Thursday, March 24, 2016

Day 3 and a Savva savaging of Tony Rudd ...

(Above: and more horse's mouth papal gifts here).

The reptiles are in turmoil today, and not just because of the barking mad behaviour of ratbag Islamic fundamentalists and Malware's exploitation of same ...

Greenies on board with Malware - who'd have guessed - and poor ScoMo in exile - who'd have guessed.

The terrorists were also in a state of agitation ...

Why it sounds something like a scientological or a Jonestown cult ...

Now in these dire circumstances, the pond knows the wise course is to turn to Savva for a savaging ...

Now there's someone in the know. Anyone who can record the dinner menu in such detail - how is rubber chicken and stewed fruit still a thing? - must have been using a drone - either of the robotic or the human kind ...

But what of ScoMo, the excluded one, yet the one who must soon speak in tongues of budget figures, while that mean and shifty toga-clad figure lurks behind the arras with a knife at the ready?

Begging your pardon Ms Savva, it seems it's not clear to everybody.

Some deluded greens seem to think they'll storm to victory and deprive Malware of a majority in the Senate ... oh to dream the glorious dream, and yet so angry at the same time ...

And now for the delicious bit of the Savva savaging, where it seems poor old Moorice is in the cross hairs ...

Oh dear, and it was only a few days ago that the pond reported the glorious words of Moorice the master climate scientist ...

Well with the greatest respect Ms Savva, Tony Rudd gave Moorice what he craved the most ... great respect as one of the world's leading climate scientists ...

But what say you of Kevin Abbott?

Oh that's harsh, and yet if we're to believe the Murdochians, that small coterie has been replaced by another small coterie, at least if you read Prime Minister explains why Scott Morrison is 'not in the inner circle'...

Ah yes, it's really taken off, with the Veep in a twittering frenzy here as the phrase tours the world ...

And how are others in that very small coterie going?

And so on, and on, and oh Arfur, Arfur, as a pond correspondent noted, where's Terry when you need him?

But please Ms Savva, in closing, what of the Malware-Greens grand alliance?

Ah yes ... that's where we started, with a papal flourish ...

Yes, it's all coming together, and soon my pretties, copper will be everywhere in the land ...

And so to a Moir, and more Moir here ...


  1. Dorothy
    You didn't give us a source for Australia's poor internet performance
    Well at the dire condition of Australia is laid out.
    quote "Across the APAC region, Australia saw the smallest increase in average connection speeds at 4.2 per cent, and smallest increase in average peak connection speeds at 6.4 per cent. It was also the only APAC nation that saw a quarterly decline in average peak connection speeds in Q4, recording 39.3Mbps - a 6.3 per cent decrease since Q3, and dropping Australia from 46th position to 60th."
    Under Malware T, Australia is declining! Not just keeping up the world but actually going backwards. Copper today - pigeons tommorrow. This in the Innovation Nation.

    1. thanks for the link, it's all over twitter of course, the shame and the humiliation, lagging behind the chup eaters of NZ (53) and even the Malaysians (55), who could still afford to drop a lazy billion in the PMs bank account, and how did Thailand get to 18 and Indonesia to 6? No doubt they invested heavily in copper too, or perhaps it was your pigeons ...

  2. Here's a nice little earner for you Tel.

  3. Little wonder Turnbull has it in for ScoMo - he doesn't bring much in the way of numbers to the job, does he?

    And I'm not talking about economic numbers.

  4. "Greenies on board with Malware - who'd have guessed"

    Arse backwards again.

    "Some deluded greens seem to think they'll storm to victory and deprive Malware of a majority in the Senate"

    Really? Baby you should get out more.

    1. To be clear that's the DP arse that's now backwards marching in lockstep with Labor Senate preference wheeler-dealer power brokers who suddenly realised they'd be losing some of what aided their internal hold on power. Awaking to the personal implications for themselves and their factions they stirred shit up and managed a reversal of Labor's position on senate voting. Backroom fixers such as Conroy and Dastyari felt they would be personally short changed so at the last shorted Labor policy, and let a few memes and slogans loose that some dupes still repeat. Conned by Conroy, FFS! Who shall be preferencing Conroy btl, Dorothy?

      Contrast theses drones with the huge numbers of Labor aligned who came away angered and outraged by decisions pushed through at the last Labor federal conference, and who said they would be changing how they preference Labor. The Graudian CIF pages covering it just about melted from the heat.

      We'll see how that goes in another election cycle or two for liblab.

      It's about living and survival, and Labor has been lead by the undead for decades.

    2. Lead by the undead!!! Is that anything like copper zombies?

    3. Rio, Glencore, BHP, The Mining Council, et al, sure they am, and they lead more often than not, often with a welcome cheque. After all, the zombie corporate plague has the same rights and obligations as a natural person except for three. Them undead can't vote, no probs, don't die like people, gotcha, and can be incorporated in more than one place at the same time, now you see me now you don't. All kinds of zombies sit and are welcomed at the big table in the Labor tent.

  5. It's thanks to the Greens that the exposure of the tax rorting big companies has come to light. Yes there could have been more, but half the facts are better than none, which facts the libs and lab were trying to cover up.

    And the Greens are the only ones with enough intestinal fortitude to stand up against the gulags. Labor just caved in on that one. And on 79 other occasions when they voted with the loons.

    'Nuff said. Greens are the only ones worth a vote as far as I'm concerned.

  6. "as far as I'm concerned".

    It's all about you and your choice is it?

  7. Frankly, yes. I'm required to vote as are you, so I'll make my choices on the available information. Libs are corrupt big-business supporting bastards out to screw us all, Lab are a pack of sold out hasbeens who've given up their vision, there are few decent indies (Windsor being one, but not ion my electorate), the so the only choice is the Greens.

    One person one vote (plus a few hundred preferences, and I know where they'll be going).

    So what's your problem?

  8. I don't have a problem just asking why you think it is important to broadcast your reasoning. In my electorate they still have mulch a greenie stickers on their utes. I'm thinking that these people my neighbours, are potential labor voters as they slowly work out how baldly they have been screwed over by the libs. But unfortunately and quite irrationaly as is their custom, they are still believers in the myth that greens are crazy.
    So as far as moving the Overton window to the left voting for labor is a move in the right direction.
    Things are more complex than you think.

  9. Time for an Elmer Gantry quote which seems appropriate...

    “He had learned how to assemble Jewish texts, Greek philosophy, and Middle-Western evangelistic anecdotes into a sermon. And he had learned that poverty was blessed, but that bankers make the best deacons.”
    ― Sinclair Lewis, Elmer Gantry


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