Monday, May 19, 2014

The master knob polisher struts his stuff ...

(Above: a tweet forward to the pond by some deviant, featuring the thoughts of some deviant. No doubt he has at some point had something to do with the ABC)

Vital, important, compelling, incisive insights from the master knob polisher himself.

Come on down Bolter, show the world how it's done:

A healthy media would also be horrified at their idiotic class war talk. 
Instead, many outlets have joined the Labor game. 
 After beating up the great cigar scandal, newspapers mocked Hockey’s wife, a successful banker, for wearing a moderately expensive dress when she went to Canberra for his Budget speech. 
 “Cutbacks? What cutbacks? Joe Hockey’s wife attends Budget announcement in $749 Carla Zampatti dress,” sneered the Australian edition of the Daily Mail, as if her dress showed Liberals were heartless. Channel Nine’s Laurie Oakes, doyen of the Canberra press gallery, even started his post-Budget interview with the Treasurer with three questions attacking him for dancing with his wife in his office on Budget night. 
 “The unemployed, the sick, the welfare recipients hit by the Budget, they’re not going to be dancing are they?” lectured Oakes, as if he’d caught Hockey dancing on a carpet of starving pensioners, when he’d in fact been celebrating seeing his family after three weeks away working on a Budget to save us. Meanwhile, the ABC portrayed the Budget as the cruel work in part of a foreigner unable to understand Australian values. 
Interviewer Matt Abraham asked Belgian-born Finance Minister Mathias Cormann, who’s been here for 20 years, whether “you don’t know as much about the Australian mindset and culture as perhaps other politicians who have either been born here or been here a lot longer”. 
This stuff isn’t just infantile but dangerous. 
What unpredictable hatreds are being stoked? 
More importantly, how does this savage rhetoric help us to fix what’s broken? 
The country is running dangerously short of money, and claiming this is just a con by the rich to torture the poor is a lie that could ruin us. 
Shame on the guilty.

Oh indeed. Shame on them. It's shocking, shameful stuff.

Anyone who's used the notion of class warfare for cheap political point-score, braying like donkeys, should be strung up from the nearest lamp post, as any decent Miranda the Devine would do to a nearby greenie.

What's that you say?

Say what?

A healthy media would also be horrified at their idiotic class war talk. 

But wait, there's more. The pond never likes anyone to go home without a decent set of steak knives.

Shorten, Milne and Palmer together could block Abbott’s rescue plan in the Senate for the next three years, and a healthy media would kick these craven populists for denying there’s even a problem to fix.

Craven populists?

And so on and so forth.

Far worse than anything in the Budget is the class war that reckless politicians and journalists are waging against it. 
Labor leader Bill Shorten, Greens leader Christine Milne and so-called billionaire Clive Palmer have disgraced themselves in inciting real hatred. 
A warning. On Friday, screaming Leftist students in Sydney physically attacked Foreign Minister Julie Bishop, pushing and grabbing her. 
Unless the hate-speech is dialled back, god knows what more we’ll get. 
Even before the Budget, the demonisation of Prime Minister Tony Abbott was out of control. 
Labor under Julia Gillard had already smeared Abbott as a woman-hating bigot and incited a mini race-riot against him on Australia Day. 

Oh indeed, it's shocking and shameful stuff.

Say what?

Say what?

Have we ever seen such stupid appeals to class envy? 

Well the pond can do more than commend the incisive, insightful Bolter, master of the knob polishing game ...

You can read rest of Media dances to dangerous tunes over the Budget ... and the pond can guarantee a class A hoedown, four choc top movie experience ...

It's a complete hoot, and the measure that at last it's dawned on the dim witted Bolter that Abbott and jolly Joe Hockey are in dire trouble is the ferocity - and the stupidity - of the counter attack the Bolter has launched.

But can the Bolter save his master? Will Pancho be able to help Don Quixote?

It's just so unfair ... the masters of hate getting a dose of teh hate...

