Sunday, January 24, 2016

The pond would rather welcome back Kotter than Miranda the Devine and the rest of the gang of misfits ... and the pond enjoyed Kotter as much as a scientologist enjoys Xenu ...

Yes, more properly formatted Rowe here, and welcome back Malware, to the land where a dinkum rort can remain a splendid rort, and copper and "the Optus HFC the" (it's better in German "die Optus HFC die") a wondrous futurist's vision ...

This Sunday, the pond hopes, in a meditative way, to promote the end of blogging at News Corp, as it welcomes back Miranda the Devine and Xenu.

With the Bolter fled to New Zealand (it could have been worse, it could have been to the new Canada), there are only a few warriors remaining ... and they've taken to twittering to be as offensive as they can ...

Yes, Miranda the Devine is back, and of course you file domestic violence under "entertainment", because there's nothing like domestic violence for heaps of entertaining fun, but sadly the pond has decided that paying attention to a mentally disturbed and deeply unhappy man only rewards him, so it's time to contemplate other Miranda the Devine wonders ...

This ...

... leads to this ...

... which leads to this ...

Now never mind the inherent contradiction right there at the start of a bigot calling Baird crazy for daring to make a point about bigotry.

Anyone not blinded by the sun will note that the real problem is that to get this far, we've suffered a surfeit, an abundance beyond any natural need, of a shot of a simpering Devine...

How much easier, if one wants to hear from a bigot about bigotry, to simply evade the paywall and head off to the blog?

Guys, guys, you see how the business model is being affected by this infernal connection to yesterday's form of the full to overflowing intertubes?

It's actually more attractive to head off to the blog, because the head shot disappears from view, and the natural bigotry can appear unvarnished and ungarnished.

As for the actual contents, it's the usual thing to be expected from a bigot, disclaiming bigotry while lathering up a Lathamite amount of angry bigotry of the usual bigoted kind.
It's hardly surprising that the sanctimonious Premier got a whiff of the prejudice and bigotry doing the rounds ... having spent time in the company of the News Corp gang ...

As for the bigots and their bigotry, in recent times it has taken on a refined form. 

Not just doing the usual round of Islamic bashing - you know, citing a criminal as representing a community, in the same way that Ned Kelly once was seen as a symbol of all that was wrong with the Irish.

The new form of pro-active bigotry was summarised last year by the Bolter republishing Sheehan and others ...

But the bigoted Devine was also in on that game ...

Oh sheesh, guys, that photo's a total shocker. Staring into that for longer than a nanosecond is likely to induce convulsions. Do you have anything else from the library that might provide a change of pace? If we're going to have bigoted discussions on how to discriminate in a bigoted way, can we have a new mug shot? Or you'll find a lot of folks skipping the paywall to head off to the blog to read ...

Today, in the cradle of Christianity, Christians are persecuted out of existence, not that you hear much about that in the media.

Indeed, indeed.

Today, in the cradle of Islam, sundry forms of Islamism are persecuted out of existence, not that you hear much about that in the media.

Today, in the cradle of News Corp, ordinary moderate Islamics are compared to vile rapists, because that's what you do when you're a bigot ...

But speaking of a change of pace, the pond would like to indulge in a very rare treat, a psephologist on a Sunday morning ...

Who wouldn't be intrigued by this splash by the dog botherer?

That's up there with Chance the gardener. The PM could regret rejecting an early poll, but a late poll might cause regret for Bill Shorten.

What does it all mean?

Well, it's the reptiles at last beginning to warm to the task of persuading Labor to dump Bill Shorten.

Chance the dog botherer takes the long way around the garden, peeing on sundry plants in the process, but eventually he gets there ...

Who else could start out with a dire prediction of a costly mistake? Only to contradict himself within the very same sentence?

All that to establish zip, nada, nothing. 

It's like a sparrow farting into the breeze, all that dog botherer verbiage, but that's the lot of the busy psephologist. 

Now to the real job at hand, which is to incite an ides of March ...

