Thursday, November 12, 2015

In which the pond splashes around a little eau de Divine, and marvels at the intoxicating chimera, the fantasy world that entrances the Bromancer ...

(Above: David Pope in scintillating form, and more Pope here - if you can't love that figure holding up the sign "maintain the rage!", or that Napoleonic giant strutting the stage, then there is no love in the world).

Luckily that Pope cartoon provides a throw to a most unusual incident yesterday, as usual involving Miranda the Devine.

The Devine snuck it out a little late in the day, as if anxious to avoid drawing too much attention to her splendid display of logic:

So far, so good, but please allow the pond to cut to the chase, and the grand proposal (the rest may be googled as desired):

A flag competition, just like the Kiwis, except they were motivated, not by the connection to Britain, but by the way they kept on being mistaken for Australia ...

And this will sort out Malware's fatal Republican inclinations ... and meanwhile, long live King Chuck, may he long rain over us all ... because Napoleon has a nice umbrella ...

Or some such thing. 

Talk about an unwitting slippery slope ... after an Australian flag, could UN world government be far behind? 

But it's one of the reasons that the pond delights in reading the Devine. Somewhere between absolutely dotty and pure barking mad ... as if monarchists would fall into line and republicans would settle for a trinket and a panem et circenses distraction.

Whenever the pond gets gloomy, there's always one reason to thank the long absent lord ... at least the Murdochian commentariat are where they belong, scribbling unhelpful proposals and gibberish, rather than having their hands on any meaningful levers ...

Speaking of a gibberer, the pond can now safely turn to that reptile in chief lounging on a hot rock:

Ah, it's the UN again, but it's that bit about Malware being Keating and Abbott rolled in to one that will catch the eye of keen, observant reptile devotees ...

Now this will require diligent reading of carefully curated gobbets - sensible folk may resume their useful lives - but first of all, the pond has a way to keep those still trapped in the car entertained.

How long before we get to mention these countries, as opposed to say, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Egypt? You know, these ones ...

This is the second time Australia has faced a periodic review by the Human Rights Council, which looks at every country's record once every four years. 
The United States called on Australia to "closely monitor" the offshore processing of refugees and asylum seekers. "We encourage Australia to enter humane treatment and respect for the human rights of asylum seekers, including those processed offshore in Papua New Guinea and Nauru," the US delegate said. 
The United Kingdom said Australia's Joint Parliamentary Committee on Human Rights should be tasked with overseeing and implementing the UN's human rights recommendations. 
Turkey's delegate said: "We remain concerned about Australia's protection of the rights of migrants, especially of women and children at offshore facilities." 
Sweden's delegate told the session that Australia was the only country in the world that used offshore processing and mandatory detention of asylum seekers. 
"Norway remains concerned about reported conditions for asylum seekers detained in offshore processing centres. Norway recommends that asylum seekers claims are processed in accordance with the UNHCR convention," Norway's delegate said. 
Similar criticisms were heard from countries including the Canada, Fiji, France, Germany and Switzerland. (here)

Uh huh. Got your list ready? Now then, read on ...

Didn't spot any of those names of countries yet? Not worried about the splendid news from the gulags? Completely confounded as to why the Kiwis might be upset.

Splendid, you must rely on the reptiles for your news, and so now we can shift to important matters, as the bromancer tries to retain his deep love for his old flame, while working on his burgeoning, mad, passionate yearning for his new flame ... and best of all then tries to work these figures up into a single totemic, titanic towering giant deserving of the bromancer's passion.

Someone locked in a closet with a year's supply of Barbara Cartland novels couldn't do better.

Now usually the pond would attempt the odd interlocution and bon mot, but this is a gripping Freudian saga best followed without too many interruptions.

Oh sure right in the first par below, you might find a politician that deals sensibly with reality ... think Tony Blair ... and some might immediately think Tony Blair apologises for 'mistakes' over Iraq War and admits 'elements of truth' to view that invasion helped rise of Isis.

But enough of delusional fuck-witted and useless clowns, because we have the bromancer for company, and the dear lad is still deeply in mourning at the loss of Tony.

Ah, you spotted it. All those countries? Why they're just postmodern leftists ...

And so to the business of turning Malware into Tony, so that the bromancer can consummate his unhealthy lust for the fantasy figure so created.

Now if anyone in the back seat wants another distraction to get to end of journey, perhaps they could do a tally of words evoking reasoned, sensible discourse.

You know, like chattering gibberish ... the left liberal commentariat ... kumbaya ...drooling nonsense ... and so on ...

You made it? Splendid stuff. And they say that people these days lack true grit.

And there at very end, after all that automatic writing, you would have spotted it ... that profoundly moving moment when the patient has realised that he has been involved in a chimera, a temporary fantasy ... and perhaps in due course the fever will pass.

Now some will feel cheated, especially if they read all the text, but that's the way it goes in reptile la la land for those expecting signs of life and intelligence.

Let it be acknowledged however that if you want an explanation of why the world is fucked, floating to the surface from the deep subconscious like a chimera or a temporal fantasy, you never have to look further than the scribbles of Greg "the bromancer" Sheridan ...

And now back to Miranda the Devine for a last joke:

On it went here ...

Forget it Jake, it's Devinetown and you've just been sprinkled with a little delicious splash of essence of Devine. Such a sweet smelling scent ...


  1. Sheridan is a disgrace to the Catholic education system. He ended his sentence about Britain leaving the EU with a preposition!!

    1. Catholic education. Is that a thing?

  2. As Churchill said, “This is the sort of bloody nonsense up with which I will not put.”

  3. Why are people so unkind? Mike Carlton on twitter this morning:

    "Oh look ! The Oz has another editorial today bashing the ABC. Must be about the 200th this year, gibbering in the corner of the asylum."

    1. Yes, VC, the pond was deeply moved by this ...

  4. Tasmanian Liberal senator Eric Abetz says questions need to be answered after it was revealed a senior member of the Foreign Minister's staff was at the meeting that finalised the plot for Tony Abbott's removal as prime minister.
    Does this mean, DP, that EricA is offering to disclose on all the dirty-deal-making, backroom exploits he has been part of over the decades?
    In your reply, please do not appeal to the Truth, unless you are able to araldite the concept to a hard chair for a session of water torture.

    1. The pond might be tempted, UC, to have a stab at answering the question, Is Erica still a thing? Or how and why is Erica still a thing?

    2. There's dirt on dual citizen Erica's dirty-deal-making still up at the Tasmanian Times. Hasn't Erica got Smokin' Joe's defamation lawyer's number ..or maybe he has, eh?
      Abetz and Channel Highway Land Deals

      This is an account of property dealings in the past decade of one of Australia’s most powerful political figures, Senator for Tasmania, Erich Abetz. It is a factual account of the dealings of Senator Abetz while representing Tasmania in the Senate.

  5. Now Turnbull ... what next?

    This is frightening for those who do not espouse radical neo-liberalism, which is the majority of Australians. On the other hand, in saying he would retain Abbott’s policies could simply be one of those arguments that secure him his immediate wish-list. Whichever way you look at it, Turnbull is either a hard line neo-liberal, or a liar. Not good, either way.



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