Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Day 2, and a continuity of change continues, with prophet Moorice predicting a messiah and a new religion ...

(Above: Rowe paving the way for Easter, and more Rowe here).

Day two, and the pond refuses to be distracted by the murderous stupidity of fundamentalist Islamics.

And luckily there are some reptiles in the lizard Oz who maintain the rage for our own messiah - no, he's not a naughty boy, he's the messiah in waiting ... still vigilant and ready to pounce.

Now messiahs need their prophets, an Isaiah, a Micah, an Hosea, a John the Baptist, or best of all, a Moorice ...

While simpletons might turn to Chance the gardner for talk about how there'll be continuity and change, or a continuity of change, or a change of continuity (oops, the copper nodes didn't look good when we cut to that close-up), Moorice is on hand to preach a gospel of disillusion ... and hope ...

There's a reason that one of the world's greatest climate scientists is honoured in the pond's banner, and the pond has been waiting for days with metaldehyde-baited breath for the thoughts of the master.

Now astute observers will marvel at Moorice's acute and astute scientific method. 

Who else would be so bold and brave as to open their insights by referencing as source material letters to the editor, online commentary and talkback radio?

Consider it: in this context, the pond itself becomes a valuable source of online commentary, and no doubt Moorice has paid diligent attention to the pond's celebrations of his many offerings.

Who can doubt that dangerous left-wing elites, the brutal progressive establishment, were behind the hapless stooges in the Liberal party who decided to deliver the killer blow, to knife in brutal Brutus fashion the noble Caesar. Oh okay, we've skipped from biblical times to Shakspere doing Roman times,  but who could quibble when Samuel Huntington is dragged into the mix ...

Now the pond has only one complaint. Because of his role as the messiah's prophet, Moorice perforce has neglected his scientific duties, and insolent cartoonists roam the streets with jolly japes designed to amuse the infuriating leftists who subvert and declare out of date exceptional scientists like him ...

More Wilcox here, as these wretches blather on with stories such as Climate change warnings for coral reef may have come to pass, scientists say ...

Look at the prattling rogue and his idle chatter about the continuity of continuous change which delivers a continuity, with change ... and he's at the head of a rabble of ratbags ... soft liberals, as soft and as squishy as a mango or a toasted marshmallow ...

Now pedants might wander if Marx actually did say what Moorice says he said - the pond could only discover exceptional Americans and internet memes as a source, and an impeccable piece of online commentary - trust online commentary? Sure can -  suggests that it is but a meme of the barking exceptionally mad, but this would be the miss the masterstroke of the master Moorice's argument ...

Which is that Tony Abbott was a Donald Trump down under, except that his valiant attempt to attack the controlling elites was done down, in the same way that teh Donald noble attempt to restore many of the values that made America great - including but not limited to profound racism, sexism and personal abuse - is under attack from these same controlling elites ...

Whereas some prophets have tried to distinguish between the wall puncher and teh Donald, Moorice has no fear and goes the full monty...

And as the world turns socialist grey - wouldn't the green of corroded copper have been a better symbol? - the disillusioned will search for a new religion, because, it goes without saying, climate science and politics, is viewed by Moorice as a religion, and he is but a humble prophet for those looking for the resurrection of the messiah, and doing his little bit in paving the way for his return... so that we might, soon, oh, please soon, long absent lord, have our very own teh Donald down under.

Verily, no sooner had Moorice spoken, than the faithful indicated the truth of his words, since online commentary offers tremendously astute insights ...

Yes, it's the ALA for Moorice's readers, but how sad the Messiah stays in the tent intent on doing a reverse knifing when he could be leading his ALA faithful out of the wilderness and into the tent ...

And now, before we have any of the politically correct storming the pond's trenches to complain about the use of words such as "knifing" and "coup" and "crucifixion of the Messiah", let the dog botherer provide an answer ...

Sam Huntington and Orwellian in the one day ... and people wonder why each day, thanks be unto the reptiles, the pond feels doubly blessed ...

And just as we downgrade the definition of misogynist to wearing a blue tie, so we may upgrade the definition of fuckwit to "dog botherer" ...

Ditch the witch, dog bothering dawgie is more than a blue tie event ... look, he's wearing Marxist red ...

