Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Talk about cheeky, what with Chuck and the consort turning up in Sydney town on the day of the dismissal ...

Of course attention had to be paid.

No, not to the news King Charles? Majority of Australians support a republic instead of Queen Elizabeth's successor.

If you can call it news...

No, the reptiles are in a fine old book-flogging lather this day, and attention had to be paid.

Forget world war one, there's much more interesting fish to fry.

And Flinty is deeply agitated, and so they sent the bouffant one himself to take heed of the agitation:

What's the bet that Flinty will be defending the double dealing drunkard and urging secrecy, because that's how things best proceed, what with all this talk of an open democracy just a monarchical sham.

Sure enough:

Unintended, dire consequences about ancient events, lost in the mists of time, and Prince Chuck landing in Sydney town to remind us of the future?

Only in Flinty's world would the trumpets sound and the alarums be raised ...

Now let us pause for a little book flogging, before getting back to the main game ...

As for the book flogging, one of the authors also stepped forward to whip sales along ...

An astonishing and remarkable insight that the palace might have a degree of ownership of our national history - so that's why the British flag is still stuck in the corner to the delight of Flinty and Tony - and it gave the pond an appetite for more, so much more ...

Oh okay, there's the book promotion done and dusted, and so to the wrap up:

Well Kelly can never be relied to say in a hundred words what he can say in a thousand, which is why he might have a fair chance in a smack down with the astonishingly pompous Flinty ...

As for the rest, the pond is indebted to the twitterati for capturing this moment, just around the corner from the pond on Parramatta Road.

No, it's not Prince Chuck swanning into town, it's even more visually polluting...

Less urban blight, the pond says, more freedom from snake oil salesmen polluting the landscape wth their wares, the pond says ...


  1. Did I miss something, or was the Professor silent when there was all that chatter about Tones doing Good Queen Bess a requested favour by giving Sir Duke Phill a knighthood?

    For those who forgot, here's a link to your post :)

    Even I (who couldn't give a toss about The Monarchy) was astonished by that breach of protocol. Must be a different context.


  2. This reminded me of you DP. Can't think why.

    "Alphabet has its eye on its next billion, reportedly holding meetings in India to get Project Loon off the ground.

    The country's IT minister, responsible for the gloriously-named DEITY (Department of Electronics and Information Technology), expressed his interest in the project late last week.

    The move would add India to the growing list of countries whose carriers are interested in reselling Loon-based services to their users."

    1. Oh damn, they know about the pond's plans to expand into India and China with its loon-based services ...


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