Tuesday, July 28, 2015

In which the pond marvels at the cheek of the reptiles talking of double standards, while clutching the viper Bolter to their bosom ...

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Sydney airport: 11.

Blog productivity: Absolute zero K, or if you will, -273.15°C.

But hey ho, on the pond belatedly goes, with absolute relief at the way the reptiles have seized on an important issue and made  it top of the page, in the tree killer edition, and in the digital splash:

Indeed, indeed. Shameful, shocking, appalling these double standards.

Now football to the pond is roughly the same as a sauna might be to a polar bear, but there were a few important points to be made, and Chip knew just the right man to talk to about them:

Ah the Bolter, the Bolter.

Let's see what the Bolter thinks, or at least as much as the pond can be bothered showing:

Hmm, that's an interesting choice of words: "the white crowd".

Presumably there were no blacks in the crowd, or any other sort of racially coloured taint. After all, who wants uppity blacks or Asians or any of the other differently coloured to turn up to the footy?

White crowd it must be!

Not that we're interested in dividing the country into black and white. We're with the Bolter all the way ... we're all white here, and sooner or later the blacks will wake up to it, and forget the colour of their skin and go whitey ... and everything will be hunky dory ...

Meanwhile, Chip was just starting to warm up:

Hmm, some racial connotations to it? Hmm, heckling in social media ... would that be blogs? Does the Bolter run a blog? Oh come on, did Goebbels know how to use radio ... (t'ching, take that Godwin's Law swear jar).

Yes such is life, all this chat inevitably brings us back to the Bolter.

Now the pond isn't the first to note it, nor the last, but the Bolter has a fixation on Adam Goodes, a deep fear and loathing which only a shrink could fully understand.

It goes really deep, and it regularly pops to the surface like a hoppy toad.

In a trice, the pond googled up the names Bolter and Goodes and the hate mail came flooding in:

And so on and on, and tediously on ... there are plenty more examples out there, but sometimes rifling through a sewer can just get too  hard on the nostrils ...

Which makes the reptiles of Oz talk of a shameful double standard quite peculiar.

Are they talking about the way they let the Bolter parade his bigotry on a daily basis, while wondering at the crowds doing their "kill the Goodes" chant?

Do they understand that there's not so much double standards at work in Murdoch la la land, as absolutely no standards at all?

Do they begin to comprehend the hatred and the division they routinely foster as they clutch the populist viper to their bosom?

Some say they hear the chanting of the crowd. Strangely, the pond just hears the chanting of the Murdochian tribe ... and nothing Chip can say or do will soften the sound ...

Reading the first comment below, the pond was reminded of an uncle, who on the rare occasions he came across someone of a different colour, would flinch and start, and try to disguise the fear ... but when nicely liquored up, would begin a dreary mantra about lazy blacks and welfare blacks and no good and useless blacks and for variation, endless tales of long-suffering whites ... always prefaced by "I'm no racist but ..." when everyone in the family knew he was deeply, profoundly racist ...

So it seems it might be with the Bolter and his readers. They harp on and about about Goodes, but it's the obsession that's revealing, as it was with the pond's uncle ...

Phew, after that, no time to brood about poker machine rorts - you see the Labor party gets rorting funding too, and that makes everything hunky dory, or so says the fearless leader.

And so to a Pope cartoon, tidily skewering a couple of other matters, and more Pope here.

And finally for those anxious about the faithful unable to eat pig or beef or shellfish or wear mixed fabrics or drink alcohol together, or otherwise agree and settle their tribal cult differences, a pond correspondent reminded the pond of another solution, one currently in vogue in Japan.

Let them eat eel!

Talk about staving off the winter fatigue of reading News Corp publications ... come on cultists, a little unagi will fix what ails you, and then we can get down to talking about why cultists have paid up religious chaplains, and time for indoctrination sessions in public schools ...

Oh because that's what Tony Abbott pays for and that's what conservative politicians want?

Say no more, a nod's as good as a wink to the pond, and no doubt to cultists, and cash in the paw is even better ...


  1. Aaahh, the singer of healing and compassion, The Viper Bolter!

    Truly, his greatest ever works are the comments threads full of keyboard kowards bleating "I am not a racist but, he's arrogant, "I'm not a racist but he's a flog", "I'm not a racist but he's a dickhead, and I don't boo him".

    The Viper Bolter, and the great "We are free to be bigots" Man of Bookshelves have teamed up with the cravenly coward leaders of the AFL, and of the country itself to produce a wonderful platform for free expression of knee-jerk idiocy throughout the well-fed country of ours.

    I salute you.

  2. Whenever the reptiles say something is 'at odds' with something else, you know what follows will not make any sense at all.

  3. About this Bolter fixation on Adam Goodes and the deep fear and loathing which only a shrink could fully understand.... what do you reckon about this as a theory?

