Sunday, July 19, 2015

In which the pond goes on an extended ride with the Valkyrie ...

Sunday, and the turmoil on the front line continues.

The intrepid pond ploughs on into the heart of darkness doing its best to ignore the pitiful Hunsters, forced to borrow their splash from the mighty Terrorists:

Never mind lads, you did the best with the raw material to hand, and let it be so, and let Bronnieairfarcegate be its name ...

Meanwhile, at Liberal party HQ in Surry Hills, the sandbagging of the trenches, and the bunker reserved for the commanding officers, proceeded apace, and from late yesterday this was the story of heroic resistance that stayed right at the top of the lizard Oz digital page until this morning:

Oh the noble brave woman. What a scandal it is that all those signs are out and about saying "Ditch the witch"! Which politician would dare to stand next to such sexist rubbish?

But then the pond began to have doubts, as it embarked on a tour of the bunker.

Some insolent surfs, some saucy wags and rogues had begun to speak out.

Dennis Atkins was one such larrikin lag:

Damned vengeful, resentful Queenslanders.

Oh dear, don't say it's payback time...

It's payback time ...

And then there was sedate Malcolm Farr ...

He's about the only one the pond can be bothered providing a link to, lurking as he does in his genial way at, here.  He's the human face of reptile land, and on he went:

By golly, it's not looking good. Surely Laurie Oakes will provide a more helpful analysis, and avoid any stereotypes, like referencing Wagner and Apocalypse Now?

Oh dear, that looks ominous.

Are we aware of the duties of the valkyrie?

Any of the beautiful maidens attendant upon Odin who bring the souls of slain warriors chosen by Odin or Tyr to Valhalla and there wait upon them.

Beautiful maiden?

Never mind, what's this chat about the soul of a slain warrior? What on earth could Laurie be on about?

Oh dear, not the ritual digging of the dirt and reminders of past follies ...

By now the pond was barely out of base camp, and feeling desperate. There must be one champion to be found, and so the pond turned to the always obliging and helpful Bolter.

Speak up Bolter:

Oh yes, that's a good attempt. Catching a luxury high priced chopper isn't frivolous if you're a Very Important Poo Bah, and time poor, as the pond has repeatedly explained, being roughly equivalent to the Mikado, though routinely treated as Nanki-poo.

Speak on Bolter, redeem the time-poor Yum-Yum:

Oh dear, that sounded a tad negative by the end ...

It wasn't a clarion call for the head to roll into the imperial basket, but it wasn't a ringing endorsement either ...

Et tu Bolter?

Meanwhile to close on a positive note, the pond wants to acknowledge a couple of efforts in relation to George Christensen.

A good question, though just as the pond was wondering whether the program would want him, or he would want to go on the show and make an ass of himself, a distraction arose:

The pond hadn't thought of it before, but it was the perfect fit.

And then the pond noticed that the Graudian had invited Christensen to scribble furiously Hell will freeze over before I pull out of Reclaim Australia rally.

Pure trolling of course, and attention-seeking, and in its reference to a frozen hell, with a mindset of camel herders from a couple of thousand years ago, and full of reprehensible rhetoric and lies which really shouldn't be rewarded with any attention.

But the pond loved this juxtaposition at the start of the show:

Yes there's a man with Ned Kelly on his T-shirt as silly George shouts out the virtues of Reclaim Australia.

So George, it seems, is all in favour of psychopathic cop-killing bushrangers ...

Amen to that ...

And naturally while at the Graudian the pond just had to drop in on First Dog, and you too can drop in on the dawgie here.


  1. Watching Insiders. Poor old polonious is eye rolling like a teenaged girl and mounting a rearward action for the speaker.Undescribingly delicious

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  3. I remember a very funny satirical piece by Phillip Adams around 20 years ago which was a love letter to Bronnie. Can't find it now. Anyone remember it?

  4. Are those people in the photo really 'Reclaim Australia' demonstrators, or are they homeless people?

  5. As far from the centre of the Earth as it gets


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