Tuesday, July 21, 2015

In which the pond presents an important message from the dog whisperer ...

Oh, as the prattling, pontificating Polonius, or at least his dog would say, can you bear it?

Indeed, indeed. Why it's shocking, perhaps even disturbing, and such a fuss over nothing.

Why it's absolutely nothing like the wall to wall photoshopped pages featured on a daily basis by the Murdochians during the Slipper affair.

That was only a jolly jape amongst chums, and certainly not over the top:

Indeed, indeed.

It's truly shocking and outrageous, perhaps even disturbing, that there simply wasn't a bureaucrat on hand to explain to Bronnie and her office that perhaps booking a chopper for a little joy flight might not go down too well.

How's a politician and her office supposed to know such things? Where were the cardigan wearers?

It simply won't do, this system, which demands far too much of a politician. Why nobody at all had heard anything about the matter of political perks and junkets and entitlements in the months and the years leading up to this totally surprising event, and other miscreants indulging in entitlement breaches will be severely punished, now that the word is at last out.

Yes, the dog whisperer is at the top of his defensive game, so let's watch as he carries on regardless,
though could it be - dare the pond read it this way? - that it seems Bronnie and her office are totally lacking in some common sense.

Any common sense at all. Nada, zip, nihil common sense.

They might - if you read the dog whisperer correctly and astutely - be completely clueless:

Ah yes, and what a solution to the difficulties politicians and their offices face.

Let an officer of the parliament scrutinise the inscrutable.

Why even better, let's assign an officer for every pollie, so that the clueless can keep doing what they're best at, running the country and thinking of difficult matters, like how to get that honey out of the log.

And think of the way these new officers will help the unemployment rate.

Meanwhile, how deplorable that large chunks of the media will always shoot the travel rorts fish in the barrel.

Thank the long absent lord the Murdochians have never wasted a photoshopped front page on such trivia, and instead are seriously busy publishing the latest bout of climate science denialism, as recorded in splendid detail by Media Watch last night.

What an assortment of rogues, how splendid Graham Lloyd was in such fine company:

Can you bear it?

Now there's a basis for a splendid discussion of climate policies ... or not, as the case may be.

What we need is a climate science expert like the dog whisperer to explain why sharks are behaving so strangely these days ...

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