Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Abbott to the Vatican, the pond asks Turnbull ...

There are many tragedies small and large this day, including footballers hyperventilating and wailing about the unfairness of it all, much as drug users have done since the Roman days when Seutonius noted Tiberius's excessive inclination to wine, and dubbed him Biberius ...

As for the small tragedies ...

But none of it mattered for the pond up against this wondrous headline ...

Send him to the Vatican, for his sins! Let him repent in leisure, and at taxpayers' expense.

Now who knows if the report is true, as it originally came from Joe Aston, here:

Well the Graudian now contends it has confirmed the rumour, as it explains here.

In which case, it seems certain that the wall-puncher is going to astonish and delight for many months to come ... it seems he doesn't want to head off to the House of Lords and now he's stymied the chance of a gig at the Vatican ...

Hopefully, in due course, we'll need Pope to draw an age of entitlement cartoon featuring a papal mitre or tiara and yet another joke about the age of entitlement... meanwhile, you can find the latest Papal missive here ...


  1. Hi Dorothy,

    Would Credlin be expected to join her husband in Rome or would she remain in Canberra, playing house with Abbott?


    1. The article suggests there would still be a queue for a shower. That implies more than one resident.

    2. So the big question is: with Brian in Rome, who would walk the dog in the evening?

  2. Footballers, DP, 34 or them with a story to sell. Not to mention the Hirds & some others.
    Hang on, though, out of blood brotherhood, loyalty to Hird & deference to the Club, let's not sign anything while there's hope & whispers of an appeal.
    Hang on, though, by the time we've seen the appeal come & go, it'll be stale. What will the networks & papers be willing to pay, after the first couple have sold their designer stubble?
    There could be an unseemly rush for the magazines, the lesser soldiers getting pushed aside.
    Anyone willing to match my bet that one, or two, have signed retainers for the book & TV series, already? To hell with loyalty & sticking together.

  3. Is Tim Wilson looking for a new gig? Judging from his photo, he'd make a great pantomime dame!

  4. http://www.abc.net.au/news/2016-01-12/malcolm-turnbull-moving-in-to-the-lodge/7084626


  5. Plenty of other religions. Surely there's enough to go round for all liblab lackeys to pick up a richly rewarding ambassadorship? Onya Krudd, another brilliant first in kicking this off. Anyway, how's the concordat coming along. Talk about the TPP/TISA sell-out being done in secret ...

    1. http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/transpacific-partnership-will-barely-benefit-australia-says-world-bank-report-20160111-gm3g9w.html


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