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John Pasquarelli, Barnaby Joyce, and the end of quality western newspaper journalism as we knew it

(Above: Virginia Trioli taking a cheap sort of sign language shot at Barnaby Joyce).

Good old Barnaby. Whenever I think of that name, I'm reminded of Charles Dickens' Barnaby Rudge: A Tale of the Riots of Eighty, based on the 'no-popery' or Gordon riots of 1780 (more here, with a link to the nature of the anti-Catholic rights).

In the novel the hero Barnaby is a good-hearted simple man (some might say an idiot savant), blessed with a talkative raven.

These days of course in the antipodes, we have a new hero, going by the moniker Barnaby Joyce, and when not writing for The Punch, with the rather boldly confronting title If you think I'm crazy, have a look at the ETS, he's inclined to reduce television interviewers like Virginia Trioli to the use of bizarre sign language (as illustrated above).

Now there's even better news. Barnaby has found a new admirer, and perhaps a legion of faithful fans as they say farewell to the "please explain" lady, and latch on to a fresh Don Quixote to tilt at the many windmills that are askew in Australia.

It's all explained by the new admirer John Pasquarelli in The Australian - that fine home to excellent insightful commentary well worth an annual stipend of fifty quid - under the header One Nation voters can look to Joyce.

From the way Pasquarelli writes Barnaby could almost go out and form a new party centred on himself. In which case I bags naming the new party. Perhaps "Give 'em the Dickens" or "What the Dickens"? Second thoughts, maybe not.

Anyhoo, Barnaby has struck a chord, and naturally it's not with the so-called civil rights lobby, as reviled by Gerard Henderson. It turns out that Pasquarelli also doesn't have much use for these namby pamby cry baby molly coddling group huggers who've filled the vacuum with a void in some kind of bizarre home bottling caper like a group of sex perverts erupting in kinky outrage:

Thirteen years after Pauline Hanson struck a chord with mainstream Australia, the vacuum she left when she departed the political scene remains unfilled.

Civil rights apologists try to bottle up public concern about illegal arrivals, militant Islamism, ethnic gangs, drugs and the murderous danger zones that our CBDs have become, but from time to time the outrage erupts on talkback radio and in the letters to the editor columns. A caller from Bathurst, NSW, recently said the threat of Pacific Islander gangs in western Sydney made him pack up and leave, and he is not alone. A woman who was flying her Australian flag during the Cronulla riots had her house pelted with eggs. Police told her to take down the flag as it was inciting the Muslims.

Take down the flag! And not a bugle blower nearby to sound the last post!

Those bloody Pacific islander gangs. And the way they threaten rugby league! Did you know that one in four players in the NRL are of Pacific Island descent - one hundred of them from Samoan, Tongan, Maori, Fijian or Cook Island backgrounds (here). And the way they affect the young lads, it's a big issue (Islanders in junior leagues, it's a really big issue).

By golly, I'm thinking of packing up and leaving for Geelong, where they play god's game and they win (no correspondence from rugby union supporters will be attended to. It will be left unopened, and expectorated upon on an irregular basis as I pass the scene of the crime).

But wait, I think I've strayed off topic. Back to Pasquarelli:

These are today's forgotten people, Australians of all generations who know their history and are embittered as they see their heritage, values, institutions and way of life devalued. Under Labor, the rapid-fire arrival of boatloads of illegals has, until recently, failed to generate the banner headlines of the past, no doubt heart-warming for those Greens, Laborites and Liberal marshmallows who favour the madness of some sort of open borders policy. Ex-Liberal MP Bruce Baird, now holding a Labor job, told the Ten Network's Meet the Press Labor's policy changes on dealing with people-smugglers had nothing whatsoever to do with the recent surge in arrivals.

As Christmas Island readies to put up the no-vacancy sign, the hitherto silent Libs have broken out, led by Philip Ruddock and Kevin Andrews, and already the polls have spiked substantially in their favour, no doubt creating more grief for Malcolm Turnbull, who is handcuffed to the usual suspects in Wentworth and whose only comment to date has been a limp-wristed call for an independent inquiry.

Ah yes, that'd be the poll by 'god knows who' conducted into 'god knows what' in search of 'god's truth' on the matter of race. It can't be the Federal Election poll, because curiously Philip Ruddock and his co-players, including Kevin Andrews' reliable attempt to look and sound like a shy catfish, were soundly thrashed. And it can't be the poll published today, coincidentally with details in The Australian under the header Newspoll blow for Turnbull:

The latest Newspoll survey contains not one good number, no solace and little hope for the man who has wanted to be leader for so long and who has been so keen to make leadership changes in the last few years.

Liberal support, as opposed to the Nationals as part of the Coalition, is essentially as low as it has been since the election loss of 2007.

Never mind, back to Pasquarelli and the way Barnaby will save the day.

But first you have to think about whether you might need to head for the hills, as they're coming, they're coming to get us all:

The chief objective of the illegals and their criminal co-conspirators, the people-smugglers, is to be allowed to come ashore on the mainland and that will surely happen soon.

Still disconnected from the mainstream, there is hardly a mumble from the Liberals as our immigration rates accelerate.

And once they've arrived? And the mainstream ignored? Then they'll breed like out of control rabbits, and there won't be a white person standing, seeing as how white women don't like sex, at least with white men.

