Monday, February 10, 2020

In which dog botherer and Bolter crap pours down from the heavens ...

The pond appreciates that the dog botherer irritates the heck out of stray readers, unaware of what goes on in the Murdochian world above the faraway tree …

Sure, it's a shitty job, but someone has to do it … and so the pond must pay attention to this dog, and never mind the knotted fur, the brain warped by snail killer, and the smell of mange … because there's always something weird going on, or going down, whatever ...

This day the world has produced a curious inversion layer, wherein the dog botherer and others knew about climate change all the time, and are outraged at anyone saying otherwise … because all they do is a Joe Friday, just the facts ma'am, just the facts …

It would be unfair not to link to Media Watch's News Corp's fire fight, and having done that, it's back to the undiluted comedy of the whining, moaning dog bothering snowflake melting in the ABC sun … you see, the dog botherer has always accepted climate science, he's just a tad unhappy with wicked activists grossly exaggerating it ...

But, billy goat, butt, passionate denial has been the default position of the reptiles for many a year, urging that nothing be done because it's a figment of activists' imaginations. Fake, or faux news, if you will ...

You can't just wipe away all the works of Moorice in a moment, and banish him, or any of the other beloved climate trolls of the Bjorn and dog botherer kind …

The pond has dozens, if not hundreds of clippings, accumulated over the years, from the grand days of Dame Slap consorting with the "Lord" and seeing the UN using the science to introduce world government to more recent denials, without even feeling the need to clip a recent piece by Bjorn urging that nothing need be done, it was all to expensive, and anyway, it was just a storm or a fire in a teacup …

But you know that billy goat, and the pond understands that your form of trolling must now change a little to suit the mood of the times ...

Nota bene. It seems now that Sky News is more closely lined to Nine Media than to News Corp (guess that makes the dog botherer a closet Nine loon yearning for the good old days of Fairfax and the Devine and Paul Sheehan).

But on with the high comedy ...

Now some might think that this is just a passing summer swallow, full of the usual dog botherer bullshit, but the recanting is going on apace across the News Corp world above the faraway tree.

Normally the pond wouldn't waste time with the Bolter - the pond gave up on him and the assorted tabloids and denialist Akker Dakker and little Timmie Bleagh and the Devine and such like, when it realised there were only so many years left, and to waste them on the Bolter and the rest of them would be a tragedy …

But yesterday the pond couldn't help noticing, from the Currish Snail to the Hun, a curious attempt at a dog botherish change in tone … and taken in tandem, you get not Laurel and Hardy, because they were genuine clowns, but more Bolter Abbott and dog botherer Costello …(the pond would have maligned the Three Stooges, but there was one too many in that team).


Another Friday routine, albeit on a Sunday. 

Just the facts, ma'am, you gotta face the facts ...

It's all bullshit of course, if the pond may speak presidential for a moment, but on with the comedy, with due credit to the source … because some mugs subscribe to read this stuff, and their rampant stupidity should be acknowledged ...

Meanwhile, it was business as usual at the Bolter blog, with standard references to the warmists and the warmistas, and the cry for a new coal-fired power station rang around the world, and everybody wanted to be on the Canavan caravan and so on and so forth …

And the lesson here? You can take the climate denialism out of the Bolter, but you can't take the Bolter out of climate denialism.

But back to the high comedy …

Strange how the reptiles never feature SloMo in his man of action days …

As for the rest, while the repetitious Bolter was busy repeating the 'facts', the news didn't seem to have caught up with the likes of little Timmy Bleagh, still repeating the words of his master, having fun at the expense of autistic Greta, and so on and so forth … 

Meanwhile, the Bolter was just warming up … look ma'am, here comes the sun, and I say it's all right, little darling, it's been a long cold lonely winter, the smiles are returning to everyone's faces …remember, it's all a matter for debate and argumentation, the new kind of denialism ...

He just can't help himself, can he? The endless stream of, pardon the pond for always being presidential, bullshit, with his conclusion an epic pile of denialist tosh …

Never mind, the pond will leave others to contemplate and marvel at the dog botherer, the Bolter and sundry others wriggling on the hook they fashioned for themselves so long ago ...

There's just one more gobbet to go, and the pond is pleased to advise those links in blue don't work, it's just a screen cap, but rather than take them out, the pond left them in as a reminder that the pond would rather link to Satan and the works of hell, imaginary though they might be, than to the words and deeds of the Bolter, delusional as they are ...

