Thursday, January 21, 2016

Speaking of elites, as the pond often does, let's give full credit to the News Corps elites and especially the reptilian Oz editorialist ...

While others dawdle and dally, the vigilant, agile and innovative poodle with a pinned tweet Innovation Agenda is always on the case ...

Because 2016 is going to be a big year for the domestic  auto industry ...

Oh alright, it was just so we could note the way this image has spread like wildfire amongst poodle devotees ...

Dear sweet long absent from Adelaide lord, only in crow eater land ...

Meanwhile, for those who live everywhere else, some foolish types have been distracted by scare-mongering headlines ...

Trust the Graudian here to carry on like a pork chop, but 2015 was sooohh yesterday, and it's time for a jolly jape amongst chums from the reptiles:

Oh this is going to be funny, the pond can feel it in the bones ...

Laugh!? Oh the wits and the wags, the pond was rolling down the aisles like a mascot having fun with a poodle or a fruchoc...

A little further along ...

Of course there's glass houses and then there's stones when cutting and pasting ...

How to preserve half-drunk wine ...

Handy, handy, especially if you've got half-drunk wine, which sounds a bit like a magic pudding. Half-drink it and it's still only half-drunk and then you can half-drink it again ...

All the big stories from the WSJ and the reptiles of Oz ...

But enough frivolity - the pond is still recovering from the embarrassingly juvenile hysteria with which it greeted the news of Dame Slap's imperious, imperial return - because we need to turn to important events of the day, and what better guide than the reptilian editorialist of Oz?

Nota bene how it works.

Dame Slap scribbles, the Oz editorialist repeats, and soon enough the reptile truth is emblazoned in stone, and teh Donald is just a healthy reaction against the "stifling imposition of political correctness by the political, media and cultural elite."

And as a bonus, the reptile editorialist then feels emboldened to add "This applies particularly to the maverick Mr Trump who is so scorned by elites everywhere."

It seems it's impossible for the average Tamworth bogan, such as the pond, head still reeling from the garish sounds of country music, to do anything but worship at the feet of the billionaire ...because being a billionaire is so anti-elitist ...

He's a multibillionaire, not that there's anything wrong with that. But it's amazing — he is not elitist at all.

The pond can't get enough of this talk of 'leets, especially when it comes to reptiles subsidised by a billionaire so that they might continue their incessant blather about 'leets.

It never seems to occur to the reptiles that it was the Chairman's favourite money-making outlet, Faux Noise, who made a heroine of Sarah Palin, before they let her go, but this history now gets swept under the rug by the Oz editorialist, who seems to think her popularity is due to some revolt against the 'leets ...

Well Palin's house is an unhappy one, full of turbulence and unhappiness, but we should give due credit to the dangerous 'leets who helped promote her presence, her notoriety and her personal cause  - look at moi, moi, moi - over many years...

Bless 'em all, the long, the short, the tall and the noisy ... this is the world News Corp helped create, so let's give credit to the News Corp elites.

Well more than enough has already been said in celebration of Palin's squirmishes speechifying so to the Rowe that came out yesterday, and more Rowe here ...


  1. Morning, DP. I'm fascinated by the way in which the Oz editorial dribblings could almost be a straight cut and paste from one of Rupert's US outlets. They seem to assume that just mentioning things like "Socialised medicine - free education... hurting the big banks....RAISING TAXES!" will alarm locals just as much as it would committed USA Fox News viewers. But then, I suppose the tiny number of people who actually bother to read Oz editorials for anything other than a good laugh may well be of a similar mindset.

  2. lol Dot I also indulged in some unseemly hysterical laughter yesterday reading about Planet Janet's reboot for 2016.

    I was inspired to go to a 2008 Counterpoint program in which Michael the Duffster plays a particularly hilarious clip of Sarah Palin and Janet comments and says very clever things that made Duffy chuckle and be outraged about how the 'leets are so mean to Sarah who is just as good a "community organiser" as Obama and doesn't he have a funny name just like Track and Bristler and aren't the left just so desperate to smear the poor woman who is a real mamma bear and is just like Bill Clinton - seriously she said this - and did you know that, "hello!" - Janet does like to keep up with the cool words - is it still cool to say "Hello!"?

    Janet and the Duffster know that it is the left and those metropolitan 'leets who re-opened the culture wars and its so awful the way they disdain her and it's so good that the sisterhood can't stand her because she is a happy feminist and they hate happy women and Ooooh those evil lefties will do anything they can to bring down Sarah Palin.

    ThereI went back to a wonderful Counterpoint program from 2004 titled "Conservatism is Cool" - snort - in which the Duffster interviewed 3 wonderfully stupid "conservatives", Dame Slap, the Bolter and that awful Pearson man. Did he die recently?

    Here is a gobbet from back then in which Janet reveals the depths of her philosophical understanding.