Of course counterintuitively, the complicated and entirely useless new mechanism for electing a Labor leader means switching leaders isn't as easy as it might once have been ... 

What a poisoned chalice that was. Why anybody that clever must be ready to run the world ...

As for the other proposal - that Shorten improve his ratings - it might be easier to urge Arthur Calwell to lose his gravel-voice and turn himself into a winner.

Shorten's only hope is that Malware and his team fuck up in assorted ways ... but in these glorious times, when the reptiles anxiously seek to pre-empt any finding that pulling down $200,000 for a hundred hours of work might not be a rort, but just business as usual, the pond is expecting business to continue ... as usual.

ICAC and Arthur Sinodinos silent on claims he has been 'cleared', you might read, but in the eyes of certain reptiles, $200k for a 100 hours of board warming is just a decent way to make a living ...

Finally, it would be remiss of the pond not to note that other unemployable politician - what a fine example he provides to the budgie smuggling wall puncher - was also out and about doing his thing for the reptiles ...

Indeed, indeed. That sent the pond scuttling back to this little outburst ...

Well, there's a lot more here, but that's more than enough bigotry and nonsense for what should have been a meditative Sunday.

How long will it take for the wall puncher to realise his natural home is as a blogger for News Corp?

Time for a therapeutic scream with Moir and Malware - more Moir here - and thanks again for that HFC Mal, each day it makes the pond's day ...


  1. Sundry Sunday meds




    4. Democracy? Q&A go to the people (oh, look, nbn is ahead in primary - hahaha - fails in one party preferred count).

      So Mal...?
      ... a winner for the one-percent.

      Posts by NoLongerABCNick,12

      The terror, the horror, you bet you am

      At Plato's Neorepublic of Davos - who ya gonna call? Another nightmare

  2. " the pond enjoyed Kotter as much as a scientologist enjoys Xenu ... "

    Of course it wasn't Kotter so much as the simpering Scientologist who played alongside him and who would definitely enjoy Xenu ... in his fashion. And Travolta was already a Scientologist even back then (which of course you are well aware of, DP, but I had to look it up).

    However, I was really attracted to one of The Devine's more thoughtful pronouncements in her polemic, viz "...Western nations where women are free to dress and behave as they please...".

    Pronouncements like that require a kind of total social blindness that is almost unbelievable - except that there it is, in print, in The Devine's record of her imaginary universe. The only thing I can say in response is to quote the T-shirt pronouncement from a year or two ago: "Thank you for not provoking my uncontrollable lust".

    And don't you forget it, babe !

    1. ...$cientology?

      ...a new cartoon book - per Lawrence M. Krauss twitter

      Science Sunday RDFRS - Every Sunday.

      Gravitational waves may have been discovered!! Exciting. - per Lawrence M. Krauss twitter. Maybe not, but scroll down: the LIGO graphic representation there is cool. unlooped

  3. Just found your blog via a link on Andrew Elder's site. While I enjoyed this post I found your veiled criticism of Miranda Devine's appearance outrageous and sexist. Regardless of the darkness that beats within Devine's heart, and her willingness to stoop to any low to vilify Muslims and others marginalised by Australia's limitless bigotry, there is no reason to ever pass judgement on a woman's appearance. EVER. By doing that you are just engaging in the same kind of oppression that we rightfully denounce others for perpetuating. It's 2016!

    1. You must have read a different blogger. I believe the judgement was of the busted business strategy of the subscriber "premium" item being mug-shot linked repeatedly to begging ad nauseam when such Devine spew may rapidly be found on any day freely exiting the NewsCorpse vomitorium.

    2. Some one who can read, and some one who can't. So it goes ...

      Of course to extract a judgment on a woman's appearance from the above requires a certain kind of prejudice to begin with. Did the Giant Bean (in name and thought) gaze up the Devine and feel some repugnance at the sight?

