Monday, March 07, 2016

Is that a selfie, or just deviously funded and sponsored self-interest?

This week's outing by the dog botherer, in his weekly diatribe where he allegedly watchers the watchers, thereby requiring the pond to watch the dog bothering watcher watching the watchers ...

... amazingly does serve a useful purpose.

It allows the pond to run an unconnected Rowe cartoon, and draw attention to more Rowe here ...

Ouch, that looks painful. What exactly is that trunk a metaphor for ...? Is it time for a zipperless fuck?

But once the pleasure's been had, it's time for the pain, and that sneering, leering snap of the dog botherer in the reptile splash hints at the sort of pain to follow ...

Why there might even be an alien probe involved. Watch out for the lizard people ...

Top of the head reaction? Why resort to a brainless head, when a gut or a bowel is on standby?

Yes, it seems everything is so hunky dory in the world of business, and the climate sceptical world at large, that the sort of yarns that topped L'Age this digital day should be banished to the wilderness ...

Oh dear, that's exactly the sort of stuff to set business teeth on edge, or to fuel dog botherer anxieties about coal.

So who does the dog botherer turn to in support of his top of the brainless head reaction?

The good old IPA.

The good old fucking IPA.

Well in cases like these, the pond always recommends a couple of aspros and a good lie down, or if tobacco has truly fucked your system, at least switch on the light and do a little light reading ...

Now to see how The Australian kicked things off, you will have to use your one free read at the Saturday Paper, Murdoch and the IPA work together for Big Tobacco ...

But if you like, you can google, and find plenty of more examples of the IPA's deviousness ...

And yet right now, as cheeky as you like, insolently, as bold as brass, strutting like brazen peacocks, IPA representatives are no doubt right at the moment turning up somewhere on the ABC, peddling their brand of furious lobbying for self-interested parties ... with big tobacco and climate denialism just a couple amongst many sins.

How often have you seen a story on the ABC exposing the IPA's activities and funding?

When was the last time you saw Four Corners explore the links between the IPA, big tobacco and other ratbags of the Gina kind?

As opposed to them being welcomed with open arms, and being criticised for the opening, because that'll gain the IPA even more access to the levers of public broadcasting. Get your

And as we're talking of devious self-interest, now to another matter involving the dog botherer's piece.

The dog botherer introduced this photo into the discussion as a "selfie":

Now if we carefully step around stray walri and Greg Hunt the term, we discover: A selfie is a self-portrait photograph, typically taken with a digital camera or camera phone held in the hand or supported by a selfie stick.

So where's the outstretched hand, holding the camera? What sign is there of a selfie stick?

Or is it just another example of the dog botherer's infinite capacity - almost unique, in ABC parlance - to be out of touch with the world around him?

Ah well, at least it allows for a flashback cartoon ... yes you too can enjoy the rich taste of unentitlemite, concentrated IPA extract ... thanks to Pope and more Pope here ...


  1. yes .. when will the ABC explore/expose/explode the true identities of the shadowy secretive Institute Of Public Affairs? I think the public has the right to know about this secretive club.

  2. IPA seem to have an inside track when it comes to safe seats. James Paterson (IPA) has managed top spot on the Victorian State Senate ticket.

  3. Hi Dorothy,

    Thank you for the link to the “Murdoch and the IPA work together for Big Tobacco..” article. It certainly seems to be the general modus operandi for pushing whatever agenda is motivating The Chairman at any given time.

    The tactic of reiterating the same opinion or falsehood throughout the Murdoch empire is “fairly” subtle until you are aware of it.

    Sheridan is a prime example of the process. As Foreign Editor at The Australian (or cut and paste editor as I prefer to describe him) he takes an opinion piece from the US or UK arm of News Corp and sets it out as an original piece of thinking. Usually these are themed on such topics as “How great are things in Iraq”, “Europe are a set of pussies” and “Muslims are bad”.

    This at first sight looks like just an affirmation of what The Australian or just Sheridan has been saying before but it has now been given international gravitas. That it has been written by yet another functionary in the Murdoch empire is not made clear and the reader believes there is now a world wide consensus.

    Then comes the slightly odd articles and opinion pieces from Sheridan. These are pieces which are not directed at an Australian readership. They are strangely partisan articles attacking or bemoaning certain foreign politicians or their policies. Most readers would be hard pressed to know who these individuals are or what the fuss is about but generally they are interfering with an income flow for Rupert Murdoch or could be a problem for him in the future.

    Whilst of no great interest to The Australian’s readers this article will be then disseminated throughout Murdoch’s international stable of newspapers and in doing so “one hand washes the other”.

    With an overall International policy of spreading Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt as these increase the sales of newspapers, Murdoch uses his international media stable to repeat and reinforce prejudices that increase friction and make conflict more likely.

    It is an extremely cynical way to operate but for him and his cohorts the rewards are extremely generous.



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