Sunday, September 21, 2014

So many terrors, or is that competing stupidities ...

So this is where wall to wall shrieking headlines and hate media will get you ...

When reading We are the ones being terrorised, Muslims say, it's obvious that the Murdoch hate media has succeeded, along with the Abbott government, in elevating the level of hate and hysteria, and that abuse of the other is now the norm:

The Australian National Imams Council expressed anger that one of its most senior members, an assistant to the Grand Mufti of Australia Dr Ibrahim Abu Mohamed, was pulled up at Sydney airport on Thursday on the way to the Haj, a religious pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia. 
The Imam, who met Prime Minister Tony Abbott and Attorney-General George Brandis recently, was stopped at the boarding gate, stripped of his mobile phone and iPad and kept in a room for two hours without explanation, the general manager of ANIC Samir Bennegadi said.

Then there's the petty spiteful stuff, vandalism and abuse.

As a secularist materialist, it always hurts the pond to see goods vandalised - that's why watching Citizen Kane smashing up his wife's room is so horrendous. It's a bit like watching the minions of Murdoch and the Islamists smash up the joint ...

Now the pond also has to acknowledge the splendid efforts of that prime doofus and dumbbell imitator, Jacqui Lambie, who has doubled down in her first offensive posting:

Senator Lambie said Malalai Kakar "would have been the first to agree with my call to ban the burka". 

Say what? How does Lambie know what Malalai Kakar would think?

 "Far from desecrating her memory, my Facebook post honours her and the deadly struggle against brutal thugs and extremists," she wrote.

Say what? That's verging on the delusional. That's like saying British First welcomes its Islamic bros ...

"As a police officer she would have known how easy it was to conceal weapons or bombs capable of killing large numbers of innocents under a burka. 
"She would have known how much safer it would be in public if the burka was banned." 
Senator Lambie labelled the ABC story "a disgusting, unprofessional beat up – which will embolden and put a smile on the faces of the sharia extremists". 
"I hope the ABC and the photographer now put as much energy into attacking the extremists and their disgusting and appalling behaviours - as they have into a soft political target." (at the ABC, here)

What a silly, silly person. Fuckwit is way too affectionate a term.

Not a clue, and Lambie's reward? An interview on The Insiders this very Sunday morning ...

As the pond's American friends might say, that's a pretty unique effort, blaming the ABC and cajoling a dead woman into fellow travelling with Lambie and far right ratbags in defacing an image, then turning up on the ABC to have another bite of the publicity hound cherry.

But, as the pond's American friends would say, Lambie isn't totally unique in her efforts.

The angry Sydney Anglicans have also been continuing their campaign, and it bore mainstream media fruit recently:

Yes, Fairfax finally got around to the Jensenists, in Anglican dean blames Islam for rise of Islamic State.

Of course the angry Sydney Anglicans have had to stand by the Jensenists, and never mind that angry Sydney Anglicans share the same fundamentalist attitude towards gays and women as fundie Islamics (get your complimentary woman here, and see what a fine complementarian she can be).

You see they still have the Jensenists on the front page of the web site, along with a pitch to "multiethnics", whoever or whatever they might be:

The angry Anglicans posted The Truth Behind ISIL on 12th September, and whacked it up on his own site, the heart of angry Jensenism, here. And they think the message - that Islam is false - is so important it's still on the front page this meditative Sunday.

What's always sublime is the way crazy fundamentalists can see clearly the crazy fundamentalists around them, but have trouble with the mote in their own eye.

How does Jensen know Islam is false? Well because at its centre is a crazed prophet who thought he had, courtesy voices in his head, a direct line to god ... and She was always going on about things ...

Yes, but at the centre of Christianity is a crazed prophet who claimed a direct link to god ... and She's still in the ear of the Jensenists, but because She sounds too much like a woman, they maintain the fiction that She's an angry Patriarch not averse to genocide and with a conviction that Adam and Eve is the way modern relationships should work, ribs and all that...

That's the problem in a nutshell, isn't it? Both Jesus and Mohammad are long gone, and not a peep out of them for many a century, but plenty of bigoted noise and chaos from their followers ...

At the least, the position should be agnostic:

What elevates one set of crazed beliefs above another set? It's not that there's any scientific proof, for all the Catholics go on about saints, and evangelicals launch yet another search for Noah's Ark and turn up Rusty ...

It's easier with a younger cult like Scientology, where the head cultist, L. Ron Hubbard was around in the same lifetime. It's easy enough to pick that as a shakedown fraudulent Ponzi pyramid scheme which appeals to actors with very little brain (sorry Tom Cruise lovers, but there's got to be some payback for Edge of Tomorrow, and Qantas, we promise not to mention Battlefield Earth).

But the sources of other cultists are long gone, and there's a deep suspicion that those voices angry Anglicans and crazed Islamic fundies hear in their heads are actually their own ...

Meanwhile, long suffering secularists have to put up with all the consequent and subsequent ratbaggery ...

And it's not just the angry Anglicans who've joined in the fray.

The new Archbishop Pell has adopted a conciliatory tone since his appointment - he's always noting how his home suburb is Lakemba - but he nonetheless managed to find himself beneath this reptile headline in the lizard Oz not so long ago:

Yep there he was in Bishops unite against 'demonic' Islamists calling for a "prayer crusade" - good luck with that - what if the crazy Islamic fundamentalists have a better imaginary tooth fairy and Santa Claus all rolled into one.

