Tuesday, March 08, 2016

More of the usual, Bolters, Pellists, and with a bonus Donnelly ...

The pond notes that Michaelia Cash disgraced herself last night ...

Yes, it's time for the the pond to look at the reptiles looking at the ABC, given that the pond never watches the show in question ...

Shocking stuff, and it will be noted by those aghast at the witch hunt going down ...

Talk of a lack of empathy is treason for the howling mob ready to jump on anyone who speaks a work against the Pellists.

Apparently the parrot was on hand to explain how dingoes and child molestation were much of a muchness ...

Indeed, indeed, and who can recall what we might have been doing in 1988 in a London toilet? Suddenly marriage seems like the conservative and seemly thing to do ... yes, that includes you Joe Orton ...

But now the pond has got into quoting the quoters quoting others, why not an extensive slab of the Bolter channeling the Craven?

So that's how blogging's done ...

A header, a line of introduction, and perhaps much further down the page, a note of personal explanation for truly bizarre behaviour ...

We should all remember that a touch of empathy, swiftly swept away, is really no more than being touched by the sun ...

Let the witch-hunt continue against those witches who dared to suggest a lack of empathy ...

Dear sweet absent lord, he's a very strange man ...

But let us all defend the ttruth ... though perhaps with a more emphatic stutter, such as ttttruth ...

To be fair, the Bolter did perform a public duty for the pond, alerting us to the presence of a Donnelly at the HUN ...

It really is impossible to keep up with them, fed as they are like machine-made sausages or pasta into the popular discourse by the Murdochians ...

Now the pond has nothing to say about this, except to marvel at the way that Kevin Donnelly was once a senior and key advisor on matters of education to the Abbott Government ...

Now the pond has nothing to say about this, except to marvel at the way that Kevin Donnelly was once a senior and key advisor on matters of education to the Abbott Government ...

Oh and it'd help if Einstein was somehow dragged into it ...

Now the pond has nothing to say about this, except to marvel at the way that Kevin Donnelly was once a senior and key advisor on matters of education to the Abbott Government ...

Now the pond has nothing to say about this, except to marvel at the way that Kevin Donnelly was once a senior and key advisor on matters of education to the Abbott Government ... 

Dear sweet long absent lord, quoting William Blake, as if that's some sort of mystical refuge for scoundrels ...

Well the pond might have something to say about that, but let's be real. Blake said it a whole lot better.

Coming back at ya Kev ...


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    1. Nice version UC. Thanks. Revived a few memories there. I worked for many years with a mate who did the times with Archie Roach in Charcoal Lane.He eventually got sober also,thanks to Galiamble Rehab.and determination and a good woman. Many,both sad and funny stories told while on the pick and shovel together. There aren't that many that came out the other end of the lane.

    2. :)³, the pond has spent years listening to Paul Kelly (from way back in the Dot days in concert) and so can safely approach a Donnelly or a Bolter (in much the same way as its handy to have an anti-venom to hand when handling a red-bellied black snake up Tamworth way...)

  2. I do hope Kenny gives the national broadcaster a good whacking for that shameful piece on 4 Corners last night. A legitimate business, just trying to make its way gets mugged by the ABC in typical leftist, alarmist fashion.

  3. Thus spaketh A Bolt: " so what ... did Media Watch last night single out for implied criticism and mockery'.

    Now this kinda intrigues me (definitely a first for The Bolter), because I have read the ABC transcript of the Media Watch segment covering Bolt's changes of mind, and for the life of me I can find no criticism and precious little mockery of Bolt.

    Now maybe I really am greatly deficient in empathy, and maybe otherwise I would have seen how Paul Barry was really tearing the fragile little heart out of our most tragic Mr Bolt, but I confess I just don't.

    So help me out folks, the transcript is here: http://www.abc.net.au/mediawatch/transcripts/s4420468.htm

    Is Barry really savaging the poor little Bolter, or is he just (probably as discombobulated as me) reporting what happened ?

    1. Barry is as weak as piss, about on a level with:

    2. Well that is an interesting read. I especially liked the bit that said: "Western spies took note when Nazi Ernst Rohm conveyed Hitler’s sexual fetish during a night of drinking, the book claims."

