Monday, March 21, 2016

Spare a moment this Monday morning for a delicious Oriel snack ...

The pond is expecting, hoping for a transmission any day now from Moorice...

With the heat off, it's about time for the master climate scientist to saunter into view and denounce the hysterical behaviour of Greg Hunt, daring to admit the coral might be heat-stressed. Person up coral, or piss off ...

Meanwhile, the pond had to be contented with the lesser Oreo, but even then her transmission brought tears to the pond's eyes at the thought of the humanity, oh the humanity, and the suffering ...

Now for those who came in late to the story, the Oreo is a very important academic ...

... so whenever this VIA, intent on saving Western Civilisation dares to Speak the pond naturally Pays Attention ...

You can see why this brought tears to the eyes of the pond. Splendid stuff. The pond could almost hear the creaking of the leather as white men in their clubs around the land paused from their breakfast and a snifter of heart-starting pick-me-up dry sherry to give the Oreo a round of hearty applause ...

So much suffering and for so long ...

Now you might ask is there a concrete example of this persecution doing the rounds, and luckily the pond has an answer.

It was alleged that a certain person came up with this tweet ...

Surely a harmless bit of japery, a post-modernist, post-ironic bit of fun ...and yet the man was apparently mocked and trended briefly on twitter, and had to take firm action ...

There was the relentless, astonishing abuse that he had to deal with ... when all he was doing was making the very same point as the valiant, oracular Oreo ...

And who is this tired man?

Now the pond thinks any passing sceptic owes the Oreo a profound apology. 

So much suffering for an innocent, long-suffering man ...

And indeed in recent times, the persecution has been relentlessly aided and abetted by the likes of the Graudian ...

Now you might read the rest of that wretched persecutory story here, but luckily the oracular Oreo has already done a pre-emptive strike against those haters ...

Indeed, indeed, because the one thing that the Oreo can guarantee is an open-mind, singularly without a hint of prejudice and attitude.

Poor, persecuted Aristotle ... Look at those wretches at the University of Melbourne. They elevated Plato to the top of the class!

Damn you Platonists, damn you to Oreo hell ...

And now please allow the pond to note that it too is terribly grateful to the reptiles of Oz, and enormously relieved, because, it should go without saying, sans reptiles, the pond would simply have to shift to looking at the latest eccentricities in American white male politics ... as they suffer under the yoke of Kenyan Muslims and uppity women ...

And so to the last gobbet, and naturally the pond is expecting, nay, demanding a reference to George Orwell.

The pond loves the smell of an Orwellian quote on a Monday morning ...

Splendid, incisive stuff, and the notion that white men are privileged in any way shocks the pond to the core. 

Look at the angry old reptiles who turn up on a daily basis at the lizard Oz. Is that privilege? Or is that just the daily duty of noble old bastards doing their best to make things better for pesky no-hoper welfare-bludging blacks, and whinging, whining, moaning, nagging women ...

But before we rush off to tell these nags to get back to the kitchen where they belong, and the blacks to get a job, the pond would like to end with conclusive, definitive proof of the ongoing persecution and mockery of noble white men ...

Stop that at once First Dog, and please don't encourage the Doggie by heading off here to see the rest of that cartoon ...

Remember, the oracular Oreo has spoken ...


  1. Oh Goody! The Bolt Report is back on Sky news at 7:30pm. He might just manage to top 20,000 viewers if he's lucky.

    1. Yeah, the Wingnut Welfare net is out in full force to keep the Bolter in wine and opera.

      However, I think I read where he'd be doing it live every night (weekdays only ?) for an hour from 7:00pm - just in time to compete with ABC 21's evening news.

      So, on Ausland's Faux Noise, you reckon Bolting might manage as many as 20,000 viewers and is that per night or over the working week in total ? But then he is Australia's most read columnist (according to the Hair-oiled Scum, anyway - but I wonder just how they know that ?)

  2. Hi Dorothy,

    At the risk of sounding like a Neo-Marxist, might the reason that Angus Deaton (an economist) and his wife’s paper was rejected by medical journals is not because of an academic hatred of “whitey” but that they don’t fully understand statistics.

    They appear to have failed to take into account that the baby boom demographic swelled the number of white males getting older through the 45-54 age range as time progressed and therefore there would be proportionally more 54 year olds in 2010 than in 2000 in that demographic. A greater proportion of older people would then bias the mortality rate for the whole demographic.

    Sloppy handling of the numbers rather than an Orwellian conspiracy against the poor benighted white male.

    Still the Oreo prefers things Black and White even if they aren’t correct.


    1. Medical journals? How could you have any trust in such hotbeds of Neo-Marxist cultural engineering?!

      BTW, I'd be very interested to learn the exact context in which the Oreo's work has "featured on the syllabi of many leading universities" and just how she has been cited by the WHO, Oxfam, etc. I wonder if it might be along the lines of "For a crackpot conspiracist view, see...."