Fisher was getting agitated about the fate of Christians and never mind that ISIL is running an extraordinary vicioius, criminal campaign that persecutes all sorts of people (have a read of Iraq: The Outlaw State in the NYRB to celebrate what a fine result Team deputy sheriff Howard and Team Bush produced).

Fisher was all "won't someone think of the Christians" while the pond was all "won't someone think of humanity" and how will we ever get rid of these troublesome, meddlesome priests, who now have their own transubstantiation lover running things in Canberra. Yes, a genuine cannibal and Christ muncher and slurper in charge of the show ...

Ah well, there's no harm if the pond joins in, sounding the alarm about dangerous cults like the Fisherites and the Jensenists, though it has to be said that "Fisherists" doesn't have quite the ring to it as the lost down under days of the Pellists:

Eek, that's enough violent, viciously pornographic images for a meditative Sunday.

Wait, here's an even more alarming and dangerous group of cultists:

Ah well, while on the subject of Facebook memes doing the rounds, this one came back from an old site called Friends of Irony, though shorn of its original brand:

Uh huh. And the pond has been saving up this one for all those who chivvy the pond for the errors, typos and egregious grammatical and spelling errors routinely featured on this site, courtesy of its New Zealand subs - take pity on the NZ subs, who need the money for their remedial vowel shift accent training - they voted for John Key and are now deeply afraid they're going to end up in a diary servicing the needs of the Chinese market ...

Ah well, it's funnier than watching Jacqui Lambie on The Insiders ... or watching the Fisherites and Jensenists jump through their delusional hoops in company with other cultists ...

And now a visual impression of the Murdochians wrecking the joint - beware the ad before the scene starts - and that's more than enough for this meditative Sunday:


  1. Ah well, all the prophets had a direct line to god, right back to the first of them...

    As Dylan put it:
    God said to Abraham, "Kill me a son."
    Abe says, "Man, you must be puttin me on."
    "God say, "No." Abe say, "What?"
    "Where do you want this killin done?"
    Down on Highway 31.

    Surely you don't mean, like...


  2. Your sad saga of religious bigotry had me yearning for the more innocent days of my Adelaide youth, when the greatest concerns seemed much simpler. The Rev K F Kitto of the Lord's Day Observance Society appear now to be much more innocent when reporting on people enjoying themselves in the parklands on a Sunday.

    The Angry Anglicans are a great worry. Having been raised as one, I rather enjoyed it that they didn't seem to stand for anything much, other than to appeal to the goodness within, which was stronger in some than in others. Later in studying Westminster politics I heard the Anglican (UK) Church described as the "Conservative Party at Prayer", which appealed to my by then agnostic mind. What is it with the Jensenists? Do they feel the competitive pinch from the Tongues and Happy Clappers, or the Praise The Lord Televangelists? Damning the rivals is taking us close to the recently departed Ian Paisley's style, and look where that landed Northern Ireland.

    A lot of this Muslim hate is, of course, tied to the Herculean task of attempting to make Abbott acceptable, but at what cost? Doodling and idle jottings is now a security risk

    The worst of it all is the two biggest Muslim nations are right on our doorstep, are secular, are both working towards post-colonial democracies amid poverty and corruption. They could do without this demonising in the interests of internal stability. And we'd benefit in trade and foreign relations from keeping it friendly.

    With ourselves having achieved a passable democracy, now under siege from a megalomaniac media baron and wealthy interests, we do need to call a halt to this nonsense and get back to governing the country.

    1. The pond is with you GD. What's wrong with a nice cheese and cucumber sandwich and a cup of tea for the average Anglican? Where did all the hate come from? And yes, as we go about the business of demonising Islamics, when will anyone notice Indonesia and Malaysia?

  3. Jensenism thrived during the IRAQ war as it was closely aligned with right wing US Baptists like Albert Mohler and Mark Denver. They are all evangelicals who use media companies to promote their wares to indoctrinate others to a fundamentalist way of thinking. Tony Payne who is featured on the Sydney Anglican site actually ran Phillip Jensen's media/book company. Phillip Jensen is Australia's version of a religious Alan Jones. Usually he's fighting liberal Anglicans who believe in equality for all within the church. Now he has a great opportunity to drum up business by promoting anti-Muslim sentiment. He's taking a position at Moore College with Tony Payne where more explicit indoctrination can occur and further discriminatory principles can be implemented.

  4. Burqa....burqas don't worry me, underpants do though and the only time I feel safe and assured (about underpants and their explosive potential) is when I step into the airport scanner.

  5. Nothing to do with Muslims - So I guess that's why the "Protective Services" Officers singled out the brown skinned be-turbaned youth amongst all the others getting off the train. He was heading to the local Sikh temple but I doubt that meant much to them

  6. Hi Dorothy,

    If you want terror, I don't think anything beats this headline today...

    "Polygamist Ninjas arrested in Utah"

    They were evidently subdued by a sword wielding Mormon. You can read all here

    It beats any Ban the Burqa controversy into a cocked hat.


    1. A classic DW, clearly you feel the force and the power of the loon and are at one with the zeitgeist. Great link and all the weirder because it took place in West Jordan ..

  7. Sold! Battle of the Codes. Sell Terror. Free Sydney. Block Mean Girls. Kids Go FREE. Don't Stare.


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