      Yep, you couldn't move in a German Beer Hall in 1934 for the crowd of foreign spies just trying cosy up to Ernst Rohm to find out what turns Hitler on sexually. No wonder Hitler had Rohm executed.

      Anyway, it must have worked because obviously the knowledge was used to plot Hitler's downfall after he was told about all those Russian peasant women who would bend over in the field and then shit and piss on him. sigh

    3. Your point stands GB. Getting spanked by Barry is like being hit with a combination of cabbage and lettuce leaves, but it does show the sensitive, thin-skinned, slightly thick way that the Bolter goes about his righteousness, leavened with the odd astonishing backflip ...

    4. Thanks, DP. It's good to have one's cognitive dissonances resolved authoritatively.

    5. Deficient in empathy GB? Is there an acceptable level of this thing called empathy that we all should aspire to reach? And is this thing empathy called "mercy" by the others who don't believe in these new fangled ideas about men having the capacity to be as caring as emotional women?

      Have you considered how one could show empathy for child molesters and men who truly believe that they have the right to introduce their daughters to 'love-making'. Although it is generally accepted that these men cannot be redeemed by psychological therapy of any variety, we do have to try and reorganize their beliefs. Although of course it would be better to understand what sort of nurture it is that creates these men; but we don't do prevention.

      There are more than you would think; to protect the child these cases of incest are not made public.

      But we - psychologists and society I suppose I mean - have to try to do something about it and someone has to create in themselves enough empathy or cognitive understanding of these people and how they got to be like they are, to be able to create a therapeutic relationship of trust and respect and that is essential for successful therapy.

    6. Serious and compelling statements and questions, Anony, to which I can make no useful response or answers. I have enough difficulty empathizing with myself, and that's even on my good days.

      However, considering your final paragraph, I would be satisfied (sort of) if we could even just diagnose "these people" and separate them from their usual targets. As to 'successful therapy', well, old saws about leopards and spots come to mind.

      Are we (you and me and whoever) quite convinced that it's all nurture and not nature ? Homo sapiens is just a primitive animal when we look at ourselves clearly.

    7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iFSu2wgZw3U

    8. Nope GB you keep misunderstanding; I agree that genes are everything but culture is everything else. Perhaps genes are all that we could be and culture is everything that we are; and you know that paradox is the only real truth, surely?

      And we are not primitive animals; we do not have instincts.

      Seriously, human mothers do not even know how to breast feed without instruction from more experienced women. This is the critical difference that men do not understand; human mothers need help to raise a child. Our babies would die without a culture of sharing knowledge.

      And again, you miss my point that "these people" are you and me, and diagnosing them is just a failed attempt to categorise our current cultural prejudgements about the way people 'should' be and why they are that way.

      The problem of these others, is only to be solved by not raising 'others' in the first place.

      I have the same problem of lacking empathy for myself most of the time, but the ability to feel empathy for self and others is genetic in that brains in the normal range of functioning do have the capacity to grow brain cells that allow for the ability to self-criticise but it is only culture that provides the necessary conditions for this type of thinking to be adopted and widespread.

      Rigorous self-examination as a human behaviour is not valued in those families who are keen to raise a 'man'who becomes a PM.

    9. Ah well, be thankful for misunderstanding, Anony, because if we understood each other perfectly, we'd have nothing to say.

      And I'm really glad to know that we have no instincts and that the combination of genes and socialization determines us completely and inescapably from conception to grave.

      Also, I'm very happy that "these people" are both you and me - I know about me, but you kinda had me fooled for a while.

  4. Michaelia Cash: I'm a Catholic, but I don't like labels, so don't call me a feminist.

    1. Is 'feminist' a label or just a statement of life-position ? On my better (less misanthropic) days I call myself a humanist, but not as a label.

      Anyhow, wasn't it Gloria Steinem who opined that she looked forward to the day when there was no longer the need for a special word to denote women's humanity.

  5. Seems odd Pell knew all about the rumours of whacky behaviour by priests, including decapitating birds ("I believe the bird was already dead") but knew nothing of the abuse of children that was much more widespread.

  6. "But of course, ha ha, of course!"



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