Friday, October 23, 2015

A Lomborgian coda, thanks to the reptile editorialist for the lizard of Oz ...

While others are endlessly titillated by Erica, or the sight of Abbott cashing in on his fame by singing for his supper, or Penny Wong looking prune-faced about emojis, the pond remains loyal to the reptiles of Oz, and their deep, unrelenting mourning for the cruel treatment dished out to their favourite pet.

Which is why it would be absolutely remiss of the pond not to add a coda to this day's work, thanks to the fearless editorialist at the lizard Oz:

Now if you were perverse you might flip this and suggest that the Lomborgian infatuation that the reptiles share with the likes of Erica and Cory is actually a painful sort of groupthink with a most unsavoury bunch of ratbags, but then you'd miss the delight of watching the reptiles jump through their chosen hoops, parroting back the phrases delivered by their faithful pet:

Of course this talk of groupthink goes with a raging certainty, akin to the sort of fundamentalism that might be found in certain forms of religion. 

Easily achieve, perfect sense, and then a resounding denunciation of sloganeering, having spent a number of paragraphs devoted to the fine art of sloganeering ...

Where would the pond be without the reptiles of Oz? 

Now as you were humorists, and you can shovel more here.


  1. Hi Dorothy,

    It would appear not everybody agrees with the quality of the research and modelling that Lomborg relies on to paint his rosy pictures of future climate change;


  2. "...the research of leading economists, including seven Nobel laureates."

    Just to clarify, there is no Nobel Prize in Economics. The lizards must be thinking of the Sverige Riksbank Prize in Economics in Honour of Alfred Nobel.

    1. A prize the economists invented for themselves and pinned Nobel's name to it. They have no shame.

  3. Can't wait for the weekend papers.

    1. This tweeted by Mike Carlton today: "According to his agent:" Mr Abbott's preferred topics include advice on leadership, negotiation, election forecast and analysis." FFS."

    2. For those not seeing the dead tree Straylian, they are gunning for Michael and Kathy with luscious 3/4 page multiple story spaces in paper all week since 4 Corners. They might get their own lift-out tomorrow. I rarely spruik for Murdoch, especially here, but it's been well worth accessing the unexpurgated snark this week.

    1. Doesn't it make you feel a bit - soiled?

    2. It does, but i can't lose my fascination. Much like when Captain Schiattono crashed the Costa Concordia and ran away claiming he'd done the right thing. Some stories are so gobsmacking, i'll take them on dripfeed if need be.

  4. Surely a "consensus centre" is just another term for "groupthink".
    DP, please accept my thanks for reproducing the scrawlings of these inept numpties so that I can read them gratis, as I would never abuse my meagre cash reserves by paying for the non-priveledge.


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