Thursday, March 24, 2016

Day 3 continues, with the dear old patriarch fooled by a con job ...

(Above: and wish Mr Rowe a happy easter here).

Naturally with haunting images of crucifixions and talk of continuity and change in the air, the pond was drawn to a reptile EXCLUSIVE featuring the dear old patriarch of the tribe ...

It would be remiss of the pond not to follow up on the strange world of the greens as they bicker and fuss and feud ... and with so much righteous, sanctimonious anger and bitterness.

Who knew that beneath the black skivvies surged such dark, emotional, splitter schismatic hearts?

Look at how they divide ...

Oh dear, the dear old senile law-breaking patriarch, still protesting his heart out and maliciously hauled before the courts, yet the sweet old thing is just an easy victim for a sucker con job ...

Of course it could have been Di Natale that was conned, but sssh that only rouses the slumbering greens to a frenzy ...

Of course ... of course ...

Focus, focus, as the walri man, with full approval of Malware, has arranged important globally significant scientific research on the matter of wind ...

Yes, lavish money on a placebo, because that's the right thing to do.

Why you could offer a placebo on climate science too, and all would be well in the garden of continuity, with bonus change (there's more of this at the Graudian here ...)

Indeed, indeed, and the pond looks forward to a lavish amount of money expended on explaining how the pond is disturbed each night by the planes overhead, offering their rivets up for a counting, and the raucous traffic in the street outside its home. Ah, for the good old days of horse and cart and manure for the garden ...

But what most pleased the pond this day is the way that the skivvy wearer was in tune with the reptile editorialist of Oz, bemoaning Malware's window dressing ...

Indeed, indeed, all this hysterical talk of a climate emergency ... and there's the poor old senile patriarch lining up to swallow Malware's kook aid.

Call it a bad investment strategy, call it a con job dressed up as innovation, call the dear old dodderer an old out of touch fogey ...

How much better to facilitate Malware's attempt to stack the Senate, so that window-dressing and flip-flopping might continue into the infinite future ...

Oh it's grand days for the grand alliance ... who knows what future power-sharing might accomplish?


  1. C'mon folks, it's really just exchanging one set of weasalwords for another: Mal T'bull's personalized three word slogan "continuity with change" simply replaces the old three word slogan "evolution not revolution".

    Now I can understand the VEEP folks not getting that - they really aren't very bright crayons after all - but surely we can do a little better in understanding political sloganeering than that.

    1. Such decisive ratio-synopsis makes much more sense than if Malcolm were just muddling through, yes.

    2. Strange that Lindblom is a yanqui when "muddling through" was, and maybe still is, the much loved motto of the British people - as, but of course, befits "a nation of small shopkeepers".

      But maybe it was really only the English; perhaps the Scots, Welsh and Irish (despite the 'paddy factor') considered themselves just a touch more dynamically competent than mere "muddling".

      Oh and pardon my spelling failure, it is, of course weasElwords.

  2. For entertainment purposes only Can you name a French actor who has made it big in Hollywood?

    Here's my list.

    Jean Reno (great at big-hearted villians)
    Gerard Depardieu (big pudding-faced git, but great in Green Card)
    M. Hulot (no wait, he's fiction)
    Louis Jordan (suave, sexy, could be a Bond)
    Maurice Chevalier - the greatest of the great
    Jean-Paul Belmondo (Breathless - who can say more?)

    We could throw in Yves Montand and Jeanne Moreau and Jessica Alba, but we have to keep the list manageable. And Christopher Lambert was born in France!

    Ant advances? Tati, Boyer, Signoret come to mind. But did they make it great in Hollywood?

    1. Four Academy Award nominations and you wonder about Charles Boyer? Merde ... and of course Mr Lambert must make the cut even if his movies generally make a sewer smell sweet.

      The pond never liked any of the professional French who made playing French a profession - a bit like the British ponces who played British for Hollywood, with George Sanders an honoured exception, but the pond suggests your list is too masculinist and you'll find some female actors in this listicle ...(enough already with the term 'actress')

    2. What, not Noel Coward too, DP ? That's very harsh.

  3. They're destroying the planet. Is anyone trying to fix it?'s-the-planet,-stupid./7274946

  4. The pond says: "Look at how they divide ..."

    Ho hum, well at the pond they're yet again relying on a reptile's notion. This time it's a fantastic innovation of a "created divide". Such unaccustomed creativity, such novelty in reptile spin could have tipped the pond over coming as it does after so much reptile exposure. That, in addition to the effects of recent bottled up Billista koolaid binging? Transferance, or hangover? Anyway what's not to like about such dual messaging for the one Greens objective turning on the likes and preference flows from soft Tweedledee and Tweeedledum voters concerned about life worth living and survival? As FDOM yippeed today, "Nice socks you idiot!" Socks.

  5. Who kills more, loons or Mooslims?

    1. Well yes, the USA has a fine tradition of 'extremists': we can look to Timothy McVeigh in 1995, but there's lots more from earlier times, such as Henry McCarty (aka Billy the Kid) for instance. Or Andrew Kehoe in 1927. And Bonnie and Clyde a few years later.

      Just a never ending stream of them.



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