Wednesday, July 22, 2015

In which Kirsten Dunst meets Humphrey Bogart, and they go on the road to Morocco with Bing and Bob ... which is code for the Abbott government enduring yet more of the Bronnie brouhaha ...

Expect a balanced, fair set of taxation reform proposals from the current government, when they've ruled everything out, except a GST hike?

You have to be dreaming, but once again that impertinent Papist has made further commentary irrelevant, and as always more Pope here.

So once again the pond must go down the black, bleak, dark coal mine of existential despair and explore Bronnieairfarcechoppergate.

You see branch headquarters of the reptile empire finally brushed the cobwebs off the Photoshop to deliver a fine front page:

The story itself is of no consequence.

The junket on the road to Morocco with Bing and Bob was funded by Moroccan taxpayers - hey it's a filthy rich country, they can afford it - but no matter, because Bronnie has now achieved golden Slipper rat status, and once you achieve that, you never get to shake it.

The HUNsters were more modest on the front page ...

But they had fun on the inside of the rag ...

Play it again Bronnie.

But it wasn't the story of the junket, or the way it allowed a re-heated re-hash of Bronnie's actual crimes, it was the accompanying comment by Ellen Whinnett that suggested the reptiles were in a hanging mood:

And in the Currish Snail Paul Williams provided a commentary proposing that Bishop's excesses as Speaker were more worrying than her Marie Antoinette tendencies:

Later in the piece Williams focussed on more significant problems:

Voters would have to be locked in the Despatch Box not to have seen Bishop’s excesses in the House. It’s just half way in the term and Bishop has already broken records by expelling about 400 Labor MPs – some merely for laughing – but just a handful of Coalition members for far worse. 
She has attended party room meetings where parliamentary tactics are likely discussed, rules legitimate Opposition questions out of order (sometimes before hearing the whole question), is inconsistent in rulings, suffers from a flimsy grasp of Standing Orders and – most egregiously – joins the Government in mocking the Opposition. 
It’s a bit like the school principal egging on the bullies to bash the weak kid. It’s no wonder Press Gallery veterans lament Bishop as the worst Speaker in 30 years, worse even than Labor’s Leo McLeay whose hands-off style let Paul Keating get down and dirty with the Liberals.

Williams is deluded of course - he doesn't want Bronnie sacked for her indulgences, but for being unfair to Labor and the worst Speaker in living memory. As if they were crimes in the eyes of Tony Abbott ...

Happily today is Dame Slap day, and surely the Dame would give Marie Antoinette a little bit of leeway, or at least contrive to talk of other things.

Oh dear, the illustration doesn't show much promise ...

And the splash?

Oh dear, not a stinking fish rotting from the head, and just as the pond was getting ready to put away the knitting and wait until parliament reconvened for the next big splash of Bronnie fever.

Never mind, Dame Slap in a fury is always a sight to be seen, and this one was up there with her alarums and warnings about the UN using climate science to bring in world government:

Oh dearie me, dearie me ...

Oh lordy lordy, not the Greek disease amongst the born to rule! The pond is speechless in dismay, Next thing - gasp - she'll be praising a greenie!:

It's not going away?

No indeed it's not, despite the very best endeavours of the reptiles to keep it off the front page.

Talk of Bronnie still infests the tabloids and even the commentary pages of the lizard Oz.

And where does this leave the master?

Facing jokes that he's a weak, supine LOL cat:

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  1. DP, I am having nasty ... very, ... very nasty ... thoughts about this novel by Ayn Rand. It appears to be about a woman in a position of power over weak men. What's new about that? Nothing, except now I can't help thinking about certain women, in PMO and in DoF, who would buy this trash.


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