Thursday, November 12, 2015

Many Murdochian voices echo similar views ...

Some days the pond only turns up to recycle cartoons by Pope and Rowe, and in this case, more Rowe here ...

Of course if you don't know the inspiration, you have no business being at the pond.

The one thing the English gave to the world worth the having was their peculiar sensa huma. This ...

... leading to the class-fuelled rage of this ...

But as always, the pond must provide substance along with jokes, and for that the pond always relies on the reptiles, which shows that the pond has taken to English humour like a duck to water, or a haddock in a lap dance, or a Norwegian blue squawking from its perch...

Being an educational forum (how else could we score so many tax breaks?) the pond always likes to explore ideas, and today the subject is monomania, though it may be related to delusion:

1. Pathological obsession with one idea or subject. 
2. Intent concentration on or exaggerated enthusiasm for a single subject or idea. 
1. (Psychiatry) an excessive mental preoccupation with one thing, idea, etc

Well, it's clear enough where this is heading ...

Now there are some amongst us who are no doubt waiting for the moment when the reptile Oz editorialist furiously scribbles Many Murdochian voices echo similar views ...

There's not just one Bolter scribbling about climate science and UN conspiracies and world government, there's dozens of them, and mention a word like 'activist', and soon enough there's a whole bunch of them frothing and foaming in a fit that's likely to end in an epic faint ...

But being aware of the kool aid and the echo chamber would require a level of self-awareness not available in Surry Hills bunker land.

Hence the other important element in this study, the capacity for delusion:

1. (Psychiatry) a mistaken or misleading opinion, idea, belief, etc: he has delusions of grandeur. 
2. (Psychiatry) psychiatry a belief held in the face of evidence to the contrary, that is resistant to all reason. See also illusion, hallucination 
3. (Psychiatry) the act of deluding or state of being deluded

Now for the test of skill.

Is monomania or delusion more apparent or dominant in this tract?

The pond is inclined to argue for monomania, because the reptiles have an unhealthy obsession, a deep fixation on the ABC, so profound as to be almost tragic ... a kind of Travis Bickle of newspaper land ...

And there you have it. Angry old white men shouting at clouds and the ABC and at people on their lawn, and not wondering why their own business model is proving so spectacularly unsuccessful ...

Yes, the pond was reminded by a reader of Insiders is now TV's highest rating morning show ... while the reptiles' favourite pet, the Bolter, languishes in a stew of bile ...

Now the pond waxes and wanes about the ABC, but it's the charm of the reptiles that they never exhibit for a moment, self-doubt, self-awareness, insight or an understanding of their plight.

Instead they take to the ideological ramparts at the drop of a hat, and so act rather like the Republican party in the United States at the moment ...

As if anyone who takes on the job at the ABC will ever protect the national broadcaster from sustained criticism by the threatened reptiles ...

And that's where monomaniacal, delusional scribbling will get you ... up your own fundament, without a paddle in sight ...

But let's be fair, sometimes the reptiles get it right, just as they did with these poignant juxtapositions this very day ...

Now if only they could have worked in the Bolter yammering on about world government, the UN and climate science ...


  1. Why are audiences so cruel?

    Andrew Bolt has served up exactly what people should be watching on a Sunday, and they aren't watching at all. No they're not, and how very selfish of them. Curiously, The Australian also serves up exactly what people want, and they aren't buying it there either.

    Why are audiences so bad at knowing what's best for them? I expect Mark Scott to have the answer to this question front and centre at next ABC board meeting.

    Man up Mr Scott!

  2. Did you know that the "multi-platform personality" Annabelle Crabbe doesn't do her show so we can love it?

    Or so she says. Apparently she has been criticised recently for her lack of an interview with Scott Morrison. So now she has made up some reasons that she thinks will convince us that her show is not banal boring and absolutely useless, but she only reveals her lack of self-insight.

    It's delusional that she can't see what is obvious to everyone else: that she has a book to launch, children to put through private school, more pretty frocks to buy to keep up her stylish image etc and she does know on which side her bread is buttered. I love those old sayings. There is one for every occasion.

    She. Annabelle I mean, says that she is or was "transfixed" at the way in which Scott can sleep at night despite all the crap things he does.

    She could have mentioned that this lack of conscience and ability to sleep through the suffering of others is an indicator of psychopathology, in particular psychopaths are noted to be the sort of people who do not spare a thought for their victims.

    Perhaps we could have a panel of experts to deconstruct the kitchen conversations and in that way provide some useful insights into our politicians and the deluded and compromised Ms Crabbe.

    But hey her social media personality is admired by the editor of the right wing nut job newspaper. I do hope she is pleased that they are pleased with her.

    1. +10 comment, Anon.

    2. The pond has resolutely refused to watch a single moment of any Kitchen Cabinet episode and so can't speak on the matter, but it comes as no surprise the reptiles would love it ...

  3. During my quick online scan of the Murdoch rag I saw the editorial header 'Many ABC voices echo similar views' and knew you couldn't resist. And you didn't disappoint. Thank you.

    But I disagree with your prognosis. Surely it is the delusion that feeds the monomania. If not for the former then what possible excuse could there be for the latter?
    No. The UnOz reptiles actually believe that their opinion matters and that they have a duty to attack all and sundry who don't subscribe to their point of view, This is their delusion. And as such it feeds to single minded monomania which leads them to everyone else, even when being outrageously hypocritical.
    The delusion runs deep.

    1. Oops Second last line should read .... And as such it feeds to single minded monomania which leads them to [attack] everyone else, even when being outrageously hypocritical.

    2. Let us not argue as to whether the monomania or the delusions comes first Tailgator, since there are many chickens and many eggs, as surely we can agree that the monomania and the delusions feed each other, and soon enough the warm water and the wind produces a typhoon of wittering twits ...

  4. Mention of a monomania, or two...

    Apple apologizes over alleged racism
    A Facebook video gone viral has left Apple fielding accusations of racism after an Australian employee could be heard asking six black schoolboys to leave a store in Melbourne, citing concerns they would shoplift.

    1. "We all got iPhones [sic.], why we gotta steal some [?]," Ater added rhetorically.

      Coz, we still don't acknowledge Englishes or James Gee.

  5. Dear Dorothy,

    Here is another pertinent definition for you:

    Psychological projection, also known as blame shifting, is a theory in psychology in which humans defend themselves against their own unpleasant impulses by denying their existence while attributing them to others.


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