Saturday, July 04, 2015

A photo montage ... because sometimes words can't get the job done ...


  1. DP - I think this is the fantasy Abbott thinks he is living. Actually Abbott is the crazed South American dictator El Supremo (towards the end) with a uniform worthy of Gilbert and Sullivan.

    Unlike Abbpott, old Greg had principles. He stood up against the "Unamerican activities" Hollywood witch hunt, opposed the Vietnam war and considered standing against Reagan, and of course won an Oscar for To Kill a Mockingbird.

    1. Director Raoul Walsh Anon! Greg Peck! Cahiers du Cinema would approve of your choice of trailers ... and so does the pond. But are you sure El Supremo is ideologically sound enough? We must beware lily livered backsliders ...

  2. There some old goodies on TV today, including I Was Monty's Double and The Sundowners.

  3. Hi Dorothy,

    really somebody should tell Abbott if he's going to play dress-up he should do it right. This is how a pro does it;


  4. What struck me was the Abbott gait with feet facing north and south.

  5. I'm with Anon above - only a video can really do justice to the swagger he showed walking around the deck of that ship. But the admiral has shown him he needs lots of gold braid on that jacket to do it right, and God forbid he ever notices that crutch thingy that George W used!


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