Tuesday, July 28, 2015

In which the pond continues to be distracted by Bronnie, despite the charm of other distractions ...

Let's face  it, if Bronnie didn't exist, she'd have to be invented.

She's a one woman excuse not to dwell on the shameful willingness of both major parties to take care of those who donate to them, by rewarding the cash in the paw with decent, considered, thoughtful legislation ... and with the greatest respect, you know what that means. Nudge, nudge, wink wink. Property developers, the poker machine industry, the grog merchants, they all know how the game is played ...

And one of the rewards is keeping the entitled in a position to enjoy their entitlements because the age of entitlements will never be over.

Oh the animals might howl about the pigs sitting down to have dinner with the farmer, but howling is all they can do, and what a useful distraction it is.

Fairfax is the now pretty much the only home for the current yowling, with only the odd story turning up on the more general, less rabid reptile site, news.com.au.

The tabloids have moved on to the latest sex scandal, so that there's another distraction even more distracting than the Bronnie distraction.

Still, Fairfax have been maintaining the rage:

Even the resident magic water and sourdough bread lover couldn't resist a jab at her extravagant ways:

Et tu splurger on a ten dollar loaf of sourdough?

Of course, being Sheehan, it was framed as just one small part of the complete apocalyptic collapse of the entire world. Where would the Fairfaxians be without their in-house chicken little?

But then there are the consequences:

Oh dear, though nobody pays much attention to Roy Morgan these days.

As for the latest story, it's clear enough what it all means:

She is ...standing by a signed declaration to bureaucrats that asserts she was in Albury on official business, specifically to research work-life balance for an inquiry by a parliamentary committee, of which she was then chair.

A signed declaration no less.

Now the pond was always taught that if you signed anything, you had to know, understand and agree to the contents - unless it was a simple witnessing, as in a will, where it was improper to read the contents. Then you're only witnessing the signature, not the contents.

As for the rest, the actual business at hand which was the subject of the declaration ...

Mystified, is, with the greatest respect, another word for hogwash, lies, bullshit and common and garden deceit.

It reminds the pond of the great Marcus Einfeld mystery, where the man made a false statutory declaration for a $77 speeding fine, and  ended up spending time in the clink for perverting the course of justice and so on. Sheesh, just pay the fine already.

It's also in marked contrast to the treatment of Slipper, yet it's clear enough that in the case of the wedding matter, the alleged business of the formal committee business is just a pathetic bit of window-dressing, in which Bishop is now so steeped that she must press on in an Einfeldian way ...

But will Bronnie suffer any punishment for perverting the course of politics? Does the potential for an ongoing season of vaudeville and comedy mayhem exceed the sense of outrage?

Will the bureaucrats summon up the courage? Will the federal police?

Oh go on, you now that's being as rhetorical and silly as stepping to the side of the stage to deliver a monologue ...

At the moment, despite the Fairfaxians maintaining the rage, it seems unlikely she'll suffer ...

Abbott is still showing signs he's determined to stand by her, dressing it up as loyalty when in reality it's an astonishing display of rank hypocrisy ... in much the same way as he's shown he can be pig headed about climate science, gay marriage, and all the rest of the windmills he tilted at to get into power.

It's doing him damage, and she's also doing the party damage, and the sensible thing would be to cut her loose ... but is Abbott and his office beyond the valley of the sensible thing?

Meanwhile, speaking of distractions, on another planet as big Mal and the rest of his party debate the shape of the camel:


  1. At 2.48 pm, a survey that 7,825 readers had responded to asked if Bronnie was doing the right and fair thing.

    99% replied no.

    Which means that around 78 people believe she was being honest.

    Or the village gossip is doing the rounds again, and those figures can be brushed aside.

  2. Hi Dorothy,

    Actually I think Bronwyn has a cast iron case here;

    "She is ...standing by a signed declaration to bureaucrats that asserts she was in Albury on official business, specifically to research work-life balance for an inquiry by a parliamentary committee, of which she was then chair."

    She's certainly getting that work-life balance right. Work pays for her luxury life.

    "Bishop to King 7. Checkmate I think."


  3. I think the best thing that Labor could do on the

    resumption of Parliament, if Madam Speaker is

    still in the Chair, would be, when the first 94A

    is issued to one of 'those on the left', that the

    whole lot just leave in mute protest.

    OK, it's a stunt but what a beauty!
    Libs get pwned...

    Pwn is a leetspeak slang term derived from the

    verb own, as meaning to appropriate or to conquer

    to gain ownership. The term implies domination or

    humiliation of a rival, used primarily in the

    Internet-based video game culture to taunt an

    opponent who has just been soundly defeated (e.g.,

    "You just got pwned!


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