Saturday, July 18, 2015

In which the pond thinks of the children and Jennifer Oriel ...

The pond has confessed many times that it can't keep up with the reptiles.

So yes, we missed this little outburst, but what a ripper it is as Jennifer Oriel thinks of the children.

Now it will help readers to understand something that might seem counter-intuitive. Atheistic commie bastard neo-Marxist lefties are at one with fundamentalist religions, and Islamic fundamentalists in particular.

Now, enlightened, you may read on:

Indeed, indeed.

Letting a child appear on television to ask a question is exactly the same, or perhaps possibly worse than allowing a child to hold up a decapitated head!

Uh huh. No sympathy from the pond. You asked for it and any fragile flower wilting under the verbiage will get no sympathy from the pond. But luckily there's just one final par to wade through:

But now you ask who Jennifer Oriel might be, and the pond is very pleased to help with a most modest and humble answer:

Yes, Jennifer Oriel has been acclaimed as one of the top ten smartest people in Australian universities, and is so clever she can't even begin to understand or comprehend what a stupid boast that is ...


  1. Ummm Dot, who wrote that modest and humble description of Dr Oriel, do you think? And what group of people voted or acclaimed her as one of the top ten smartest - is that like Homer Simpson spells it SMRT? - people in Australian universities?

    That would have been an interesting poll. I wonder who else was on that list and why didn't I get to vote? Or be on the list of the voted for?

    The paragraph says her work has been cited by a broad range of organisations and her work included in some syllabi even, and yet on her webpage there are no links to any of these significant organisations or to the work she did that was used by Harvard!!! So wtf? Very very modest young woman perhaps?

    No, seriously, is that the best they can be?

    1. Now be fair, her life story did lead to a very good movie, starring Reese Witherspoon, called Clueless ...

    2. ...and Googling "Top ten smartest people in Australian universities" pulls up six links. One is for this page, and the others are all her own work. I wonder who else she voted for?

    3. I had an idea that there was a smallish chocolate (flavoured, not coated) biscuit with a centre white cream called Oriel, possibly named after her. My preference in this line, however, was always the Delta Cream.

      She sounds more like the type of 'Fellow' the IPA likes to employ than those stuffy sandstone places most credentialled academics belong at.

    4. She was a panellist with Chris Johns last Sunday on the Bolt Report, look it up. Was an awful show, think they ran down every lefty in the country.

    5. ... the woman is crazy... how can a clever person comment on what goes on in a classroom if you don't go into one ... or research the political leanings of teachers which generally come from white middle class suburbs... perhaps the humanities teachers have opinions about politics but enter a junior primary classroom and you will struggle to find much interest in what is happening in the political world as teachers have their hands full with teaching children, from all backgrounds and abilities.
      Me thinks Dr. Oriel is wasting her talents as a political and social commentator, and perhaps should turn her focus to writing cold war spy novels.....

  2. She has a blog, on which she recycles some of her work for the Oz. It's unintentionally hilarious.

    A recent post is all about looking for a conservative alternative for Google, to counteract the left wing bias of the media. You couldn't make this shit up.

  3. We need more people like Jennifer. She has the guts to speak out against the torrent of PC bilge spewed by all maintream outlets. She is a light in the darkness. Keep up the fantatic work Jennifer!

    1. Haha thanks Jennifer. We always knew you'd root for...yourself. A true Aussie battler!

    2. I'm late to this party, I think Oriel is a goldbricker.


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