Oh fucketty fuck, not Brian Fisher yet again. It never gets old does it?  And yet there were plenty of ways to discover that Fisher was linked to the fossil fuel industry and had sundry axes to grind

But all this has been observed so many times, just like the tired, tiresome, tedious references to religious zealots, as if climate scientists were just a bunch of priests …

As usual, there's a tell - that reference to hysterics. 

The Bolter makes a living out of being a professional hysteric, stoking hysteria wherever he can … and this is just another day in the Bolter denialist life, a magical reinvention full of the usual Bolter nonsense, with a slight skew, as if to say there's another world out there, out beyond the Murdochian world above the faraway tree.

If News Corp think they can get out of jail with this sort of dog botherer and Bolter crap - if the pond might be allowed to sound onion muncher prime ministerial - then good luck to them. 

The pond prefers to celebrate each refusal to subscribe or hand over a dime to News Corp, in whatever form, killing dead trees, polluting the air waves, as a victory for common sense …

Just to be fair and balanced, good old Richard Marles reminded the pond why it wouldn't be voting for Labor in the future …

Yes, even as the dog botherer and the Bolter try to wimp out, Marles tried to wimp in to the Canavan caravan …

And as usual, there's more cheerful insights in an immortal Rowe cartoon than in the entirety of News Corp, with more here


  1. Things you do for us DP, things you do. You have had to choose between the nth repetition from the Associate Editor (and it is a fair guess much more time went into finding the photograph of Mr Barry than in writing (?) the article.) and the item from the Menzies Research Centre sub-headed 'Unethical litigators cash in on the left's 'lawfare'.' Presumably that contains a distillation of Menzies' opinion of lawyers, as interpreted by the Executive Director, and conditioned by the ED's own recent experience with, well - litigators. We wish there were other ways to thank you for the decisions you have to make.

    Other anonymous

    1. Yeah, don't quite know what we could do without Dorothy.

      None of the "mainstream media" can ever seem to get past the idea of treating the wingnuts and reptiles as though they are somehow "normal" and just a regular part of "the great web" as Marcus has it: "Does aught befall you? It is good. It is part of the destiny of the Universe ordained for you from the beginning. All that befalls you is part of the great web".

      I'm sure that the DoggyB and the Bolter (et al) would happily claim to be the normal core of the great web. The only other that seems to actually be able to see that wingnuts and reptiles are just unintentional caricatures of themselves appears to be Micallef. Certainly Paul Barry appears committed to acting as though all of the reptiles are real people of some kind or other.

      But now I am really looking forward to what Moorice will have to say on his next outing, now that we are all happily living the Lomborg Lie.

    2. GB - I had, unthinkingly, written 'nth iteration from the Associate Editor', but that term is still useful in genuine discussion of scientific method, because it carries the implication that the inquirer is testing, refining, polishing by the iterative process, on the way to a better representation of the phenomenon they have studied. Offhand, I could not think of a reverse term - for someone whose repetitions take them further away from the truth they were trying to define. If there is no such term, is it time to create an eponym from one or other of these opinion writers, for a process in which regular repetition confuses the thinking of the inquirer. May I invite Kez to consider this?

      An aside - but am I alone in flinching when broadcast news continues to refer to the 'epicentre' of coronavirus in China? Yes, that does include ABC, which is my main source of broadcast news. We are losing the value of a word that was particularly useful in broadcasting news about earthquakes and tsunami, and it adds nothing to how we interpret the origins and spread of coronavirus, or whatever else it will now be misapplied to.

      Other Anonymous

    3. Hmmm. Scientifically, OA, one needs to distinguish between 'iterations' and 'reproductions'. An iteration is just an unaltered repetition bur a reproduction is an attempt to repeat something which may be subject to random variations.

      I recall that, for instance, attempts to 'reproduce' various parapsychological experiments would just produce a drift away from the earlier results - one of the reasons parapsychology is considered 'not a science'. But I think that's not quite what you were referring to. Something along the lines of 'the more often you try, the worse you get' if somebody knows a term that specifically encompasses that. I thnk there are sporting situations that can work that way.

      As to 'epicentre', well the dictionary gives two meanings, one of which is "the central point of something, typically a difficult or unpleasant situation". So I think you've lost that one, mate.

    4. Hi AO,

      In my continuing search for an appropriate eponym I fell down this rabbit hole and came up with a term for the process you described.

      Repetiliation (repetitive reptilian mentation)

      Repetiliation involves the constant transmogrification of universally accepted scientific facts into reptile-digestible fabricants. These transmuted non-factiles are then absorbed telepathically into the Global Reptilian Mindset (GRM) - where the process continues ad infinitum.