  3. Seems the Oreo has been doing a bit of extra curricula reading along the lines of the Anders Breivik manifesto some loon posted a few days back.....Sigh!

    1. Nice to see you read it and have taken the point. Hard slog it was. So, for dummies like Oreo and whoever authored that Breivik manifesto: where do they get it from, where's the source for all this on song cohesion?

      It seems it's aimed to catch less educated, lower income types under stress and hurting around the world. If you will, "Howards battlers" fit the bill here. Perhaps they are suffering stress from change, perhaps they are confused, perhaps it's their perceived or actual financial situation. They're fed what is now a systematically grouped whole range of things that are now threaded together to latch onto by way of explanation, and to lash out at. Where in the world, and who is doing the systematising? The reactionary slant poses sexuality, gender, Marxism, religion, "western values", "judeo Christian" heritage, "sceptical" "science", marriage, whatever, as under attack from a long planned conspiracy of the "Left". They all now sound way too much the same. In those susceptible it clearly intends to mold, reinforce, and extend a reflexive reactionary voting block. The thing is, and it seems to me the main thing to note, is that whatever their cultural views those susceptible do not vote in their own economic interests but they vote in the neoliberal economic interests of the 0.1%. Ultimately this thing is crafted in aid of the rich getting richer. Wealth and power is what it's all about. So,who's produced this rwnj screed for the rich? Who's writing the lines so many ratbags are exactly repeating? Where do the reptiles and hard right LNP faction get it from? I guess it's ultimately the product of a single rwnj think tank somewhere because I don't see how so many crazies could independently come up with the very same formula let alone the same words. Oreo's forthcoming book may be interesting for what it reveals in this regard...

    2. So what you're saying, Anony 2, is that Murdoch/Ailes Fox News has been radicalizing poor confused white folks all around the world into serious counter-social activity, aka terrorism.

      Just like Timothy McVeigh back in 1995, or maybe Andrew Kehoe back in 1927. But we didn't have Fox News, or Breitbart or Ross Limbaugh back in 1927, so how did Kehoe become so radicalized ? Did we already have Social Marxism back then ? In the years of Calvin Coolidge ?

    3. "So what you're saying, Anony 2, is that..."

      Nope. I'm saying there currently seems to be a sole hard right textual source (but not neo-Nazi, they consistently knock nazis), and asking who, what, and/or where is it? A recent book perhaps?

    4. "Where do the reptiles and hard right LNP faction get it from?"

      From Oriel cookies and suchlike but they are not all spouting the same bullshit. The stories they tell about the left, about the way human nature is, about civilization about anything really are not coherent in the way you seem to be suggesting.
      You don't seem to realise that exposing the irrationality of the arguments that they make up to justify their own bad behaviour and failings is what you get at the Loonpond.

    5. "... a sole hard right textual source ..."

      Oh, I see. I'd be thinking mountains, tablets and itinerant prophets if I were you, Anony (2). Otherwise, I might just be thinking that "Wise men think alike, but fools seldom differ".

    6. "(but not neo-Nazi, they consistently knock nazis), and asking who, what, and/or where is it?"

      Here's a clue.

      "The introductory chapter of the manifesto defining "Cultural Marxism" in the Frankfurt School conspiracy theory sense is a copy of Political Correctness: A Short History of an Ideology by the Free Congress Foundation"

      Another clue there: "Norwegian social scientist Lars Gule characterised Breivik as a "national conservative, not a Nazi"."

      They lead here:

      Is this it, THE source?

      Could be. "Most think tanks talk about tax rates or the environment or welfare policy and occasionally we do also. But our main focus is on the Culture War"

      Is their Empowerment! publication online?

    7. Perhaps the source is Conservapedia. It a serious thing.

      But this book explained to me why the confusion and irrationality is a feature of some personality types.

      Conservatism is not genetic though: it's culture. Rich or aspiring rich white man culture.

    8. Thanks for that. I got 32 returns there searching "empowerment" one of which is Paul Weyrich that mentions "National Empowerment Television (NET), a cable network designed to mobilize the Religious Right. At one stage NET claimed to reach more than 11 million homes, but in 1997 Weyrich was forced out in a takeover."

    9. Google turned up an entry on the Free Congress Foundation in a book by George Thomas Kurian, Jeffrey D. Schultz (1999) "Political Market Place, USA". On page 124 it lists amongst their publications "Empowerment (occasional)..." and amongst their current concerns "..Runs Empowerment Television, a 24-hour cable network."

