Friday, June 21, 2013

The dance of the solstice, and why we're all XXXX'd in the end ...

So the old joke used to run, A Queenslander walked into a bar ...

Now it runs, Mal Meninga walked behind a bar. Boom, tish!

Damn you all, you wretched southerners, it's just another XXXX Gold opportunity to promote the joys of XXXX OLD, and you can all XXXX off.

Meanwhile, the class warfare continues on other fronts:

Yes, all the reptiles at the lizard Oz have turned Wayne Swan, and joined in the Bolter's war on the billionaire buffoon.

Apparently the Bolter was maintaining the rage last night:

Who can imagine listening to the Bolter?

Have you ever thought of just acquiring a Saturday night special and ending it all instead?

It would surely involve less suffering and pain.

Meanwhile, let's acknowledge that Clive might be a buffoon of the first water, but why the tag billionaire buffoon routinely deployed by the Bolter?

This is pure, unalloyed class warfare of the Wayne Swan kind, and an attack on all Queenslanders, except it goes without saying, Campbell Newman, who carries the plebeian title of premier buffoon in style ...

Let billionaire Queenslanders run wild and free, the pond says, and stop telling them to get XXXX'd to the gills, lest they saunter behind a bar ...

How else are we going to get candidates - PUPs you might call them - as eccentric as Cory Bernardi? Who can take it up to Cory getting rabid about beastiality?

Already there are howls of outrage from the powerful Satirists' Union at the way Bernardi is making life difficult for satirists (as you can read in Bernardi beats satirists to the punchline), so it's vital that Clive be allowed to assemble equally formidable candidates.

And with Terersa van Lieshout, Clive has made a jolly good start:

Clive Palmer has endorsed a devoutly religious Western Australian candidate for his political party on the same day he met her. 
The mining magnate had seen Teresa van Lieshout's many YouTube videos, covering a wide range of topics such as "Biblical Eschatology (Apocalyptic)'' and "Abolish Psychiatric Practice in WA'', but had not met her until a Palmer United Party (PUP) function in Perth today. (Perth Now, here).

Too much information!

It turns out that van Lieshout has her own Tripod page, which brought tears of nostalgia to the eyes of the pond. There's only a few things that work this way ... perhaps a Hotmail account, certainly a mention of CompuServe, the first way the pond connected to the digital world.

Tripod! Ah dreams of Lycos and Angelfire and the bubble. Those were the days ... those were the XXXXing days ...

Anyhoo, Teresa van Lieshout hangs out at, and by golly it's everything the pond dreams of as a Tripod site (watch out for those jiggling advertisements).

And sure enough, if you head off to YouTube, van Lieshout has published some forty plus videos, including some on Biblical Eschatology (Apocalyptic). Frankly a minute at part 2, listening to the talk of the coming of the anti-Christ, and adding - it has to be said - a click to the substantial number of 119 views, was more than enough for the pond ...

It's refreshing to be reminded that barking mad fundamentalism lurks in every corner of the full to overflowing intertubes ... and not just in the mind of Cory Bernardi ...

What's astonishing however is that Palmer is alleged to have watched van Lieshout's YouTube videos, and still determined she was a suitable PUP candidate, and never mind that she had already founded the West Australian Party (yes it has a Tripod site here! Watch out for those jiggling advertisements).

It turns out that Ms van Lieshout's party had some 20 members in 2012 as she made her fourth failed bid for a parliamentary seat, any kind of seat, as you can read in the might Melville Times here.

Now it would be too unkind to note that van Lieshout is of Dutch parentage, as is the Bolter - what is it with the Dutch? - but it is fair to wonder why the Bolter is so obsessed with Palmer, and why he and the reptiles at the lizard Oz have embarked on their own version of class warfare, when this is the kind of candidate that Palmer is attracting ...

Second thoughts, scrub that. After all, Tony Abbott is right behind Cory Bernardi ... and the rough Brough as he slouches towards Canberra ...

But how did the pond end up straying into the world of the barking mad fundies?

Well because too much time at the lizard Oz can also send you barking mad.

As usual, the digital carousel of doom at the lizard Oz is full of the usual reptiles saying the usual things, and the top of the digital page is full of the usual sly innuendo, intent on bringing about the ascendancy of former Chairman Rudd, knowing full well that the Liberal party is ready to destroy Rudd by featuring negative comments from his Labor party colleagues, and by blaming him for the boats (and never mind that Abbott will hit a reef or two in his coming war with Indonesia).

