Monday, September 01, 2014

A qualitatively historic post ...

It probably depends on how you define historic and qualitative.

It could mean many things to many people.

Who knows quite what it means, though you can read this Crikey story here.

By golly, that's it.

The pond was trying to work out a good synonym for "qualitative" journalism, and it was staring the pond in the face all along.

Uxorial ...

As you'd expect from a bro-mancer in his prime ...


  1. Is this real or another WMD scenario?

  2. Well Glen, whatever this is, the pro-Zionist gun running into Iraq at least was balanced today by The Prime Idiot's proclamation of his hard hitting tough guy expanded sanctions against Russia that included restrictions on arms exports.

    Oh, this from Sheridan? Did he predict in passing a resultant (that didn't) large drop in petrol prices at the bowser again?

  3. Uxorial: Nailed it! I hope the Prime Chimp can work out the goodies from the baddies,although I'm sure Greg will help.
    A couple of interesting links (via AIMN)
    Sometimes a look back at history gives a look at the present regards this apparently never ending shit-storm


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