Sunday, September 07, 2014

A little British comedy down there with Benny Hill ...

By golly, looks like The Graudian is on to a winner.  That's how to do a splash when discussing Tony Abbott's year in power ...

In the old days in Tamworth it used to be known as National Geographic porn. Old men used to clutch the magazine on the way to the 'loo, purporting a rigorous academic interest in geography and ethnography.

What a handy symbol for the sexism embodied in the bully boy Abbott cabinet.

Oops, sorry, let's run that again.

That's better. Lenore Taylor and Katharine Murphy must be ever so pleased no nudity was required ...

And lordy lordy, look at the comments generated by that Scottish poll.

Just as well Ed Miliband has the perfect solution to the problem:

Now we know who can replace Scott Morrison and run a tidy, if deadly, killer prison for refugees.

Nae, ye cannae come her with ye haggis and strange ways ...


  1. Hi Dorothy,

    I see Rupert is remembering his Presbyterian roots and offering up a bit of schadenfreude for his enemies with this tweet;

    "Scottish independence means huge black eye for whole political establishment, especially Cameron and Milliband [sic],"

    Evidently the SNP leader Alex Salmond has already made the pilgrimage to New York to get the blessing from Godfather Murdoch.

    Another supplicant in the shape of the swivel-eyed Farage (Anti-foreigner UKIP leader) has also had an audience with the capo di tutti capi. I think this account says it all;

    "The meeting took place after Farage had finished recording an appearance on Fox's Sean Hannity and Neil Cavuto shows at News Corp's building in Manhattan. During an ad break, Cavuto said to Farage, "Sir… The boss wants to see you. The big boss.""

    Who do you think could play Murdoch in the film, De Niro or Pacino or maybe it's a shame Brando isn't with us still.


    1. It's a bit left field DW, but have you thought of Adam West or William Shatner? Orson Welles played the evil incarnate that was Hearst for comedy in Citizen Kane - deeply black comedy, but comedy in the Psycho Tony Perkins way all the same - and the pond fancies Murdoch as an evil emperor in a galaxy far far away, and the further away, the better.


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