Wednesday, May 07, 2014

And speaking of the internet ...

The reptiles moan, and sob, and sigh.

So now we're paying the same amount for a really shitty job? And that's an EXCLUSIVE?

Malcolm responds as only an eastern suburbs toff with an eye for urban legends can manage:

The pond loves Edward Hopper but also loves it when the internet memes get clever and conjure up a cross between Hopper and Jeffrey Smart.

And the best thing?

Well you can still download a handsome still of the original and it'll only take a minute or two. Want to do anything else?

Join big Mal in the bar where night hawks and owls hang out ...

(Click to enlarge)

And a big shout out to all those who are trekking out to Homebush today to CeBit ...

Let's see. What comedy items have they got in store for the faithful:

Inspiration? They've invited along a doofus to explain how his government is helping fukt the full to overflowing intertubes?

Yep, there's a bloody joke. Did he bring his sealing wax and tin cans and carrier pigeons with him?

What else?

And there's another bloody joke.

Sorry Mr Naisbitt, nothing personal, but haven't you heard that the NBN is fukt?

That's about the only valuable insight the pond can offer you.

Installing the cages for the carrier pigeons is going to be the way technology changes the future of Sydney. They're popping up on rooftops everywhere:

We're governed by luddites, and the internet is fukt, and that's just what Mr. Murdoch and his merry band of lizards wanted ...


  1. It is hard to think of the NBN and Internet without weeping for the huge loss to this country. All to satisfy the shallowness and greed of Murdoch. It was more than just an asset for the nation, with the prospect of overcoming one of our greatest historic problems: the Tyranny of Distance. Sadly, it needed a lot more Tony Windsors and Julia Gillards to grasp this point.

    Nobody ever expected any better from Abbott, long in Murdoch's pocket. But Turnbull was capable of a better vision, rather than merely finding a way to dress up a shit sandwich. Far better for his integrity if he'd declined the task. Alas, like Hunt (and before their time Ruddock) the lure of political office was too great. Now they must look forward to their Dorian Gray fate.

  2. Exactly so Gorgeous Dunny, but sadly the Fairfaxians weren't much better. There's no joy watching them remorselessly crushed by a new way of doing things, by a phenomenon they couldn't understand or cope with or adjust to, but there will be exceptional pleasure watching Turnbull while away his days in the company of the nighthawks ...

    1. The battle is lost - so I should really let this go, but I get so angry at the barbarity and selfishness. A generation or so back Davis Hughes did the same thing with the Opera House. He didn't quite bugger it up, and today it is acknowledged for the wonder it is. But it was a close thing.

      But Fraudband ... we are going to spend just about the same as the real NBN would have cost, except that half of that is going to be wasted on propping up the copper network, all of which will have to be replaced when we get serious again about the NBN. Public money is scarce enough that it shouldn't be wasted on such half-arsed stuff. If their owner insists on stopping the NBN, it might have been better just to stop the whole thing, pull up tools and leave to the next government. At least the public would be very clear about who to blame.

  3. Worth a repost, considering the bastardry...

    ...and I wonder if Malcolm will be there, the "hero of passive resistance"..
    selling HIS FTTN. that having been "promoted" within The Party
    to the unauthorised position of "leader of the compliant majority"..useful on
    account of his lawyer's talent of finding reasons, or at least excuses, for
    everything!...there is irony in the Abbortions using the man who once taunted
    The Party Obtuse of not seeing reason on climate change, to be now the
    mouthpiece of servility!....a "hero" of the republican movement, bereft of a
    script befitting Aristophanes!...but still playing the part of Basil Fawlty...."as
    moral a man as full his purse" "flexible as an earflap"..and used as such as
    frequently as he can make himself available..obliged to defend his bitterest
    foes in the hope of a futile future placement more favourable.
    "There is no more pitiable spectacle than when a cowardly man has the misfortune to make a
    bold resolution".


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