Oh it's such a sweet irony, and such sweet comedy, all the more because it relies on such a complete forgetting that you'd swear the MIB gang had just got out the old zapper  ...

So here's an old Pope classic to wrap it up:

Lordy lordy, how everything changes so that it can stay the same ...


  1. Dear Dorothy,

    Assume half the Members of Parliament are human and the other half are vampires. While these kinds of inhabitants cannot be distinguished by their physical appearance, the humans always tell the truth and the vampires always lie. However, to make things more complicated, half of the Members of Parliament are also insane and deluded in their beliefs; this means that for the insane politicians, all true propositions they believe to be false, and all false propositions they believe to be true. The sane politicians know which propositions are true and which are false.

    So there are 4 categories of politicians: (i) sane humans, (ii) insane humans, (iii) sane vampires and (iv) insane vampires. Whatever a sane human says is true and whatever an insane human says is false; whatever a sane vampire says is false and whatever an insane vampire says is true. For example, a sane human will say 2 + 2 equals 4, but an insane human will say it does not equal 4 (because he believes that it doesn’t); a sane vampire will say 2+2 is not equal top 4 (because he lies) and an insane vampire will say they are equal (because he believes they aren’t, and then he lies about what he believes). WHEW – is that all clear?

    a. If you meet a politician who says “I am human or I am sane” which of the 4 categories is he in?

    b. I met a Member of Parliament whom I asked “Are you an insane vampire?” Whether he answered “yes or “no”, I knew what he was. What was he?

    c. Define a reliable politician as one who makes true statements (i.e., a sane human or an insane vampire) and an unreliable politician as one who makes false statements (i.e., an insane human or a sane vampire – making these statements out of delusion or malice, respectively). Suppose you ask a politician “Are you reliable?” and he answers “yes” or “no”. Can you determine from his answer whether or not he is a vampire? Can you determine whether or not he is sane?

    d. Suppose instead of the question in c, you ask “Do you believe that you are reliable?” and he gives you a “yes” or “no” answer. Now can you determine whether or not he is a vampire? Can you determine whether or not he is sane?

    with apologies to the wonderful Raymond Smullyan

    At least there is logic behind these puzzles which is more than can be said for Abbott.



  2. Is it too early to speculate about leadership struggles in the Liberal Party?

    1. Hi GlenH,

      whilst I believe Abbott's personal approval rating won't ever recover from the dire position it is in and that he is going to be electoral poison, the problem is who would take his place?

      Hockey is tainted by actually producing this woeful budget but the party room might hold their nose if they believe he will connect better with the voters.

      Turnbull whilst much more popular with the electorate is viewed as far too moderate especially by some of the more swivel eyed members on the back benches. There is also the problem they have already tried him before and discarded him. Bringing him back would indicate poor judgement on their part at some stage.

      I've heard Morrison's name bandied about as a possible contender, the party room probably think he has done a great job with stopping the boats and might be just the ticket. They would of course be insane but hey who knows.

      Julie Bishop is far too female so she's out.

      Pyne of course is not in contention, even rusted on Liberals would balk at probably the most annoying man in Australian politics rising to the top spot.

      That's the best of a bad lot, the rest Dutton, Andrews et al shouldn't even be in politics let alone in the cabinet.

      The other problem would be if they did kick Abbott out would he retire like a gentleman or go feral on the back benches. Could be dangerous.

      Should be very entertaining anyway, if the polls keep heading south.



    2. It's never too early GlenH, or too late for that matter, and the more the merrie, but what a pity that DiddyWrote in his otherwise comprehensive survey of a wretched field, didn't mention Barnaby Joyce ...

      We keed, we keed ...

  3. Thank you for this post Dot. Tony Abbott set the bar when in opposition. I love the saying 'What goes around comes around' and I'm enjoying every minute of it! Catholics in politics are nearly as funny as evangelicals in the Anglican church, and nearly as nasty. When will Joe Hockey and Tony Abbott stop letting 2GB shock jocks run the country or do they all think alike?


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