    Bolter is a fan of genetics and is impressed with the high IQ that he thinks white men have. This is the explanation for his Dunning-Krueger performance as a climate scientist, his unquestioned assumption of himself as the default civilized man and even I think he imagines himself as an individual who is even cooler than a hipster, if only leftie people were intelligent enough to recognise this.

    But apparently being the high point of evolution means having a small dick, according to a really stupid psychologist called Rushton who came up with an infamous theory about race and intelligence that can be summed up in two words: size matters.

    He did research that he said showed that brain and genital size - in men, I guess he didn't go around measuring women's genitals but who knows - are inversely related, implying that whites are more intelligent than blacks and that Asians are the smartest of all.

    And then there is the latest genetic info that shows that black men - again I think nobody measured if women also - have a 'warrior' gene, so ... small dick compared to Adam Goodes and no warrior gene; obvious why Bolter hates on him so much.

  4. "... whites are more intelligent than blacks and that Asians are the smartest of all."

    But that's how it comes out on IQ tests, mate (with Jews between Asians and whites). Or at least that wondrous tome "the Bell Curve" would have us believe (noting that Australian aboriginals very rarely, if ever, figure in US mass IQ tests).

    And that's even if you do believe the Flynn effect, and if you do separate the 'fluid' and 'crystallized' measures.

    1. The Flynn effect? All fucked up. The 'whites', the right sort of 'whites', of course, primed with the answer sheet from birth go about ensuring the rest that weren't so primed are totally rooted.

    2. It's rubbish+ Intelligence is not measured by IQ tests; iq tests measure a particular set of abilities that were determined by educated wealthy white men and they reflect this bias. That is the first problem for them being a useful way of determining what people are good at.

      All the early stupid results that had our blackfellas with an IQ of 60 - which is what down sydrome people are - were a dogs breakfast in the way they were administered and the rigour of the analysis of the results the same. The anomalies that were thrown up such as Bennelong who learned English in a few months and was able to learn the manners of the Victorians and cope with their weirdness; that is not something that a member of an unintelligent 'race' can do.

      At the same time the Irish scored around 70 with the English just across the channel scoring much higher - can't remember that number. The tests are more reliable now but they still only measure what one type of person thinks is clever.

      So all the latest high powered and very very expensive genetic analyses GWAS etc, show nothing conclusive in the way of genes 'for' intelligence and the latest twin studies also show heritability except it is 50/50 nature/nurture or 40/60 but this just tells us nothing.

      So it remains the consensus of reputable scientists that there is no evidence for races - humans are one race with a variety of regional variabilities and intelligences. And there is more interest and evidence for nurture int he form of micro-environmental effects and unique environments and epi-genetic effects being far more likely to be the factors that determine intelligence and personality traits.

      And yeah Flynn is a hack also.

      Try this article; and the comments are really good with all the usual HBD - human bio-diversity - eugenicists trying to put forward a coherent argument against the author, but not doing that.


      And now I have remembered that Rushton's theory is called the Goldilocks theory of white supremacy because white blokes always find themselves to be 'just right'..

    3. Anon 1st: "... the right sort of 'whites', of course, primed with the answer sheet from birth ..."

      Anon 2nd: "... iq tests measure a particular set of abilities that were determined by educated wealthy white men and they reflect this bias ..."

      But guys I'm confused. How can IQ tests have a 'white" bias when, as noted in the literature (not only The Bell Jar), whites actually come second last as a group when measured by IQ tests, with both Asians and Jews outscoring "whites".

      Is this some kind of 'hide your light under a bushel' conspiracy ?

  5. Hi GB,

    Jared Diamond made the very valid point in his seminal book "Guns, Germs and Steel" that very few "Europeans" would survive for long in a New Guinean Jungle. Any real assessment of innate intelligence is in how it allows an individual to survive in any given environment.

    Geography, History and Culture heavily outweigh genetics in Homo Sapiens (physically to an alien we would be barely indistinguishable compared to the breeds of dogs).

    Attempting to grade the intelligence of people without including their culture and the environment they were raised in, is as futile as Psamtik's attempt to discover the origin of language.



    1. It's not a level playing field either;




    2. "... very few "Europeans" would survive for long in a New Guinean Jungle."

      I've not read 'Guns, Germs and Steel', but does Diamond give any parameters to that statement ? For instance, by "very few" did he mean , say, 1% or 5% or ? How did he estimate this ? What would the Europeans be allowed to bring to the New Guinea jungle when they are being tested for survival ? Could they bring, for instance, guns, germs and steel ?

      What percentage of the Australian troops in PNG in WWII were killed by the jungle as opposed to killed by the Japanese ? Does that count as a valid test ?

      I'm sorry, DW, but I just can't see the relevance of Jared D's observation.

  6. Rifling through a sewer is no picnic Dorothy (or it shouldn't be)


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