    "I was really taken last year by an article that Roger Scruton wrote when he discussed why he became a conservative, and he said that previously conservatism in England (and I think it applies still now) is treated as some kind of inherited genetic disorder, and so that if you're the child of the very wealthy, you inherit your parents' conservative beliefs, rather like you might inherit a speech impediment or a Hapsburg jaw, and I think that applies in Australia too."

    "You're treated as somewhat of a freak if you're conservative, and yet it's based on some fairly simple ideas of...the complete inversion, I guess, of collectivism, of collective action, collective responsibility, collective thought. Conservatism is based around individual freedom, individual thought, individual responsibility. They are extremely simple ideas, and I think the left's problem is that it mistakes simple ideas for this notion that somehow, if you're conservative, you lack any vision. I called it last week a small 'v' vision, and that goes to the very heart of conservatism and what conservatives see as the great idea of small government in that it allows the individual to pursue their own goals rather than have dictated to them some top down utopian vision that Paul Keating I think very much embraced and tried to impose upon us, and was punished for it.
    "Howard came along almost as a radical compared to Keating, and suggested that he would be promoting a bottom-up kind of vision."

    She liked the idea of Keating being punished. omg...

    and this bit is good also for an insight into the depths of her political analysis ..

    the left had "this great problem, that Howard had the media, including the left-wing media on a tight leash. I thought, 'Gosh, if that's a leash I want one of those because they seem to get an inordinate amount of pleasure out of being on Howard's leash.' It must be one of those leashes that you buy in one of those adult stores where the windows are all blocked out..."

    Transcript is here:

    1. It seems that might've been one of the few things Dame Slap got right, that Howard had a sort of bottom up vision in contrast to Keating. I'd have called it arse-up myself, but pretty close.

    2. Dear sweet absent lord Anon, you've outponded the pond by a Tamworth country mile with those links and gobbets of gold (iron pyrites perhaps but gold is gold, however it glistens)

    3. Arse-up indeed - Howard was a shallow narrow-minded little man and his vision didn't reach down to the 'bottom' that I inhabit GD; but a real bottom-up vision and how we could bring it about would be an interesting thing to ponder.

      But Keating's top down vision although based on his own self-regard and hubris, did have some value and moved Aus toward a more decent society; he didn't deserve punishment for that lol whatever his other faults as an economic reformer.

      Seems to me that like the Slapping Dame, Howard either didn't know or care that there are people on the bottom with a different vision about individualism vs community, people who have just had too much decency to want to climb that ladder and participate in the individualist paradise and non society - "aspirational", the Dame called it - that Howard desired for us all.

      So many glibertarians and conservatives desperately want to believe that this model is the only way we can be civilized, despite all the evidence that it actually has led to a really uncivilized shitty individualist non-society in which fools and charlatans like Janet can get paid to write crap and even worse, getting paid is all it takes to justify whatever crap you write or do unto others.

    4. Thanks, Anon, for those wonderful comments. I enjoyed them hugely.
      It's a never-ending source of amazement that someone as powerful and well-paid as Albrechtsen sees conservatism as some kind of put-upon, minority position. "Treated as a freak", indeed!! Conservatism I can live with; dishonesty/delusion, not so much.
      DP, you can tell, can't you, that I'm almost as excited as you are that she's back?

    5. Any insane person would be wildly delighted at the return of Dame Slap, and the pond is pleased that you've joined in its insanity Mish ...

      But where do we return the baseball bats once we've finished hitting our heads for the day?

  3. When I first read that tweet by the poodle I thought it read "Visiting mudslide industries" my eyesight being not what it was.

    Speaking of funny product names, my visiting son was cracked up to find Coon cheese in the supermarket, and a Nigger Brown rugby stand in Queensland (where else?)

    If you'd like to enjoy some Arse, Placenta, Tranny Honey, or Cooking with Pooh, then feast on this...

  4. Wonderful reference to a piece of SA nostalgia with Fruchocs. To any South Australian, Fruchocs were the sweet of choice for the movies and such outings. The centre is a curious combination of sultana and apricot and anticipated the trend to sweet-n-sour by a generation.

    South Australians away from their home state would long for a few SA products just unobtainable elsewhere (about like Aussies abroad pining for Vegemite). Fruchocs and another (then Menz, now Arnotts, product) Yo-yo biscuits were prized most of all. Other ones like Amgoorie Tea and Woodroofe's lemonade also had their followings: alas, now swallowed up by the big national and multinational companies.

    1. In Newcastle we had Y-Y soft drinks. Ah, nostalgia!

    2. Who remembers Lillyman's cordials these days? Only a few destined to enter Valhalla ...

    3. *sigh* - Lillyman's Cherry Cheer........

    4. Parkinson's in the Gong... memories of summer school holiday factory tours (just what is a softdrinkery called?), fridges full of sample riches freely drunk, and kids departing on the Rutty's bus fit to burst.

  5. 'Hapsburg jaw' - I think I saw at least one in the Hewitt-Duckworth match.

  6. Great Rowe cartoon. Reminds me of the hilarious movie Zombieland of a few years back starring Woody Harrelson, who by the way is a leftie. It had a great cameo performance by Bill Murray too.


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