Tele via the uninspiring James Morrow.

    His mother would have hoped for so much more.

    Is it just me or does the good James have the same "dumb mutt" look as a young Sir Les Patterson?

    1. The similarity seems to be there Anon, which is why the pond was so entranced by the juxtaposition

  7. Not the Buttocks! It has come to this. God help us. If Pell sees this he's going to have a fit.

  8. Does Bolt ever shut up about how he's not allowed to speak?


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