Friday, May 23, 2014

And more about the gutter daily ...

(Above: found on Facebook).

And to rub salt into the wound, the other image is taken from Damien Parer/Cinesound/Ken Hall's Academy Award winning film about Kokoda, the 1943 Kokoda Front Line!:

Want a further irony?

Back in the day, it was determined that it was inappropriate to use the image in an advertising campaign, because one of the Diggers was wounded, and the image was overused:

Australian Defence Force recruiters were warned not to use famous wartime film footage of two diggers crossing a New Guinea river in a new recruitment campaign aimed at harnessing the spirit of the Anzacs. 
 The World War II image was deemed "overdone" by marketing experts hired by the military for a $1 billion recruitment campaign that starts with an intense advertising blitz next month. 
 The image of the bedraggled soldiers, who had been fighting the Japanese, was dropped from a series of images because one of the Diggers was wounded. (here)

No such niceties for the grubs of Holt street ...

You can watch the movie on YouTube here.

No style, no shame, they do dirt on the disabled, the diggers and on life.

There's only one remaining question. Why would anyone buy the Daily Terror, why hasn't there been a call for a ban of the kind that Liverpool imposed on The Sun?

The voice of Australia? Or a voice from the gutter of yellow tabloid journalism ...

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