      Is a comment on a cult of personality the same as a judgment on appearance? Try substituting the Bolter or Akker Dakker, majestic in arms folded pose, as the pond has frequently done ... the argument and the logic is the same, though the pond will acknowledge that "leanists" in our midst might think there is some mockery of Akker Dakker's tendency to corpulence by the comparison to Billy Bunter. But the pond loves Billy Bunter and tuck shops and has a tendency to corpulence ...

      Oh dear, so many veils, so little time to tear them all off so that the pond might strut wild and free ...

      But at least, dear Giant Bean, gaining your outrage here costs you nothing. Gaining your outrage from News Corp will cost you a pretty Devine penny ...

      But thanks for the news that it's 2016! It's this sort of insight that makes the pond's day.

    3. Dot, I also wondered about why the Giant Bean assumed that you were critiquing the Devine woman's appearance and thought well maybe it is because Giant Beans noticed as I did that her eyes are really too close together and I heard back in the day that you can't trust someone whose eyes are too close together.

      Ah the wisdom of judging by appearances.

      And her smile does remind me of all the sycophantic and simpering smiles I have seen; at least Dame Slap looks a bit sexy and challenging in her favourite self portrait.

    4. "But thanks for the news that it's 2016!"

      It isn't for the Chinese, and not for he Jews or the Muslims either. What is it with this prejudicial assumption that the whole world lives according to the Gregorian calendar ?

      Anyway, DP, if you hadn't responded to the "Giant Bean" (who came down a Giant Beanstalk perhaps ?) I was going to along the lines that you were responding to The Devine's ghastly simpering grin, not her features (though simpering grins are one of her identity stamps).

      My response would have been along the lines that if, say, a ghastly murder was being committed, but a female witness found that funny and laughed, would we be justified in criticizing her behavior (laughing) or would that be taken as criticizing her looks ?

    5. You must be wildly excited GB that at last it seems Easter is going to be settled and fixed, and another bug in the Gregorian calendar will be done and dusted and so at last the pagan rituals and the swings of the solstices can be sorted.
      As for the Chinese not knowing what year it is, next thing you'll be telling the pond not everyone speaks English. This is surely why the world is going to hell in a handbasket.

    6. Oh that is good news about Easter, I'll have to chase that one down and get the details. I presume the Julian Calendar (Julian NYD is 14th Jan Gregorian) will also be corrected.

      Not everyone speaks English ? I'm speechless, DP. All of the Chinese I meet (they now own about 33% of my street - close to Deakin Uni, you see) speak quite good English. Are you really sure that some of them don't, or is it just symptoms of iodine deficiency ?

  4. Dorothy, the dual-citizen caterist on the public's ticket pops up at 37:25 in the IQ2 Debate: Racism is Destroying the Australian Dream An unhappy Cater is just warming to his point of usual reality departure after 50 seconds when Stan Grant enters taking charge of Cater's standard conflated recipe and makes succesive points for Cater albeit without the koolaid affected caterist twist. Cater silenced, remains at the mike enduring four minutes of common sense delivered from the podium. Down at the mouth unhappy, he's well done over, and can't get another dimwit word in.

    8 minutes well spent and worth repeating: IQ2 Racism Debate: Stan Grant

    1. Excellent link, and a truly wondrous sight, and so easy to scroll exactly to your time code reference and the chance to see the Caterist try to lump all the blame on to the blacks, and Stan Grant to lump it elsewhere ...

  5. The Devine is back. Lucky we still have those baseball bats you mentioned a few days ago, DP (for hitting *ourselves*, I hasten to add, lest anyone misinterpret!).
    And did I just read all that Chris Kenny and not find ONE mention of the ABC? Very disappointing :)

    1. Now that's something I can agree with you on, Mish.

    2. Aha! I knew we would find common ground :)

    3. Aha! I knew we would find common ground :)

    4. And that goes double for me !

    5. Gah! Don't know how that happened. I was using my phone instead of laptop, so I'll blame it on that :)

  6. I preferred Devine in Female Trouble.

    1. John Travolta was better in that too.


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