      As is evident, herptilians have limited data storage. Once a relatively small amount of information is absorbed a state of mental satiation is reached. The lizard brain then freezes up and glows blue, after which the system shuts down and reboots automatically. All synapses are then reset to midnight 1999 and the process repeats. This accounts for a constant rehashing of a handful of repetiliatory tropes such as:


    5. By George, I think he's got it !

      But how does this relate to Wiffle Piffle ?

  2. DoggyB: "Barry uses it [Media Watch] to target the ABC's commercial rivals ..."

    The ABC has "commercial rivals" ? The publicly funded national broadcaster is in commerce ? Hucoodanode !

    But I've gotta admit that this exercise in gross distortion and lies works a treat - just look at how successful Trump, Johnson and Scotty(fM) are on a daily basis. Just keep on shouting out their alternate universes - the ones in which they are infallibly right and have never been wrong, not even once, not even for a microsecond.

    Just look at DoggyB's phrasing: "...making an existing catastrophic threat slightly more common."

    So when you say of the reptiles, DP: "passionate denial has been the default position of the reptiles for many a year..." then you have to be aware that (i) the world only began last week, so there was never any "years" of denial, just wholehearted and enthusiastic admission to a "slightly more common" threat, and (ii) nothing is ever true unless or until a reptile says it is. Or maybe (vide Bismarck) until a reptile officially denies it, like the DoggyB is doing now.

    One thing though: after an illuded and deluded rant like that, it's easy to see why the DoggyB was such a successful chief go-fer to both Downer and Turnbull - two very successful politicians as we all know.

    As to the great Blot, you've got it in one, DP: "remember, it's all a matter for debate and argumentation, the new kind of denialism ..." Though I don't know just how "new" that actually is, it seems to have been that way for at least all of my sentient lifetime, and I kinda think that assorted god-botherers have known and practised that for millenia.

    But as for Bolt's bullshvt about "a greener planet, record grain crops" then scan this:
    New study undercuts favorite climate myth ‘more CO2 is good for plants’
    A 16-year study found that we’re at a point where more CO2 won’t keep increasing plant production, but higher temperatures will decrease it.

    Do note the way their world is now, though: firstly, we never said there wasn't anthrogenic global warming, and anyway think about all the good it's doing. In short, they are pushing, with all available energy, the Lomborg Lie: "It's not such a big deal and we can easily adapt and just think about all the good (green growing) things we're getting.

    Pushing the Lomborg Lie is now the whole of the reptile way.

  3. Dogger, Bolt, Dean, Jones, Credlin and Murray - see the problem here? Just as one example I offer Rowen Dean. Peak stupid about 2 minutes in & read the comments.

    The whole of Newscorp seems to be retreating one step at a time (think blood, sand, jammed gattling) trying to find a defensible position. I don't think cost will be that position as they have done it to death over the last decade and the facts still keep leaking out.

    I suspect it will just be delaying tactics like enquiries into nuclear or coal. They wont go anywhere because of the economics but they will buy some time for the vested interests.

    1. A lovely collection that lot, Bef. As DP says: "The Bolter makes a living out of being a professional hysteric, stoking hysteria wherever he can..." and I think that applies in some respect to all of them, and a few more besides.

      Which "begs the question" as usual for me: is it nature or is it nurture ? Are they born that way, or are they grown and trained to be that way ? How is the membership of a 'league of assassins' formed ?

  4. Thanks for the invite OA. I couldn’t think of an eponym at this late hour, but here’s something I concocted a bit earlier regarding the Bolters and Botherers of this world.

    I am the very model of a pseudo science oracle
    I’ve info Wikipedial on matters meteorological
    I’ve researched the hackster pundits such as Plimer, Bjorn and Monckton
    And other anti-realists with the IQ of a plankton
    I’m very well acquainted with false models mathematical
    That predict the coming ice age with a confidence fanatical
    In short I am not qualified to publish my opinion
    But that is no requirement for a Murdoch Empire minion

    1. Heh. I have the thought that if there is somebody who fits OA's eponym, t will be a military type. Someone who ended up in uniform not from a real desire but just shoved in because of birth and life station. And a very modern major general might be just the thing.

      Or maybe a Churchill ? He got pretty much everything he did in life wrong as best I can see.

    2. Or, we could try Wiffle Piffle... except that almost nobody would know what we're talking about:

      The reptiles, at least the blokes, typified as Wiffle Piffles ?


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