Phew, I don't know where that came from, but I'm in a total state of panic. Boy, bring me a handkerchief dipped in 4711, my favorite 'sienbenundvierzigelf', eau de cologne of Mäurer & Wirtz. produced in Stolberg near Aachen, Germany, for I feel faint, and can only be revived by the thought of a mint julep.

A new Australia is in the making, where our ethnic minorities will become majorities, aided by people running Malcolm Fraser's line that we need a population of 50million plus, no doubt to be fed by the spring of taxpayer-funded multiculturalism.

The minorities will become majorities. All because white women wouldn't have sex with white men, and just because they can't jump or play basketball!

Yes, it's all Malcolm Fraser's fault. I knew it. Apart from being the most boring head prefect the country ever suffered under, he ruined it too.

In 1976 the Fraser government was warned by the Immigration Department that too many Lebanese Muslim refugees were unskilled, illiterate and had questionable character and health standards. Cabinet documents released in 2007 revealed how Australia's decision to accept thousands of Lebanese Muslims escaping Lebanon's 1976 civil war led to a temporary suspension of normal eligibility standards.

With hindsight we know where Fraser stood on such matters, his sense of guilt over the Vietnam War resulting in 56,000 Vietnamese refugees coming to Australia plus 2000 or so boatpeople, culminating in him establishing the Australian Institute of Multicultural Affairs with his protege Petro Georgiou as its director.

And that's why I can't get a job in a dry cleaning store! And everywhere I look people are eating goi cuon! Which quite possibly might perform the same function as the pods in The Invasion of the Body Snatchers.

Fraser has stubbornly rejected any criticism that he was responsible forsowing the seeds of unrest in Sydney's west, instead blaming schools and communities and forgetting that at no time have the views of the Australian community been honestly and properly considered on immigration and refugee issues by any government.

The stubborn old fool. At no time! Consultation! A couple of hundred thousand people allowed in, and a country ruined. Only one answer! Kick 'em out. And while they're at it, maybe they can take the dole-bludging self-pitying blacks with them.

Well there are still valiant fighters in Sydney's west and you can read about them here in Armed, dangerous but shocking organisers.

Meantime, back to Pasquarelli:

It is not just multiculturalism that is fuelling anger. Included in the ranks of the forgotten people are the self-funded retirees who have seen their hard-earned super and share portfolios head south during the global financial crisis, while some MPs debate and defend their salaries and maladministration allows $82 million worth of stimulus to go offshore to Australians, many of them citizens of convenience.

Well yes and then there's the failure of the calicivirus to kill off the rabbit plague, the prevalence of cane toads, the glut of greenies, the delusions of the warministas, the refusal of anyone to do anything about the Indian mynah birds that squawk outside my window, and the reluctance of the council to cut down the gum tree out the front. Sure it's a native tree, proud, defiant, indigenous, but that's not the point. I'm looking for someone to blame, and anyone and anything will do.

Because the world is coming to an end, or at least western civilisation as we know it:

Sadly, these mainstream Australians have no one with the courage to become their flag-bearer in these challenging times. The fear of violent reprisal and being ostracised by the political elite is a reality that tarnishes and denigrates the sacrifices of past generations. Despite this, the talkback lines hum, as this form of protest is more rewarding than contacting a Coalition office.

Oh Gallipoli and Kokoda, now just waystations for the consumption of six packs. And yabbering on air to a shock jock is rewarding. An emotional catharsis for the disenfranchised. Who will stand up, who will make a stand?

Fearless journalism is required to expose the many unpleasant truths and maybe, just maybe, a resurgent Nationals with a Barnaby Joyce-type at the helm could strike out on its own, embracing and claiming a large and powerful constituency that has been neglected for far too long.

Maybe, just maybe it's Barnaby. After all he's from Queensland.

Suddenly I'm filled with a warm glow, a soft golden light of hope, rising like the sun's dawning in the east. The west might be saved, if we only turn north and catch the light from the east, which soon enough will spread south ...

Funnily enough not all the punters were on side. Poor tom got quite upset about the OZ and its claim of being a centre right rag:

... the lie is given to there being any sort of "centrism" - if by that is meant any sort of liberalism - when this fascist rag, the OZ, prints hate and fear-mongering ideological spew like this. Zeig Heil Mitchell, Hanson and Joyce!

But Pasquarelli also had his supporters, including ChomFa of Jumbuk:

A more precise encapsulation of the realities would be hard to find. I, certainly not a lone voice, am tired of being marginalised and demonised because I hold similar views to those expressed here. My multicultural bona fides are well established and by no creteria can I be deemed a racist, yet I am ignored by both political parties and vilified by media and minority interest groups.

I wonder if creteria is closely related to cretinism? I keed, I keed, how hurtful to make a cheap spiteful Barnaby Rudge joke about a typo when I know as well as anyone that the way to spell it is critinism, as in criteria.

My own offering? Well the redbacks in my purse are safe for another day. If this is what passes for intelligent discourse in the national newspaper, I'm off to renew my subscription to Stormfront.

(Below: I stumbled across this picture of Steve the national socialist offering support for the Australia First party back in 2008 in local elections, here and here, and though it's got absolutely nothing to do with this piece, I thought it was time for another cat picture, in the hope that they will join me in my campaign to rid Australia of the Indian mynah bird).

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