Yes, it's as predictable as the day is short. Class clown for the day is the Sheridan, with this splash:

Okay, the pond gets that he's one-eyed, but wouldn't it be more discreet and polite for him to wear an eye-patch? Might even give him a roguish air ...

But it does serve as a note for that lizard Oz survey wondering why some former readers think the rag is XXXX'd.

You see, anyone other than a reptile at the lizard Oz might have talked about the dangers of Gillard and/or Abbott or Julie Bishop or a bunch of other pollies indulging in politicisation of the relationship with Indonesia, though even that is meaningless blather, given that whenever politicians relate to politicians, there's a political relationship ...

It's the childishness, the simple-minded, blatant nature of the dumbo Sheridan pitch that irritates the pond.

Speaking of childish, where would a day at the lizard Oz be without a bout of nattering negativity from Dennis "the tie and suit" Shanahan?

No, no, he's not talking about Abbott's rush to turn the north into the new frontier so it can get XXXX'd over ... he's talking about the rush to Gonski.

And then there's that left over apparatchik who routinely gets too bored by thinking about Swiss bank accounts, and so must express his devotion to former Chairman Rudd:

And that's part of the plat de résistance of today's rough Brough menu:

Bizarrely, if you want an alternative to this sort of idle EXCLUSIVE, you have to head north, to Dennis Atkins, fondly remembered by the pond in his Adelaide film-reviewing days for falling asleep during a film. (Now that's film criticism!)

Atkins indulges in a profound act of heresy in Unions prefer to deal with Tony Abbott-led government than a Kevin Rudd one ...

...Kevin Rudd despises most trade unions and those senior Right wing trade unionists who urged Gillard to move against him in 2010. People like Paul Howes from AWU, Tony Sheldon from the Transport Workers' Union and Joe de Bruyn from the Shoppies. 
He has made clear he would like to reduce their power in the decision-making forums of the ALP and at one stage he accused Howes and AWU elder Bill Ludwig of being thugs. 
This makes the idea that Shorten, whose future is dependent on the AWU, is talking to unions about moving away from Gillard as laughable as anything we've seen in Canberra. 
The rewriting of the Fair Work Act, which gives unions greater access to industrial sites, and the confected crackdown on 457 visa allocations are favours for the big unions. 
These unions know they are dancing with someone who will probably lose the election and lose it badly. However, they know that as bleak as it might be under a Tony Abbott government, it would probably be worse if Rudd was back in charge of Labor. Gillard and the unions are dancing to the end.


Well who knows, but it's certain that we'll all be XXXX'd in the end, and might well end up wandering into the wrong part of the bar, and much credit will be due to the reptiles of the lizard Oz ...

And now since today is solstice day, begone dull care, and let's do an Isadora dance of joy, knowing we've saved money by refusing to subscribe to the furious rantings of the reptiles at the lizard Oz ...


  1. Shanahan reminds me of the boy who cried wolf. The following are headings of articles written by Shanahan over the past few weeks, and similar ones have been written during the past three years:

    GILLARD is too stubborn to step down and Rudd too wary to step up.

    JULIA Gillard's leadership is over.

    THE PM's support within the Labor caucus is dwindling as her tactics continue to backfire.

    JULIA Gillard's supporters who would like to see Kevin Rudd help save their seats will have to take the issue into their own hands.

    IT'S now a question of how and when Julia Gillard's blighted leadership will end.

    JULIA Gillard is losing it in parliament and not in a good way.

    DISPIRITED troops put Julia Gillard in the line of fire.

    JULIA Gillard has just delivered Tony Abbott exactly what he wanted from the politics of illegal boat arrivals.

    JULIA Gillard appears to have suffered the most over the row in public election funding.

    JULIA Gillard's education funding dominos are falling the wrong way for her to achieve a substantial educational and political victory by.

    A few drops of oil in water tell me he is scheduled for an apoplectic fit when the butt of his daily rants leaves politics soon after September.

    1. Higgs do you really think Rudd will leave politics after Gillard wins the election? :-)

  2. By the time Atkins hands stop shaking the dance would be over and his applause might ready to start clapping ready for the curtain call.
    Richo will take his payment for the applause with his envelope under the place mat so as not attract attention.
    Sheridan has not reached the level of exclusivity but will spread the Gospel that China is ready to bomb the shit out of America in the near future.
    And what of necktie Shanahan he could be cajoled into becoming Abbotts Ambassador to Iraq to spread the good news of how much better off the citizens are today.
    And MR and Mrs Van onsolen would be well suited for a posting in Holland along with the Bolter to add to the harmony they so desire maybe they could invite their favorite uncle Akerman to try the wares on the streets so readily available.


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