Well we were speaking of the fuckwitted mealy mouthed hypocritical insights of dog botherers wanting to downgrade the drama of certain activities to the status of a blue tie ...

And so to a David Pope, more Pope here, as he too heils the return of the messiah, though in a revolutionary disguise designed to fool those not adept in the religion ...

Nothing wrong with a good old Chevvy. Why you could build a full to overflowing intertubes out of one ...


  1. Day Two, and the reptiles level of hysteria and coddling together of scraps into what they consider "writing" is already in the red zone!

    What the actual fark is Kenny talking about regarding Gillard's upgrade of misogyny? Forget worrying about Turnbull making it through the election - I worry about the grumbling white men at Holt St making it through the election. Smelling salts at the ready captain, the clouds of lunacy are gathering on the fore-deck!

  2. Isn't it about time, DP, we called a spade a spade? He's not a dog botherer, he's a dog fucker.

    1. Hi Anon,

      If only we could speak so freely but in such litigious times who dares. No wonder Moorice laments for our vanishing free speech.


  3. 'Continuity with change'. Nice to see Turnbull &co pirating a phrase from a satirical TV show. The scriptwriter of VEEP said 'we were trying to find the most meaningless phrase we could come up with'.

  4. Your placing of Moorice at top of banner was well justified DP. The man is a supreme loon. I actually heard a talk-back caller from Toorak on radio this morn stating that tax is theft and was most agitated. I thought of Moorice immediately.How the fuck these wackjobs manage to rise to the heights is beyond me.
    That Rowe toon is priceless... that passion of the budgie smugglers should be on every bus stop booth in Australia.

  5. Quote for the day.

    “To compel a man to furnish funds for the propagation of ideas he disbelieves and abhors is sinful and tyrannical.”
    ― Thomas Jefferson

    1. Yeah money is the problem if you got it you want to believe you fully earned and deserve it and you always want more and you think you have the right to use it to force other less greedy and money grubbing people to live the way that suits your view of what is valuable about life and liberty.

      Get rid of the money and the love of money. That is a better way to be free.

      And wtf is sin? Stupid quote. Was it a joke?

  6. I searched around trying to remember a quote today but alas this new system I have of Just Ask does not seem as easy as the old Google and Wikipedia methods.

    On Twitter I did manage to find a post that George Bookshelves Brandis shared a house with Peter Plodder Dutton. That set my mind racing. Reworking Roy & HG seemed the best response, "When too much incompetence is barely enough."

    But then I got to your post, and it was Moorice. I can see why you long for his wisdom and pine when he disappears for a while.

    The Quote I was seeking, which came back through memory was from P G Wodehouse's Bertie Wooster, "Jeeves, you stand alone."

    And surely Moorice similarly stands alone, even amongst a gallery of Loons. Thank you for sharing his latest thoughts.

    1. If Moorice can inspire memories of Bertie and Jeeves, then his noble work is done for the day :)

    2. I suspect that even Roderick Spode would be embarrassed to be seen keeping company with Moorice and the rest of the IPA / LNP mob.

  7. Can I be the one to point out the blindingly obvious in regard to Chris Kenny and the knifing metaphor - that Caesar actually was assassinated. It wasn't a metaphor, twit.

    1. Personally, I'm hoping against hope for more colourful metaphors derived from real events, in particular the evocative "defenestration":. Very Game of Thrones, and used for real in politics as recently as 1948, when the Czech communists sent Jan Masaryk through the Moon Door.

  8. "Remove one freedom..." Wondered and wandered. It's authentic Marx only if Marx was sending anonymous emails on 31/8/2014. It first surfaces on an angry old white man forum on that date (incidentally, not falsely attributed to Marx until later). My German is not the greatest, but I was unable to find anything remotely like it in Marx's native tongue.

    Anyway, the use of "one freedom" and "freedoms" is a dead giveaway...only Americans (or people aping their modes of speech) would ever use the word as a countable noun. A habit that makes me shudder.

    Plugging any fragment of the quote into a well-known search engine leads one invariably to sites debunking the attribution, but I guess even the most rudimentary check was beyond (or beneath) Moorice, or an reptileditor. Strangely unaware of Ronald Reagan's favourite Russian saying (and that was authentic): "Doveryai, no proveryai" - trust, but verify. Should be a sine qua non for quoting anyone on the intertubes.


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