    10. I doubt Empowerment TV could be the source in Australia, and now. I think it must be “Political Correctness: A Short History of an Ideology”
      Edited by William S. Lind, November 2004
      and any articles based closely on it. Note: This was a Weyrich project. Weyrich died 2008. (Burying conservatism: Paul Weyrich helped American conservatism rise to prominence. It's fitting that his death comes at the movement's nadir) Since then it appears Free Congress Foundation (FCF) has been repurposed to pursue other issues than Weyrich's pet cultural war. Google indicates FCF has used robots.txt to block 's access to content still on it's site from Weyrich's time. Weyrich's other two huge projects ALEC and the Heritage Foundation are major parts of the Koch octopus. I expect that the Weyrich cultural war pseudo scholarly crap is still circulated and promoted via an arm of Heritage Foundation.

      Letter to Conservatives by Paul M. Weyrich

      Even the Free Congress Foundation's precursor, the Committee for the Survival of a Free Congress, used an anti-gay and anti-lesbian platform as a vehicle to attract and unite followers, and they were the forerunners in the national campaign to demonize homosexuality as a threat to Americans.

      A video was first produced by FCF: "History of Political Correctness"
      - on YouTube: The History of Political Correctness (Complete) as made by the Free Congress Foundation and narrated by William Lind. (22:26 minutes)

      Martin Jay's "Dialectic of Counter-Enlightenment: The Frankfurt School as Scapegoat of the Lunatic Fringe"
      Here is a list cited verbatim from many of the websites devoted to the question:

      1.The creation of racism offences.
      2. Continual change to create confusion
      3. The teaching of sex and homosexuality to children
      4. The undermining of schools’ and teachers’ authority
      5. Huge immigration to destroy identity.
      6. The promotion of excessive drinking
      7. Emptying of churches
      8. An unreliable legal system with bias against victims of crime
      9. Dependency on the state or state benefits
      10. Control and dumbing down of media
      11. Encouraging the breakdown of the family

      ...The ultimate goal of "cultural Marxism" in their telling is thus far more than the leftist thought-control that denies alternative positions under the guise of restricting hate speech. It is the subversion of Western civilization itself.

    11. Dedicating itself to “the culture war”, Weyrich’s Free Congress Foundation has often been at the forefront of the Conservative movement.

      The Frankfurt School and 'Political Correctness' by Michael Minnicino - A lengthy article later to be deeply regretted by the author: "However, I see very clearly that the whole enterprise - and especially the conclusions -- was hopelessly deformed by self-censorship and the desire to in some way support Mr. LaRouche's crack-brained world-view. So, in that sense, I do not stand by what I wrote, and I find it unfortunate that it still remembered."

      I think it is still remembered, relished, and frequntly accessed and regurgitated today by lazy reptiles, and the hard right LNP.


      Exiles in their own flesh: A psychotherapist speaks

      This is a guest post submitted by Lane Anderson (a pseudonym), a practicing psychotherapist who has worked extensively with “trans teens” and their families. She shares with us her clinical insights into her clients, adolescent psychology, and the impact of the transgender phenomenon on our society as a whole.

      "There are so many complex forces, from many different realms, coming into play with this trans wave. Most people are completely unaware of these intersecting interests. Unfortunately the culture war has done a number on the concept of critical thinking. I have considered myself liberal my entire adult life, and I still am. But for a long time I couldn’t find anyone questioning this trans explosion who wasn’t on the far right. It made me feel like only conservatives were allowed to think, to consider this issue, but ultimately their thoughts were rendered meaningless due to their branding by the culture war. It’s essential that left-leaning people model critical thinking for the masses in this regard."

  4. Here's an interesting twitter exchange about the really truly cross my heart, smart Jennifer Oriel.

    1. Tres droll and the pond even scored a mention! We really should feature more of Carlton savaging the world's super-smart academics, but the pond is dedicated to the desperate loons who imagine a fluffing of feathers is all that's needed to impress ...

  5. Personally I find Oreo biscuits look and taste like processed crapp.

    Whats interesting about Oriel's bogus claim to exemplary academic credentials or whatever is that nothing she has written or published outside of the reptilian rag can be found on the internet - which suggests that she is a legend in her own ideologically blinkered mind.
    At one stage she had some kind of academic position/function at Deakin University.

    1. Hey are bullying this pore woman who is just standing by her man: he would be a white man, no?

      You'd think being such a clever girl and contributed to Harvard teaching material - was it? - she would be shamelessly publicizing her achievement but I can't find anything she's published except on the IPA site.
      She should be a Liberal candidate if they ever need another token woman.
      One would hope she's familiar with Monty Python but probably not.

    2. "General directions" are definitely 'right in' these days.

  6. Maybe people treat right wing heterosexual males badly because they treat most people like shit? Just a suggestion, Oriel...

  7. "Compared to Malcolm, Tony was the poster boy for getting things done. Who can forget the grocery code of conduct?"

    First dog deserves a lick on the nose. Not the other end, that would get Cory too excited.


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