Wednesday, July 29, 2015

In which the pond proposes an answer to the poignant question featured on the front page of the lizard Oz ...

The reptiles today highlighted a poignant question.

Being always anxious to help, the pond headed off to the viper Bolter's site for an answer.

And there it was, over six long and tedious pages.

A spewing of vile hate, fear and loathing, irrational and abusive.

Luckily the pond had put on protective clothing - you need it when stepping into the sewer, ferreting in the cesspit - and then at random, before the going got too tedious and repetitive and the spelling too awesomely bad and the grammar beyond the valley of the illiterate, the pond collected a few thoughts:

People just don’t like bullies!

Goodes should just say Sorry. Then we can all be reconciled and move on. 

I might become a spectator just to throw that spear back at Goodes. 

Goodes has a huge chip on his shoulder 

Adam Goodes brought racism into Australian rules football 

The very last thing these Aboriginal role models should be doing is glorifying cultural violence. After all, aren’t Aboriginal communities already plagued with crippling levels of violence as it is? 

Do these players really think this display of cultural ‘pride’ will actually be a good influence on young indigenous men? 

It’s the AFL that starts this racial nonsense with the “Indigenous Round”. Shame on the AFL for introducing racism into the football code. 

It was Adam Goodes who played the racism card and is now having it shoved where the sun don’t shine. 

Adam Goodes seems intent on insulting the people of Australia who are 100 percent of non-aboriginal descent. 

Keep going Adam, this way we will all know that any change to the Constitution will fail dismally and YOU will be the cause of that. 

Since a few comments have called him a sook. Maybe it would be more effective not to “boo” but to “"boo who”. As it appears he is a cry baby. 

 ...what about his naming as Australian of the Year, many hate the politics that installs anyone questionable. Add another boo. People have just had enough of PC and Goodes so loves it. 

The crowd has had enough of Political Correctness. They can smell it a mile away. 

Yes Mike the footy crowd are clearly a far better judge of character than the political elite. 

He gets great honours from the parliament and he spits in their face. 

Goodes should take a lesson, but he won’t because he is a divider and so full of hate. 

On another site, a contributor asked the question. “What would the reaction have been by the pious anti racists have been if the crowd had stood up as one and levelled and pointed make believe 303 rifles at Goodes and then made a pretend show of working the bolt action?” How different is that to throwing pretend spears at the crowd? 

Dont shed any tears for Adam Goodes over this. All this controversy will only expand his employability in the Aboriginal Industry post his rertirement. 

Oh there were a few who put a counterpoint:

Bolt, the man who allegedly strives to eliminate the things that divide us, has done more to do exactly that then goodes ever has. Bolt has whistled and the dogs have barked. 

An early version of AB’s post acknowledged that some of those booing were indeed racist, but even that seems to have been too nuanced for the sensibilities of the mob and was removed on edit. Interesting.

But they were snow flakes in the fires of hell, and in any case, there's no rational or logical way to respond to a spewing of hate.

Now the pond could have collected dozens more comments, but it only needed a random sample to answer the poignant question.

The result seems clear enough, and so the pond proposes a tentative answer to that poignant question as to why the crowd were booing uncle.

Why they were readers of chairman Rupert's publications.

They were grazers in the field of hate known as Murdoch la la land.

The crowd of booers attending the football field are the very same feral crowd of festering racists fostered by a divisive figure who uses hate as a way to attract attention to himself as he struts the pages of the HUN, and who spreads his poison across the land

In short, they were booing uncle ... because any sensible Murdochian Bolterish reader simply can't stand uppity blacks ...

Now how soon before the pond's answer is published on the front page of the lizard Oz? How soon before the Murdochians take a stand against the vipers in their midst?

Ah, the sound of crickets.

And they wonder why not a single AFL footballer has publicly admitted to being gay.

Better run a Pope cartoon instead, and more Pope here.


  1. Ah DP, even Bolt can't quite match the rabid ramblings of Katie Hopkins in the UK Sun.

    'Euthanasia vans going around just like ice-cream vans to get rid of worthless old people... We have just far too many old people...don't use rescue boats for illegals, use gunboats...migrants = cockroaces and feral humans'

  2. Alan Jones was airing a lot of anti Goodes sentiment this morning


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